A Pokemon Wailord Figure Was Canceled Because It Was Just Too Big

A Pokemon Wailord Figure Was Canceled Because It Was Just Too Big
A Pokemon Wailord Figure Was Canceled Because It Was Just Too Big

The sheer amount of merchandise The Pokemon Company produces, whether official or not, can seem overwhelming, especially if a fan is an avid Pokemon collector. For fans of the perfectly sized figures from Pokemon Scale World, completing the whole collection may have to wait. Just recently, The Pokemon Company had to halt production of its Wailord Pokemon Scale World figure simply because it was too large.

The Pokemon universe is no stranger to producing expensive merchandise, whether officially created by the company or in collaboration with a variety of brands. This has been proven true with the company’s high-priced Gigantamax Pokemon plushies, and lifestyle collaborations with skateboard designers such as Bear Walker and apparel brands like Levi’s.

The news about the Pokemon Scale World Wailord figure’s production being stopped came out in a recent post shared on the official Japanese Pokemon website. In a unique format, the Water-type Pokemon Squirtle and Fire-type Scorbunny interviewed Nakatani, the main person who has overseen the design and production of all Pokemon Scale World figures for the last five years. She mentions that one of the most challenging figures she has had to produce was the Wailord, due to its size in proportion to all the other figures in the collection.

Sharing photos of the figure’s prototype versus the different Pokemon trainers and other smaller Pokemon, Nakatani shares that the initial size of the figure can be too large for a collector. Producing such a big figure can also double the selling price of the item, therefore the company has decided to put the product on hold until further notice.

Nakatani also shares prototype photos of other upcoming Pokemon Scale World figures such as legendary Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon, from the Pokemon Emerald and Ruby video games. Even with the Wailord figure’s production being put on hold, collectors still have a lot to of other figures to look forward to from the toy series.


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