Among Us Fan Game Being Developed for Game Boy Color

Among Us Fan Game Being Developed for Game Boy Color
Among Us Fan Game Being Developed for Game Boy Color

Among Us is a multiplayer deduction game in which one player is in the role of an impostor, while the others take on the roles of crew members. The crew members have to discover the impostor before he kills them all. One YouTube animator is now making a creative re-imagining of the game’s premise.

Among Us has been out for several years now, but it was a fairly obscure game until recently. It was only once everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic that people discovered the game and it skyrocketed in popularity almost overnight. Among Us has picked up an incredible number of sales on a number of platforms, and even sold over 3 million copies when it finally released on Switch.

Its newfound popularity has inspired fans to make all sorts of creative projects based on the game, like an Animal Crossing island based on the Polus map. This recent project comes from a YouTube animator named LumpyTouch, who is making an Among Us fan game for the Game Boy Color called Super Impostor Bros. They’re teaming up with Twitter user melonadem, who is working on the music for the game. According to LumpyTouch, the game was made in GB Studio and is meant to be a platformer/choose your own adventure-style game. It’s not just for emulators either, as the creator has posted videos of it working on a real Game Boy Color.

From the footage posted so far, it looks like the player takes the role of an impostor who teams up with an NPC impostor to kill off the rest of the crew. Going into the vents will start the platforming sections, while the story seems to be told through comical captioned still images. The game even has an image of what the impostor looks like under its suit.

So far, it looks like visual style of Super Impostor Bros is incredibly faithful to the original game, while still fitting right in with the Game Boy-style graphics. The music fits the game’s tone and style and the levels look they’re fun to play, while retaining the challenge common to games from that era.

What would be really amazing is if Lumpy could somehow team up with Among Us developer InnerSloth and get their game released on an actual Game Boy cartridge. Even today, some developers are releasing Game Boy Color games, like Incube8 Games releasing RPG Infinity onto the system after 20 years. So it wouldn’t be completely unheard of, and it would be a great way for fans to experience the world of Among Us in a new way.

A release date for Super Impostor Bros has not yet been announced.



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