Among Us Mod Lets Impostors Become a Hungry T-Rex

Among Us Mod Lets Impostors Become a Hungry T-Rex Articles
Among Us Mod Lets Impostors Become a Hungry T-Rex
Among Us Mod Lets Impostors Become a Hungry T-Rex

Among Us Mod Lets Impostors Become a Hungry T-Rex

An Among Us mod has released that transforms the impostor into a T-Rex and allows them to feast on unsuspecting crew members. The change equips the impostor with a whole host of terrifying new abilities that completely change the pace of the game.

Although Among Us released back in 2018, the game only rose to new heights during the height of the pandemic in 2020, when quarantine restrictions sent gamers searching for games to try. The deception-based game was a success because it is easy to pick up, and hilarious to play with friends. To this day, it still ranks in the Top 10 of most played games on Steam. As with most popular games, Among Us has received its fair share of mods.

Being a T-Rex has its advantages over the usual impostor role. YouTuber Ssundee gave fans an in-depth look at the mod that another YouTuber, LoafX, created. While impostors can still rely on their deception skills earned through hours of Among Us, a transformation button is added at the center of the screen, and when pressed, impostors take on their prehistoric form. Ssundee’s video shows us the truly chaotic potential of the mod.

While playing as a T-Rex, impostors have a range of new abilities including jump, bite, and roar. Jumping allows the T-Rex to launch themselves across the map. Upon landing, the T-Rex will crush all crewmates in the area, enabling impostors to wipe out multiple players at once. A bite acts essentially as a basic kill—except that victims are deposited loudly out the dinosaur’s rear end— and the T-Rex’s roar briefly stuns frightened crewmates.

The T-Rex transformation puts a lot of power firmly in the hands of the impostor. Not only can they betray their fellow crewmates in all the usual ways, but they are now equipped with the fail-safe of turning into a carnivorous apex predator. The jump ability in particular appears to offer a great deal of utility since impostors can choose any location on the map to jump to. With this sort of mod, Among Us may reclaim its Twitch viewership.

Although some fans may feel this mod ruins the balance at the heart of Among Us, it is at least a showcase of the endless possibilities available through modding. It’s also a reminder of the innovation that could be coming to Among Us. Recently, the game teased at a possible crossover with Brawlhalla, a popular 2D fighting game. Even if turning into a T-Rex isn’t appealing, there is a massive amount of customization available within the game.

Among Us is out now for Mobile, PC, and Switch, and will come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2021.



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