Apex Legends fan is recreating World’s Edge Map in Minecraft

Apex Legends fan is recreating World's Edge Map in Minecraft
Apex Legends fan is recreating World’s Edge Map in Minecraft

The Apex Legends community is very passionate about its battle royale, often sharing art with one another or communicating directly with the Apex Legends development team. Now entering year three, Respawn Entertainment’s shooter has come a long way. Minecraft, on the other hand, is a canvas for artists, and those who enjoy the game are able to create unbelievable masterpieces that cannot be accomplished almost anywhere else. Right now one Japanese fan is combining the two.

Minecraft recreations have become an art in it of themselves. Recently, someone made Super Nintendo World in Minecraft, for example, allowing fans to travel to the theme park in Universal Japan before it even opens to the public. Now someone is working on the map Word’s Edge from Apex Legends in Minecraft, and it’s quite remarkable.

A post was just uploaded by kurobekuro on Reddit of World’s Edge from Apex Legends being recreated in Minecraft. The currently unfinished work shows very detailed imagery of locations such as Harvester, Mirage Voyage, The Train Yard, and the Epicenter. The map is 512×512 in size and not every key location could make it, meaning a spot like Refinery was omitted, for example.

On top of that, kurobekuro also replicated a few top-tier Apex Legends weapons, including the R-99 and the VK-47 Flatline. The guns fire, can be aimed down sight, and can even be inspected.

Perhaps more impressive than the building detail or the accuracy of the gun replication is the creation of the Legends Bloodhound, Octane, and Wraith all inside of this Minecraft Apex Legends creation. Each Legend comes with the ability that they carry in-game, including Octane’s super-speed and jump pad and Wraith’s portal. There are now 16 Legends in the full game, so it would take some time to add all of them into this World’s Edge Minecraft map, but this is certainly a nice start from kurobekuro.

The sheer amount of detail in this World’s Edge recreation in Minecraft is quite amazing. The work is still unfinished, which only makes it more remarkable given how beautiful some of the locations look already, like The Train Yard. It will likely take quite some time to fill in all of the gaps in between each large hot spot, and if kurobekuro wants to add every weapon and every Legend then the project could take even longer. But so far the Apex Legends World’s Edge creation within Minecraft is something to behold.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Apex Legends is available for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will come to Switch on March 9.


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