Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7
Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7
Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7
Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7

Apex Legends Mirage guide Season 7: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

Mirage, the so-called Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends characters, is maybe essentially the most satisfying Legend to play as when issues go proper. Once you pull off that completely timed bamboozle or distraction along with your holographic decoys… Man, it feels nice. Our Apex Legends Mirage guide will present you the best way to take advantage of Mirage’s skillset, with a mess of sensible tips and techniques on every one.

Apex Legends Mirage guide: strengths & weaknesses

Mirage is the one-trick-pony-est of one-trick-ponies. All his abilities – his Passive, his Tactical, and his Ultimate – revolve round the usage of holographic decoys to confuse and distract enemy gamers. For that reason, his abilities have usually been thought of a number of the weakest of all of the characters in Apex Legends, as a result of they lack utility and flexibility; and in addition as a result of, as time goes on, gamers be taught to recognise Mirage’s decoys and you may now not depend on your enemies being fooled each time.

However that doesn’t imply Mirage can’t be lethal in the best palms. His Ultimate is a unbelievable panic button when used accurately that would provide you with time to heal up and rejoin the combat that one other character may not have loved. And his Tactical ability is equally potent as a scouting device for sniffing out enemy positions.

Mirage abilities overview

As with all other Apex Legends characters, Mirage has entry to a few abilities: a Passive, which you profit from with out having to do something; a Tactical, an activatable ability on quick cooldown; and an Ultimate, which is (theoretically) your strongest activatable ability, which should be charged over time earlier than it may be used.

  • Now You See Me… (Passive)
    • Automatically cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates.
  • Psyche Out (Tactical)
    • Send out a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy. Press Alternate Interact to control the decoy.
  • Life Of The Party (Ultimate)
    • Mirage deploys a team of controllable decoys to distract enemies.

Passive ability: Now You See Me…

The best power of Mirage’s Passive ability is the truth that whereas reviving a teammate, each you and the downed teammate are cloaked. This elevates Mirage to an identical standing to Lifeline on the subject of reviving allies. You might be additionally cloaked whereas utilizing a Respawn Beacon, which is much less essential because it’s at all times the ship flying in that basically toplights your place anyway.

Here are our top Now You See Me Passive tips for Mirage:

A hidden impact of Mirage’s passive is that he himself will flip invisible for five seconds if he will get knocked, and leaves a decoy in his place. Nevertheless, the decoy dies in a dramatic trend that makes it clear what is going on to an enemy.

Tactical ability: Psyche Out

Tactical ability: Psyche Out
Tactical ability: Psyche Out

Utilizing Mirage’s Tactical ability will ship out a holographic decoy in a straight line in entrance of you. The decoy will run till both it’s pressured to cease, or it reaches the spot you focused. However at any time you should utilize the Alternate Work together button to power the decoy to completely mimic your actions from wherever it occurs to be on the time, giving it a really lifelike look.

If any decoy is shot by an enemy, that enemy’s place is toplighted for the actual Mirage, permitting his group to realize important data on enemy whereabouts.

Here are our top Psyche Out Tactical tips for Mirage:

  • Controlling a decoy permits it to reflect your actions, together with strolling, operating, strafing, leaping, and sliding.
  • Every Mirage decoy has 45 Well being, but when shot it is going to briefly flicker to divulge to an enemy that it’s a decoy. Moreover, decoys can not cease bullets, so that they can’t be used as cowl.
  • You’ll be able to activate this Tactical ability whereas skydiving initially of a match, and it’ll ship out a holographic decoy of your total group within the specified route.
  • The most effective use for this ability is for the needs of scouting. Management the decoy and make it look as when you’re peeking round a nook to examine if there’s an enemy ready for you there.
  • In case your decoy will get caught or wants cautious repositioning, it’s best to make use of the flexibility to rapidly toggle between stationary and mimicking your actions. By toggling when wanted, you possibly can manoeuvre your decoy with shocking precision.
  • Ship a decoy into Nox Gasoline to bait the enemy Caustic into revealing their place.
  • It’s usually a good suggestion to make your actions fairly predictable with a view to make it appear to be you’re the decoy. It’s a dangerous play, but when it really works you’ll have an enormous benefit.

Ultimate ability: Life Of The Party

Ultimate ability: Life Of The Party
Ultimate ability: Life Of The Party

Mirage’s new Ultimate, Lifetime of the Party, is a hell of a visit for enemies. A circle of six decoys all transferring in precisely the identical means as the actual Mirage is certain to trigger bother for opponents seeking to rapidly end off the true enemy. Simply earlier than deploying the group, Mirage turns invisible for 1 second, stopping enemies from simply determining which is the actual enemy.

Here are our top Life Of The Party Ultimate tips for Mirage:

  • This Ultimate ability synergises very effectively along with your Passive, permitting you to sow confusion and purchase time when you cloak and revive a fallen teammate.
  • Unfold out out of your decoys instantly after activating your Ultimate, as a result of in any other case it’s simple to shoot all decoys in the identical burst and determine who’s the actual Mirage.
  • Don’t simply use this ability defensively; the second of hesitation of an enemy seeing all of your decoys is usually the right second to assault.

Mirage hitbox vs other Legends

Mirage hitbox vs other Legends
Mirage hitbox vs other Legends

Apex Legends characters all have otherwise sized hitboxes, a reality which brought on a little bit of controversy within the early days of the battle royale. These days, the discrepancies in hitbox measurement are addressed by two further Passives shared out amongst a number of Legends:

  • Fortified is for the bigger Legends (Caustic and Gibraltar), and provides them a 15% injury discount and immunity to slowdown when hit by bullets.
  • Low Profile is for the smaller, more durable to hit Legends (Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Wattson) and makes them take 5% extra injury from all sources.

Mirage is within the fairly enviable place of being one of many smallest Legends within the recreation that don’t warrant the Low Profile perk that will increase their injury taken. This, mixed together with his military of holographic decoys, makes him a really slippery Legend to cope with.

How to play Mirage – top Mirage tips and strategies

Lastly, let’s end up with some extra normal tips and tricks on profitable Apex Legends matches as Mirage.

  • Play aggressively to get essentially the most out of Mirage’s abilities. Mirage shines in sudden tricks the second you abandon your preliminary impressions of the best way to play him, and undertake a extra aggressive playstyle. Use your Ultimate and/or Tactical to provoke fights, sow confusion, and stand up shut from sudden angles to finish the combat rapidly.
  • Use your Tactical as a lot as ability. The excellent news is that you’ve tons and many these tiny home windows, as a result of the cooldown in your Tactical is so low. Use it as usually as ability: when therapeutic, when reviving, when initiating, when scouting, when dropping.


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