Attack On Titan Final Season New PV, Launch Date, And Special Episodes

Attack On Titan Final Season New PV, Launch Date, And Special Episodes

The AoT fans around the globe are eagerly waiting to see their favorite titan back in action. Though the first cour of the final season exhibited some exhilarating battles, the second one would give us quite a heartache. Moreover, the franchise has confirmed releasing some special episodes that will summarise all the previous anime history. Apart from this, the date of the second cour of the final season has also been confirmed. A new promotional video of Attack On Titan Final Season was released on October 13th, 2021.

Furthermore, it was released on the official YouTube channel of Pony Canyon. Also, it revealed the premiere date of the anime. Let’s hop into some AoT action and every news regarding it.

Attack On Titan Final Season New PV

On October 13th, 2021, the official YouTube channel of Pony Canyon streamed a new promotional video for the anime. Additionally, it sets out when Attack On Titan Final Season will be aired, i.e., Sunday, January 9th, 2022. Though this is the finale of the long-running series, fans would still be wanting more from it. However, the promotional video contained some major heartbreaking spoilers for the series. So, to the ones who haven’t read the manga- Spoilers Ahead.

The video starts with Eren Jaeger quoting, “You’ve been waiting, all this time, for 2000 years, for someone.” Furthermore, in the video, an action-packed sequence of the anime takes place. Eren and Reiner Braun are fighting in their titan forms. On the other hand, Zeke Yaegar is on the move in his Beast Titan form. In contrast to the fights, Pieck has secured Gabi Braun in her Cart Titan form. Hence, we can say that the Attack On Titan Final Season promotional video contained a lot of titan actions. However, the heart-wrecking clip was of Levi Ackerman lying on the ground covered with blood. Though Hange is there for Levi, it doesn’t seem that he’d be waking up any soon. Furthermore, the PV also showed a glimpse of the upcoming war between Paradis Island and Marley.

Levi Ackerman (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

AoT Special Episode

The new PV provided great detail about the upcoming season of the anime. Additionally, it showed how blockbuster it would be with the blood-rushing action sequences and a story bound to disappoint some fans. However, some fans have opted to create an alternate ending to the manga- AoT no Requiem. You can view it on their official website.

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Nevertheless, the franchise has announced a new series of special episodes. These episodes would cover all the details up to the 75th episode. In addition, the summary episodes would only focus on vital information. Moreover, the franchise has announced only a total of only six episodes. Also, they will be starting this October on the 24th. Thus, Attack On Titan fans could enjoy the upcoming finale more effectively.

Potential Release Time Of Attack On Titan Final Season:

Australia Time – 12:35 AM ACST

British Time – 04:55 PM BST*

Central Time – 10:05 AM CDT*

Eastern Time – 11:05 AM EDT*

European Time – 05:05 PM CEST*

Indian Time – 03:35 PM IST*

Japan Time – 12:05 AM JST

Korea Time – 12:05 AM KST

Pacific Time – 08:05 AM PDT*

Philippine Time – 11:05 PM PHT*

Note: The timelines with the (*) mark refers to January 8th, 2022.

Attack On Titan Final Season can be viewed globally on Funimation, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.


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