Back 4 Blood Best Cards Guide

Back 4 Blood Best Cards Guide

The card system in Back 4 Blood is an intricate feature in the game. Below, we aim to streamline everything you need to know about the Back 4 Blood Best Cards build yourself the perfect deck.

Back 4 Blood Best Cards

The core purpose of the cards in Back 4 Blood is to boost your overall power in the game. This is done by allowing you to craft a custom deck of cards, switch between different builds and take on more challenging fights.

The Game Director in the game, which is a system of modern AI, picks up a collection of cards. These are called corruption cards based on your actions, choices, and health.

On the other hand, there are active cards that you choose yourself and that allow you to avail some useful perks. There can be a total of 15 cards in a deck and each card can be in a deck only once, meaning you can’t stack them.

Below, we will go over both types of cards separately. Play them right, and you’ll be unstoppable!

What are Corruption Cards?

These cards are essentially chosen by the Game Director AI at the onset of each level which in turn, apply several random alterations to the game, such as the special types that spawn with climatic effects like fog.

The Game Director has a total of, 10 corruption cards in B4B to choose from.

Active Cards

Active cards in the game serve to help you get your hands on some special bonuses, which allow you to counter the effects of corruption cards and improve your odds in the game.

After the Game Director has selected its cards, you will need to draw three cards. One of them will be a corruption card while others will be active.

You can only pick one of these cards. Once you’ve played the picked card, you will draw another card. You will repeat this process unless three cards have been played.

When a campaign commences, you will begin with one active card with your loadout. During the campaign, you’ll be able to acquire four more active cards to the point when you leave the safe house.

Apart from the active cards that you’ll naturally acquire, there are many more scattered across the map and can be purchased with the in-game currency – Copper.

There are a total of 61 active cards, categorized into four types, namely Reflex cards (Blue), Discipline cards (Red), Brawn cards (Green), and Fortune cards (Yellow).

Each of these types offers you a particular boost. For instance, reflex cards are concerned with your movement speed as well as the reload speed of your weapon.

Some of the cards may have a catch for the benefits they offer so watch out for them. Oftentimes, reaping benefits from the cards may not be worth it!

Best Cards for Your Deck

Below, we have enlisted and detailed some of the best active cards in the game.

Card # 1 – Second Chance


  • +1 Extra Life
  • +5 Health

With the extra HP and more importantly, the extra life you get with this card, you are able to fight for a longer period and hence, take on tougher challenges in the game.

Card # 2 – Pep in Your Step


  • You get 10% additional movement for 5 seconds upon a precision kill.

In Back 4 Blood, you’ll be encountering countless hoards of undead enemies. So, landing precision hits or headshots is not that difficult.

Every time you make a precision kill, you get 10% faster than before for 5 seconds which is quite beneficial for you when dealing with unending streams of zombies.

Card # 3 – Ridden Slayer


  • +35% Weakspot Damage

With this card equipped, you are able to take down the Ridden faster when hitting them on weak spots.

This card is particularly useful during the later stages of the game when you will encounter stronger and varied groups of Ridden.

Card # 4 – Superior Cardio


  • +50% Sprint Efficiency
  • +5 Health

Apart from the HP buff, the sprint efficiency is what you require during the harder stages of the game when Ridden are swarming you.

As you’ll realize, sometimes it’s better to evade them than to waste your time fighting them. That’s when Superior Cardio comes in pretty handy.

Card # 5 – Run and Gun


  • Shoot while sprinting

When stuck in the tight corners, sprinting through the swarming Ridden to save your skin without gunning them down is not possible.

Luckily for you, with the Run and Gun card, you can shoot while sprinting. This means that you can move towards your objective while dealing with the Ridden at the same time.

Building a Card Deck

Now that you have all the required knowledge about the card system in B4B, let’s get into how you can build the Best Deck in B4B.

When you launch Back 4 Blood, on the top left corner of the screen that pops up, tap on the “Deck” option. After that, the “Decks” box will appear in the center of the screen, so click on it.

You will then be given an option to view your available decks or to view a new deck. To build a customized deck based on a particular playstyle, click on the option to create a new deck.

Note that to build a good custom deck, you’ll first need to acquaint yourself with a wide range of cards.

Anyhow, remember that whichever card you pick as the first one, it will be assigned to your loadout and you’ll start with it in the game. So, always pick a first card that complements the rest of your build.


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