Ben Stiller’s Birthday: Know All About The First Film That Gave Him Him His Big Break


Ben Stiller’s Birthday and thus we take a look at his first film that gave him his major break into the movie business. Read further ahead to know more about it

Ben Stiller’s movies often crack up the audience and engage them in the immersive screenplay. Today marks the birthday of the actor and thus we take a look at his first film that went on to become a changing point in his life. Ben Stiller was born to famous parents who were comedian Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. Thus, he was already exposed to the Hollywood culture and soon decided that he wanted to pursue the same field, according to the news portal Biography. The actor soon began writing for shows and eventually landed his big break.

Ben Stiller’s Birthday: Know all about his first film

Ben Stiller’s debut

For a long time, Ben Stiller worked as one of the writers for Saturday Night Live. While he was there he created The Ben Stiller Show which did not receive tremendous success. However, his big screen debut would come in the film Fresh Horses. He was cast opposite Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy. The film however did not do well at the box office and turned out to be a disaster according to the above-mentioned portal. However, this did not stop Ben from continuing to follow his passion.

Ben Stiller’s movies

The actor continued to work on his craft and eventually restarted The Ben Stiller Show. The show originally aired on MTV but was later picked up by Fox. The show became a platform for young budding comics to showcase their talent. The show earned several positive reviews however it did not manage to do well and was eventually shelved after just 12 episodes.

However, Stiller and the writers won an Emmy for outstanding writing in 1993. After that in 1994, Ben Stiller focused on directing and acting in the film Reality Bites. The film featured Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke and Garofalo. The movie did not do significantly well but went on to become a minor cult classic. From there, the career of Ben stiller took off and he was soon seen on Flirting with Disaster in 1996. The same year, he also appeared in the offbeat comedy The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. Since then Ben has witnessed a number of highs and lows in terms of films. Over the years Ben stiller became immensely popular for the Night at the Museum series which became a huge hit among kids and the general audience.


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