Best Slay The Spire mods


Best Slay The Spire mods

Whereas I can’t declare to have sunk a whole lot of hours into it like Alec, I’ve still misplaced whole evenings to Slay The Spire‘s deck-building. When you’re a kind of individuals who recurrently finishes it, it could be time to vary issues up slightly. The sport already has an energetic modding scene, and whereas it’s only a small collection, right here’s a bundle of minor mods to evenly boost the sport, some all-new characters to play as, and a pair of fan-made expansions to fill out your decks.

Modding A House Of Cards

Modding A House Of Cards
Modding A House Of Cards

Modding Slay The Spire is a doddle when you have the Steam model, and a ache within the arse in the event you don’t. I’ll be specializing in Steam for ease of use, however for GOG’s you’ll have to dig into this check list of mod downloads on Github, which incorporates directions on guide set up. If the mod you need isn’t there, verify the Workshop web page for other obtain sources, however I’m afraid there’s no Mod DB or Nexus pages to fall again on right here.

ModTheSpire, Basemod and StSLib by Bug Kiooeht
GifTheSpireLib by lobbienjonsji
HexUILib by Blue Hexagon
Archetype API by Gremious and Bug Kiooeht

Fun features for the modern Spire

Treehouse architect Alec has already put some Slay The Spire mods within the highlight, so we’ll be skipping the character mods he featured, googly eyes (that are appropriate with a lot of my picks) and The Jungle, however these are still really useful. For now, let’s begin small with some minor tweaks to brighten up your subsequent run.

Store Mod by twanvl

This adds the choice to sell undesirable relics and potions again to the service merchant, in the very best means. Keep in mind that ‘Not For Sale’ tag on the service merchant’s rug? Now it’s up for grabs. You’ve obtained to spend cash to earn a living. Higher but, as soon as you purchase the rug, the service merchant will seem simply sitting on the chilly dungeon flooring. You monster. I’ve had just a few runs the place this mod would have actually turn out to be useful, as I ended up with a very weird collection of often-useless items.

Exacting by Doulos Theos

Not probably the most visually thrilling mod, however a Fun new set of twists to flesh out Slay The Spire’s fundamental fight, based round exact number-matching. There’s a small bonus for killing enemies exactly, and in the event you block precisely the enemy’s assault energy, they get the Actual Vengeance debuff — although this works each ways. That wouldn’t be too tough if it weren’t for one final twist: in case your assault matches the enemy’s energy, they parry it. Thankfully, in the event you discover that final one a bit a lot, you may disable guidelines individually – look in Mods/Settings/Exacting in-game.

Challenge The Spire by aldriedger

This one mods in a handful of non-compulsory Challenge modes with a number of Challenge ranges to the primary menu. Elite Rush and Boss Rush offer you a stack of sources and several other retailers for a spherical of fast deck-building, earlier than throwing you into the grinder. Each struggle received rewards a stack of relics and an enormous checklist of card picks. Sneaky Strike, in the meantime, is an STS in-joke based on dangerous Twitch chat recommendation, bombarding the participant with the frequently-useless Sneaky Strike card, whether or not you need it or not. Best get good at discarding.

Adding character to your card table

The majority of mods for Slay The Spire add new characters to play, every with their very own private set of Cards to gather, relics to seek out, some with unlock tracks, and few that basically slot in. Right here’s a trio of the largest and Best, together with one of many trailblazers, which set a excessive bar which few other characters have achieved since.

The Animator by EatYourBeetS

Whereas the moreordinarily anime-dense material and card artwork could also be a turn-off for some, this is likely one of the most formidable and polished all-in-one mods for Slay The Spire. It features its personal development and unlock monitor, 26 new relics, and a complete new closing act that includes some surprisingly not-anime new enemies and occasions. Whereas maybe a bit simpler than vanilla Slay The Spire, the mod makes up for it with its non-compulsory fifth act. To enter, you might want to surrender all of your relics and depend on Cards alone.

In The Animator, you play as slightly hooded mage fuelled by the facility of their Crunchyroll subscription. Their energy comes from stacking their deck with a number of character-themed Cards from a single anime sequence. Whereas Slay The Spire is all about increase implicit synergies, the Animator will get express ones as nicely. When you play one card from a given anime sequence, then any others from the identical sequence will activate their listed Synergy capacity when performed that very same flip, encouraging deck specialisation.

Stacking one sequence is easier said than performed, with 160 Cards cut up throughout fourteen reveals. Card talents seize the vibe of every present, too. Characters from comedy-of-errors fantasy sequence Konosuba typically have zero value however talents of questionable value, whereas the min-maxing card sharps of No Sport No Life prefer to swap round your hand’s contents, encouraging technical play. One Punch Man characters are usually costly, direct and beefy, apart from just a few low-cost and jokey ones. Whereas not as technical to play as some characters, this on has way more content than most.

The Bug Knight by VenIM

One other mode which works past the ‘character mod’ concept. Based mostly on wonderful metroidvania Hole Knight, The Bug Knight performs virtually precisely how I imagined it might. By default, said knight (who matches proper in due to their masks) has fast sword assaults and dashes that act defensively. Correct to the sport, each melee hit adds you one level of Soul, a secondary useful resource used to cast spell Cards or heal your self.

There are additionally Void Cards, which allow you to instantly cast highly effective, damaging magics at the price of purging your Soul reserves and making you weak to break. There’s An infection, which is a self-inflicted poison-like impact, required to activate just a few extremely damaging Cards that require stacks of it to burn. There’s Ally Cards, which signify associates of the Knight and have their very own synergies, and some other techniques.

As you may see within the screenshot above, that’s not the titular Knight. This mod dynamically modifications your look in the event you spec far sufficient into a selected set of Cards. It additionally adds an XP-based unlock monitor, and 9 new fights; three every of standard, elite and boss-class buggy baddies. There’s even a pair new encounters to seek out, and a bucket of latest relics to gather. It’s a superb and polished production.

The Servant by Blackruse

The Servant is likely one of the first huge character mods for Slay The Spire, and still among the best, largely attributable to its character and card artwork. Beneath that masks is Sakuya, time-freezing, knife-throwing maid from the Touhou video games, and all her talents are represented in her Cards. Many contain knife throwing, along with her inventory of blades tracked as a personality standing, and several other Cards and relics restore your inventory.

Messing round with flip order is a key a part of playing The Servant. Numerous Cards to drag stuff again out of your discard pile, then drop them once more them for bonuses, then pull them again once more. Lots of her Cards have secondary Shift results that activate on discard, making for some complicated synergies, and she or he has a variety of build-defining relics to be discovered on bosses. There’s a variety of risk-reward stability, together with the Backlash debuff hitting you for utilizing a lot of your largest assaults, however there’s just a few Cards and relics to mitigate and even reverse this.

When you get a construct rolling, it’s attainable to play a dozens of Cards in a single flip. Demise by a thousand cuts is order of the day, and she will get presumably slightly too highly effective within the endgame, however is balanced out by it being difficult to get her up to the mark early on, particularly towards elites.

Double or nothing, all in

When you’re still hankering for some more scorching deck motion even with all of your new mods, there are already some fan-made expansions that, nicely, broaden Slay The Spire in some juicy, revolutionary ways.

vexMod by DarkVexon

Don’t let the garbage MS Paint artwork and a few adorably copy-pasted new monster designs put you off this wildly inventive (if unbalanced) growth. vexMod adds more of every little thing, together with Cards and artifacts for all characters (together with the Bard and Astrologer mods, when you have them) and a bunch of latest baddies. You’ll be able to see a full itemizing of vexMod’s contents right here, however I truthfully recommend entering into blind.

Whereas its class-based Cards play it straight, a lot of vexMod’s impartial Cards poke holes within the fourth wall. One has a distinct impact day by day of the week. One other adds block based on what number of characters are in your username. There’s even just a few Cards and items that work together with an exterior, still-active Twitter bot. The Tweet Strike card will proudly announce your victory to the world in the event you use it to kill a non-minion enemy. One in all my private favourites is Effectively-Timed Strike, a fundamental assault that’s always, quickly biking from 0-50 harm. Slay The Spire’s first QTE, maybe?

Replay The Spire by The Evil Pickle

more polished than vexMod however with related scope. New Cards for all the essential characters, more relics, more occasions, potions, rooms, elites and executives. In addition to stacking more on prime of the sport’s foundations, it expands them slightly, too; Neow affords new beginning choices and retailers now have two-for-one offers or Particular Version items typically. A lot of this mod simply subtly matches in with what’s already there.

Replay The Spire additionally highlights simply how interconnected the Slay The Spire mod scene is. In addition to bulking out the bottom sport, this mod detects and adds much more stuff for sixteen other mods. There’s even just a few new Cards for The Servant to mess around with. The standard warnings apply in the event you attempt to stack too many mods, however utilizing this as a basis and choosing from other mods it explicitly helps isn’t a nasty concept if you’d like an even bigger, much less predictable Spire.

As with vexMod, you may see the total characteristic checklist for Replay The Spire right here, nevertheless it’s more Fun to encounter these items itself, The one warning wanted is that saving/loading after utilizing the brand new Portal room kind might trigger the sport to crash. It hasn’t occurred to me, nevertheless it’s listed as a recognized concern. Past that, just a few Cards have a giant BETA tag over their artwork. Much less a bug, simply ugly.

And with that fistful of Cards to cover up your sleeves, I go away you to go wild and share your tales of deck-building infamy, and your private favorite characters. One closing notice: As gleefully chaotic because the Playable Snecko mod is — as talked about in Alec’s earlier roundup — it might probably get higher. The boggle-eyed reptile attracts Cards from each mod you’ve got put in. If you wish to utterly break the sport over your knee, Snecko reigns.


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