15 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time, Ranked

15 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time, Ranked Anime
15 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time, Ranked
15 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time, Ranked

15 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time, Ranked

One thing slithers by. Is it a snake? No, it is a Pokémon! It isn’t a secret that Pokémon resemble animals. The Pokémon creators took inspiration from animals and based their designs on them. The motto says that we “gotta catch ’em all,” but what in regards to the scary snake-like Pokémon? Deep down, every Pokémon is a compassionate creature that’s prepared to appease its grasp.

Pokémon within the Pokémon world might be similar to snakes from our personal world. Snakes are additionally known as “serpentine,” and are characterised by having elongated and scaly our bodies, normally. These are the 10 Best snake Pokémon of all time, ranked.

With every new technology of Pokémon games that launch, players are normally given not less than one new snake-like Pokémon, and the newest releases of Pokémon Sword and Defend really gave fans multiple new serpentine Pokémon.

The great thing about the varied snake Pokémon within the games is that they arrive in quite a lot of typings, so no matter party make-up players need to obtain, there’s seemingly a snake Pokémon that can match the invoice. Try much more superior snake Pokémon!


Steelix is the evolution of Onix, but Despite Onix debuting within the very first Pokémon games, Steelix wasn’t launched till Pokémon Gold and Silver in technology two. It’s a Metal/Ground Pokémon and although it maintains the serpentine physique that Onix had, and it has spikes that protrude from its physique.

Mega Steelix can also be very snake-like and its physique turns into even longer than its regular kind, however, its spikes grow to be diamonds and its head appears much more armored.


Gorebyss debuted in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and it’s one in all two attainable evolutions for Clamperl. It’s a Water-type Pokémon and whereas it could possibly be argued that it’s more akin to an eel than a snake, it’s undoubtedly very serpentine in appearance.

Despite its form of cute appearance, this Pokémon is definitely fairly creepy because it sticks its pointed nose-like mouth into its enemies after which drains them in a wierd, nearly vampire-like means.


This Rock/Ground-type Pokémon was launched within the first technology of Pokémon. Well known for being Brock’s fiercest Pokémon, Onix has a form that resembles a snake. It makes use of snake-like strikes, constricting its opponents to inflict extreme injury.

Onix might be developed into Steelix, a Metal-type Pokémon that additionally resembles a snake. Its species is a Rock Snake Pokémon, making it half snake. As a Pokémon that may dig at 50 miles per hour, it behaves like an erratic snake, and it’s not one to be underestimated.


Huntail is the opposite evolution of Clamperl; relying on which evolutionary merchandise the participant has it maintain when trading it, Clamperl both evolves into Huntail or Gorebyss. As soon as once more, it could possibly be argued this Water-type Pokémon is more of an eel, but it’s Pokédex states, “This Pokémon swims by wiggling its slender physique like a snake.”

It will get its identify from the truth that its tail is formed like a small fish, which it makes use of to lure out its prey in order that it might assault them. On this sense, although each Huntail and Gorebyss appearance quite unsuspecting, they’re really each fairly harmful.


A legendary Pokémon who first appeared within the third technology of the Pokémon games, Rayquaza is elongated and twisted, giving itself a snake-like appearance. This specific Pokémon stands out due to its huge potential to wreak havoc.

Within the anime, Rayquaza is portrayed as one thing of a villain. It assaults Deoxys, who Rayquaza believed was invading the excessive skies when Deoxys was solely looking for its good friend. You will not discover Rayquaza slithering on the bottom, but you can find it stalking within the excessive heavens.


Dratini is a small and cute Dragon-type Pokémon weighing approximately 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg). Regardless, pound for pound Dratini is one of the strongest first-generation Pokémon. By leveling, it might study strikes like Hyper Beam, Outrage, Slam, and Dragon Tail. Most adept trainers, however, will select to evolve Dratini right into a Dragonair.

Dratini maintains its snake-like physique when it evolves right into a Dragonair, but loses it as soon as changing into a Dragonite. In line with Dratini’s Pokémon Fireplace Crimson Pokédex, “Even the younger can exceed 6.5 toes in size. It grows bigger by repeatedly shedding pores and skin.”


Subsequent up is the developed type of Dratini, Dragonair. Dragonair grows in size after evolving from a Dratini. It’s a serpentine Pokémon that’s scaly with wings. Within the Pokémon games, we not often see Dragonair unfold its wings, but within the anime, it flies usually.

This uncommon Pokémon just isn’t normally caught within the wild. In line with Dragonair’s Pokémon Extremely Moon Pokédex entry, “Some say that for those who see it at first of the year, flying by way of the sky and twisting its physique, you may be wholesome all year lengthy.”


Milotic, one other serpentine Pokémon, is a Water-Type. Catching a feeble Feebas proves to be helpful because it turns into an imposing Milotic after evolving. By leveling up, Milotic can study strikes like Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Tail.

It’s not at all a Dragon-type Pokémon but has the looks and actions of a sea dragon. Most frequently, Milotic is claimed to be based on mermaids. It resembles a snake and can use strikes like Wrap and Coil, which make it appear more like a snake.


For a straightforward Pokémon to acquire in nearly any sport, Gyarados is a fascinating Pokémon. Evolving a Magikarp, which might be caught by fishing, will get you a Gyarados at stage 20. It is shiny kind is especially coveted because it takes on an exquisite crimson coloring.

Snake-like in appearance, Gyarados can overwhelm most of its opponents with exceptionally excessive assault. It’s a scaly Pokémon, similar to a snake. Violent in nature, Gyarados lives in salty and freshwaters. Placing apart its appearance, it would not behave like a snake.


Sandaconda debuted in Pokémon Sword and Defend and is the developed type of Silicobra. Its appearance reveals it as a snake that has its cobra hood and physique coiled about itself. When it’s in its Gigantamax kind, it stands on its tail as an actual cobra does, after which its coiled appearance makes it seem like a twister.

This Pokémon is a Ground-type and it retains sand in its physique to assault its enemies with, as defined in its Pokédex entry, “When it contracts its physique, over 220 kilos of sand sprays from its nostril. If it ever runs out of sand, it turns into disheartened.”


The Pokémon on this listicle grow to be progressively more snake-like as you go down it. Serperior is a Grass-type Pokémon identified for constricting its opponents. Serperior is claimed to be based on snakes species.

It takes after snake species such because the emerald tree boa and a ball python. You’ll be able to see two fangs protruding of Serperior’s mouth when it is open. Despite this, Serperior just isn’t a toxic Pokémon. Its glare makes it an exceptionally scary Pokémon, but it’s normally good to people.


Ekans is one of the earliest snake-like Pokémon that we encountered within the anime. As Jesse from Group Rocket’s solely Pokémon (apart from Mewoth), Ekans makes use of Poison-type strikes to Best its opponents. It’s a serpentine Pokémon that does not seem to have enamel. It makes use of stealth within the grass earlier than attacking enemies.

The Pokémon was given to Jesse as a birthday present. Jesse appears to have the higher hand in a battle in opposition to Ash Ketchum, but by some means Ash’s Pokémon pull by way of, and he narrowly beats Jesse and James. At the very least Jesse was in a position to catch one Pokémon.


Silicobra was launched with the discharge of Pokémon Sword and Defend and it’s a Ground-type Pokémon. Although at a appearance it appears like a small snake, its Pokédex entry quite surprisingly lists it as a whopping 7’03” tall and the Pokémon anime confirmed fans that it’s a lot bigger than anybody would assume initially.

Each its identify and appearance that contains a hood-like head point out that this Pokémon relies on a cobra. It has many snake-like strikes, equivalent to Coil and Wrap.


As its identify would indicate, Seviper is snake-like in appearance. As a Poison-type, it’s able to injecting venom with its venomous crimson fangs. Its species is listed as “fang-snake”. Seviper would not have any identified evolution, but it would not want one as a result of it’s highly effective in its base kind.

Usually in comparison with Arbok, each Pokémon are snakes. Seviper learns snake-like strikes equivalent to Shed Pores and skin, Coil, Venom Drench, and Wrap. It’s well-known for its quarrels with Zangoose. Scars on its physique stay from battles that Seviper has with Zangoose.


Finally, within the Pokémon anime, Jesse of Group Rocket obtains an Arbok through evolution. Jesse evolves her Ekans right into a hair-raising Arbok. Launched within the first technology of the Pokémon games, it’s a Poison-type Pokémon.

It is sharp enamel and robust physique make it a tricky Pokémon to battle. Arkbok is able to poisoning its opponent with deadly venom. It has been mentioned that Arbok can regenerate any a part of its physique aside from its head. For its vital resemblance to a cobra, Arbok is deemed to be the most snake-like Pokémon.


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