The Best Video game Stories of 2020

The Best Video game Stories of 2020

games are properly past the purpose of questioning the validity of the medium’s storytelling capabilities. Technological advancements in tandem with extra bold game growth has led to games offering some incredible narrative works. 2020 was no totally different, as quite a few highly-anticipated and shocking hits confirmed how far games have come as a automobile for narrative expression. Be aware: Some games might require delicate story spoilers to debate the deserves of its storytelling. If gamers wish to go into any of those games fully recent, please think about returning to the article after completion of the game.

Narrative adventures all through 2020 noticed very different essential and business reception, starting from common reward to extremely divisive. Regardless, all of those games pushed the medium’s capabilities ahead when it comes to writing and narrative design. A few of these games took dangers, innovated and iterated on online game storytelling strategies to create one thing beforehand unseen. Others honed, refined, and expanded on present Stories in surprising methods. 2020 was a formidable mixture of the same old triple-A suspects and spectacular unbiased efforts as properly. Offered in no particular order, listed below are the perfect Stories and narratives to return from games in 2020.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Of all of the most-requested settings for an Assassin’s Creed game, the Viking Age was actually excessive up on the checklist. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla delivers on that Viking Age promise, but additionally brings with it among the Best Assassin’s Creed narratives to this point. For the entire main quests, in addition to the detours all through England and past, the game’s narrative momentum by no means actually loses its steam over time. Valhalla as soon as once more refines the RPG-style Assassin’s Creed game with narrative choices that really feel much more impactful on Eivor’s character and story, in comparison with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The distinction between Viking tradition, Darkish Age England’s society, and the way moralities conflict between kings and clans, is surprisingly complicated for an Assassin’s Creed game. There’s by no means an inherently proper or incorrect reply, and gamers might want to determine what’s proper for them typically. That is the form of selection and consequence that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey nudged at, but Assassin’s Creed Valhalla absolutely delivers.

Cyberpunk 2077

Controversy and performance points apart, CD Projekt Pink’s largest energy has always been its storytelling. Cyberpunk 2077’s many bugs and performance points, sadly, emphasize that notion, but to be honest, V’s escapades in Night time Metropolis are compelling and different. The principle quest line mainly introduces the hesitant companion in Johnny Silverhand, whose chaotic commentary acts because the rebellious digital manifestation of the “satan in your shoulder” adage. Gamers are given the liberty to make their very own choices, but Silverhand’s shocking quantity of display screen time has an indelible affect on gamers and may form their morals round his concepts.

After all, being the sprawling RPG that it’s, the number of facet quests and secondary Stories all through Cyberpunk 2077 are simply as compelling in different methods. Cyberpunk 2077 does inundate gamers with quests each giant and small, nevertheless it’s the longform story-driven facet quests that shine essentially the most. Whether or not it is avenging the demise of a beloved one, or rescuing self-driving cabs from changing into sentient, Cyberpunk 2077’s facet quests maintain a wide range of unusual subject material value seeing. Tackling problems with despair, addiction, character problems, these facet quests function fascinating Stories that emphasize the world’s susceptible humanity, despite its neo-futurism.

Last Fantasy 7 Remake

Taking a style and generation-defining JRPG and rebuilding it from the bottom up was actually surprising. And but, followers appeared to want Last Fantasy 7 Remake into actuality after years of asking for it. While the game’s visible and systemic overhaul has made it one of the lovely games from 2020, Last Fantasy 7 Remake additionally expands the game’s narrative far past the unique game’s constraints. Even when the game’s story is not even near being completed, Last Fantasy 7 Remake’s storytelling is an fascinating dichotomy between being a love-letter to the unique and reimagining the unique’s narrative.

Somehow, Last Fantasy 7 Remake masterfully stays wholly trustworthy to its supply materials, while additionally sliding in piecemeal modifications all through the game’s story. Even because the narrative follows all the same story beats from the unique game, it is clear not every little thing is identical as earlier than. Last Fantasy 7 Remake walks a fantastic line between celebrating and alienating followers of the unique game, but for now, the game balances its need to Tell a brand new story with celebrating the unique masterfully.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Western game studios have not often tackled feudal Japanese narratives in any respect, a lot much less with a stage of respect and a focus that Ghost of Tsushima exhibits. This alternate-reality telling of the Mongol invasion of Japan within the 13th century gives an fascinating twist on the Samurai’s story. While many Samurai Stories are full of ethical classes and moral codes to stay by, Jin’s journey in Ghost of Tsushima is all about opposing the Samurai’s code out of necessity.

Combating with honor and respect is paramount to a Samurai’s repute, but Jin rapidly realizes that stealth and deception would be the solely strategy to really defeat the Mongols. His constant wrestle with the ethics of battle give his revenge story an fascinating perspective, one which’s distinctive to Samurai media and games as properly.


Roguelike games aren’t recognized for his or her compelling Stories, but Hades was capable of meld that gameplay fashion with compelling character work to make a narrative value taking note of. At the same time as Zagreus and the participant are pissed off from always failing and making an attempt once more within the Underworld, the different deities that come to help the participant make all the hassle worthwhile. Dying is just not a fail-state in Hades, it is a automobile for character growth, relationships, and narrative progress. The modern adaptation of Greek mythology grounds these iconic characters from folklore into characters gamers can develop hooked up to, no matter what number of instances they die.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

While Ubisoft Quebec is most recognized for adapting Greek mythology into Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the studio additionally took a extra satirical strategy with Immortals Fenyx Rising. Beforehand often known as Gods and Monsters, Immortals’ storytelling parodies Greek mythology in a method that celebrates the folklore with out taking itself too severely. This game is not a historical past lesson, at the least, not a critical one. Prometheus and Zeus’ playful banter all through the narrative emphasizes the game’s light-hearted tackle the often-disturbing tones of Greek delusion, as seen in Hades. Even when the gameplay is closely paying homage to a sure Nintendo open world game, the game’s comical tackle Greek folklore is a enjoyable romp that does not overstay its welcome.

The Last Of Us 2

Addressing The Last of Us 2’s narrative means discussing its divisiveness, there’s merely no avoiding that truth. Nonetheless, in a method that is a part of the great thing about its storytelling, relying on the participant’s perspective. The Last of Us 2’s narrative is intentionally designed to be irritating, with irregular pacing and a perspective change that is purported to be unfair, instilling an emotional confusion that doubtless caused a lot of the game’s backlash from followers. Revenge in The Last of Us 2 is depicted as a fruitless endeavor whatever the effort or justification, and it is Ellie’s cussed realization of this that carries The Last of Us 2’s narrative all through every playthrough.

With out diving into particular spoilers, there are a number of contentious character advancements and narrative choices all through The Last of Us 2 which were the topic of debate because the game’s launch. Mileage actually varies for everybody that performed by means of The Last of Us 2, but that is a part of its brilliance.


Dubbed the “cozy management sim about dying,” Spiritfarer’s journey isn’t somber despite its topic materials. Stella’s adventures throughout the ocean of Styx has her mingling with the spirits she’s shepherding to the afterlife typically. Gamers get to know these anthropomorphic caricatures and their real-life equivalents over time because the Spiritfarer boat sails alongside to those spirits’ last resting locations. Stella learns of their life experiences, worthwhile classes they will impart on to the participant, and in the end say goodbye to those characters gamers develop to like over the journey. Not often do games sort out the emotional pressure of demise, but Spiritfarer handles it superbly.

Tell Me Why

Transgender character narratives in media are a rare breed altogether, but that is very true for games. Homosexuality and transgender characters have typically been the butt of jokes in games, but Tell Me Why endeavored to Tell a transgender narrative unabashedly. While the main focus of Tell Me Why’s story is coping with early childhood trauma between two siblings, Tyler’s narrative is the clear standout from the journey.

Characters from Tyler’s hometown witness his transition and react in different methods, although by no means in a method that is stereotypically tackling transphobia. There’s discrimination, but there’s additionally acceptance, all through Tyler’s journey, all dealt with with shocking tact and respect for transgender identity.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a storytelling feat for the long-running Japanese crime drama sequence. For one factor, to exchange the protagonist of a franchise that is been round for over a decade with somebody new, that is a frightening activity. but to make Ichiban Kasuga’s story simply as memorable and surprisingly nuanced as Kazuma Kiryu’s story, that is an much more spectacular feat. Like a Dragon’s story positively hit all of the melodramatic narrative beats of earlier Yakuza games. Nonetheless, the game additionally spotlighted the darker parts of Japanese tradition and society with incredible tact and respect, points that have been beforehand glossed over in earlier entries.

All through Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s not-so-typical Hero’s Journey are sub-textual narratives that sort out the various darker shades of Japanese society: Ichiban and Nanba stay by means of the struggles of metropolitan homelessness in Japan, Adachi is a sufferer of legislation enforcement corruption by the Yakuza, Saeko’s household is torn aside by her sister’s intercourse work and her father’s situation. Like a Dragon tackles political points simply as typically because it locations Ichiban and the celebration in preposterous eventualities to introduce some narrative levity. It is an fascinating stability of feelings that most likely should not work, nevertheless it’s additionally a stability that Yakuza has honed and refined for the Last decade.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is an train in complicated, non-linear storytelling that may be very rewarding for individuals who keep it up. Melding all kinds of sci-fi thematic elements like time journey, alternate realities, in tandem with big mechanized battle robots and “kaiju,” the game’s narrative is a puzzling affair. Piecing collectively the different contextual clues all through the game’s dialogue moments leaves gamers oftentimes confused, but those that dig deeper will make some fascinating revelations. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim’s varied character views and non-linear storytelling will present sci-fi followers with loads of intrigue and curiosity all through.


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