Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide: 3 best builds for Jabber, Skag, and Spiderant


Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide: 3 best builds for Jabber, Skag, and Spiderant

FL4K the Beastmaster has at all times been probably the most versatile Borderlands 3 characters, together with his potential to match his 3 {powerful} Action Expertise with a novel and constant companion creature. On this Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide, we’ve laid out 3 top-tier builds that you should use to get essentially the most out of this {powerful} Beastmaster: one for Jabber & Fade Away, one for Skag & Gamma Burst, and one for Spiderant & Rakk Attack.

Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide

Making a FL4K build in Borderlands 3 is, not less than in a single respect, a extra complex enterprise than with most Borderlands 3 builds, as a result of it’s not simply you that you simply’re upgrading but in addition your pet. And these pets can develop to turn out to be fairly fantastically {powerful} by assigning your talent factors into the next talent timber:

  • Master is the talent tree to deal with for making a FL4K build all about your pet power. The related pet of the Master tree is the Skag, a strong beast that gives FL4K bonus damage potential as you improve it.
  • Hunter focuses on drastically growing your sharpshooting prowess with plenty of {powerful} important hit results. The related pet of Hunter is the Spiderant, which boosts FL4K’s well being regeneration and may be ordered to cost at foes.
  • Stalker offers your FL4K build quite a lot of methods to outlive each encounter, from the unbelievable Fade Away Action Ability to simply plain previous tankiness. The related pet of this tree is the Jabber, which comes armed with a gun of its personal, and bestows FL4K with further Action pace.

FL4K is commonly thought of to be the go-to Vault Hunter for solo play due to their pet, however the reality is that the flexbility of those talent timber and pets means you’ll be able to build FL4K nevertheless you need. You could possibly select to disregard upgrading the pet fully if you want, and focus in your Action Expertise or your damage; or vice versa. The under 3 FL4K builds will deal with a selected talent tree and pet with a view to create fully totally different (and equally {powerful}) playstyles.

If you happen to want a little bit of a primer on the assorted Borderlands 3 characters and courses, look no additional than our totally up-to-date Borderlands 3 characters & talent timber guide. If not, let’s skip proper forward to the FL4K builds! Click on any of the hyperlinks under to be delivered to the build of your alternative.

Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack! (Borderlands 3 FL4K build)

Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack!
Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack!
  • Borderlands 3 FL4K build planner hyperlink: Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack
  • Main Ability Tree: Hunter
  • build Focus: Lengthy-Vary/Sniper Prowess, High Action Ability damage
  • best Expertise for Class Mods: Two F4ng (Extremely Beneficial), Grim Harvest (Extremely Beneficial), Interplanetary Stalker, Ambush Predator, Overclocked

For all that FL4K was marketed as a sniper previous to the discharge of Borderlands 3, that’s not the way in which it goes for most individuals and most builds, in all probability simply because the extremely cellular and high-octane nature of fight means you typically haven’t any alternative however to get proper into the thick of it. If sniping is the way in which you need to play FL4K although, this build is for you. We’re diving deep into the Hunter talent tree, together with a few pickups from the opposite timber as nicely, with a view to create a high-damage build that focuses on maintaining distance from the enemy whereas continually critting and sending out {powerful} Rakk Attacks in opposition to anybody who will get too shut.

I’d first recommend investing within the 3 right-most abilities within the first 3 tiers of the Stalker tree: Livid Attack and Overclocked gives you some fairly unbelievable early damage, and Flip Tail And Run additional will increase your damage when standing nonetheless, whereas additionally making you extra survivable whereas on the transfer – essential for sharpshooters. After this it is best to head to the Hunter tree and begin investing closely, beelining from Interplanetary Stalker via Ambush Predator to Two F4ng – the most effective abilities accessible to FL4K which is especially sturdy with slow-firing High damage weapons reminiscent of sniper rifles.

At this level I’d return and put my 3 factors into Persistence Hunter within the Master talent tree, only for the additional damage increase; after which it’s again to Hunter, as a result of we need to work our means as much as the capstone talent, Megavore, which supplies you an opportunity to crit on any a part of your goal. Mixed with crit-based abilities reminiscent of Go away No Hint, Head Depend, The Most Harmful Recreation, and Galactic Shadow, you’re going to be dealing mega-damage along with your snipes – particularly should you discover a good sturdy (in all probability Jakobs) sniper rifle to go together with this build (maybe one of many ultra-powerful Borderlands 3 Legendary weapons?).

I’d additionally extremely recommend you get a very good Class Mod that overcharges your Grim Harvest talent, as a result of it’ll each improve your gun damage and provides your Rakk Attacks a much-needed increase in damage potential. And the duo augments of Flock ‘N Load and Rakkcelerate will be sure that any enemies not obliterated instantly by your sniping will final no time in any respect in opposition to the bombardment of your Rakks.

Pet build, Skag & Gamma Burst (Borderlands 3 FL4K build)

Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack!
Pet build, Skag & Gamma Burst
  • Borderlands 3 FL4K build planner hyperlink: Pet build, Skag & Gamma Burst
  • Main Ability Tree(s): Master & Stalker
  • build Focus: Robust Solo Play, High Pet damage & Survivability
    best Expertise for Class Mods: Ferocity, Frenzy, Pack Ways, Keen To Impress, Hidden Machine

There’s multiple option to build a powerful solo FL4K, however probably the most enjoyable is to raise your pet of option to god-tier ranges of damage and survivability. This you are able to do due to a really balanced mixture of the Master and Stalker talent timber. Right here we’re going to be utilizing the Skag in tandem with a Gamma Burst that delivers High damage and advantages to each your pet and your self everytime you use it (which shall be continually).

Persistence Hunter and Ferocity are the primary abilities it is best to look to improve, as they’ll provide you with an excellent early sport by growing each your damage and your pet’s damage fairly significantly. Frenzy ought to positively be your subsequent pickup (extra damage, yay!), adopted by a number of factors in Who Rescued Who?, which is – in the meanwhile – your best wager to keep away from your pet dying early on.

At this level we’re going to swap over to the Stalker talent tree, and undergo Self-Repairing System (a bigger well being pool is at all times good) in order that we are able to max out the important Keen To Impress talent, which is able to enable us to mainly spam our Gamma Burst at each alternative. All My BFF’s and Flip Tail And Run are nice further pickups for survivability after this, they usually’ll enable us to achieve Hidden Machine, which will increase your damage in opposition to enemies not focusing on you. The thought is that the majority of them must be focusing on your now very tanky and harmful Skag, leaving you within the clear.

four factors into Rage and Recuperate will drastically improve each FL4K’s and Skag’s tankiness, and can help you attain the Stalker Capstone, The Energy Inside, which is able to massively improve your damage potential each time you employ Gamma Burst. That is compounded by our Action Ability Augments: Empathic Rage, which will increase your damage whereas Gamma Burst is energetic; and Endurance, which will increase your pet damage and your Gamma Burst period for each kill that your Skag makes whereas Gamma Burst is in impact. It’s a unbelievable synergy, and it means each time you employ Gamma Burst, you’ll be able to mainly simply sit again and preserve firing from the sidelines whereas your Skag obliterates everybody within the neighborhood. This can be a significantly enjoyable build that makes you’re feeling like a real Beastmaster.

High damage build, Jabber & Fade Away (Borderlands 3 FL4K build)

Sniper build, Spiderant & Rakk Attack!
High damage build, Jabber & Fade Away
  • Borderlands 3 FL4K build planner hyperlink: High damage build, Jabber & Fade Away
  • Main Ability Tree(s): Hunter & Stalker
  • build Focus: High Gun damage & Crit damage
  • best Expertise for Class Mods: Persistence Hunter (Extremely Beneficial), Head Depend (Extremely Beneficial), Two F4ng, Massive Recreation, Livid Attack, Overclocked

I’m not going to speak an High amount of about this build, as a result of it’s not really mine. This build was designed by YouTuber NickTew, who has launched a full 20-minute video (see under) explaining why this FL4K build is so goddamn unbelievable. In a nutshell, the build focuses closely on Gun and Crit damage at nearly each conceivable flip, even foregoing the standard methodology of investing sufficient factors in a tree to unlock the {powerful} Capstone talent on the finish.

I believed for fairly some time about whether or not I may enhance upon this build in any means, however truthfully if High gun damage is what you’re after, it actually doesn’t get significantly better than this. The mixture of the Unblinking Eye and Guerillas In The Mist augments to provide the most potential profit from Fade Away’s assured crits, the factors invested in abilities reminiscent of Head Depend, Two F4ng, Grim Harvest, Persistence Hunter, Overclocked, and The Quick and the Furryous to provide the most bonkers damage with just about any weapon you want. If you happen to’re simply after uncooked DPS potential, right here it’s.

And with that, I feel I’ll finish this Borderlands 3 FL4K build guide in the meanwhile. However you should definitely bookmark this web page and test again on occasion in case some unbelievable new build has been found that ensures you get the utmost potential profit from this lethal Beastmaster.


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