Borderlands 3 Moze build guide: 4 best builds for Bottomless Mags, Demolition Woman, and Shield of Retribution

Borderlands 3 Moze build guide: 4 best builds for Bottomless Mags, Demolition Woman, and Shield of Retribution

Moze the Gunner is the bombastic lead-spitter of the Borderlands 3 characters roster, and along with her 15-tonne Iron Bear mech never far-off, there may be a substantial amount of scope for customising her nonetheless you need. On this Borderlands 3 Moze build guide, we’ve laid out 4 top-tier builds that you should utilize to get essentially the most out of this mech-wielding super-soldier; one for every of the ability bushes (Demolition Woman, Bottomless Mags, and Shield of Retribution) after which a bonus one for double Flamethrowers.

Borderlands 3 Moze build guide

Reasonably than selecting between 3 Motion Abilities like the opposite Borderlands 3 characters, Moze the Gunner can select between 3 (later six) different weapons to equip her Iron Bear with, one on every arm. However there’s nonetheless a tremendous amount of scope for customising each Moze and her Iron Bear utilizing her 3 distinct ability bushes:

  • Demolition Woman is the ability tree to improve for a very explosive Moze build, because it focuses on immense splash damage and grenade spam. The related weapons for Demolition Woman are a Grenade Launcher and, later, Rockets.
  • Shield of Retribution focuses on giving your Moze build very high survivability, sacrificing well being for large quantities of shields that hold you from hurt. The related weapons for Shield of Retribution are a Railgun and a strong shut vary Bear Fist.
  • Bottomless Mags is all about giving Moze a tonne of magazine size and regenerating ammo so she never has to cease firing. The related weapons for Bottomless Mags are a Minigun and, later, a Flamethrower.

Moze is, on first look, a fairly easy character to become familiar with. Outdoors her Iron Bear mech she is actually the weakest and most weak of all of the Vault Hunters, however as soon as inside her mech, there’s just about nothing that may match her means to obliterate something in sight. Every Moze build under utilises a special path by means of her ability bushes with the intention to take advantage of a selected side of her character.

If you happen to want a little bit of a primer on the Borderlands 3 characters, how courses work, that form of factor – look no additional than our absolutely up-to-date Borderlands 3 characters & ability bushes guide. If not, let’s skip proper forward to the Moze builds! Click any of the links under to be dropped at the build of your selection.

  • Demolition Woman, Hammerdown Protocol (Borderlands 3 Moze build)
  • Bottomless Mags, Double Minigun (Borderlands 3 Moze build)
  • Shield of Retribution, Railgun + Rockets (Borderlands 3 Moze build)
  • “Flaming Moze” – Double Flamethrower (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

Demolition Woman, Hammerdown Protocol (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

  • Borderlands 3 Moze build planner link: Demolition Woman, Hammerdown Protocol
  • Primary Skill Tree: Demolition Woman
  • build Focus: Excessive Burst & Splash Damage, Grenade Spam
  • Best Abilities for Class Mods: Pull The Holy Pin (Highly Recommended), Fire In The Skag Den, Stainless Steel Bear, Explosive Punctuation, Scorching RPMs

For a lot of Moze players, I’m certain the Demolition Woman ability tree is the tree to focus on for essentially the most bombastic, explosive enjoyable you may have with the Gunner and her Iron Bear. This build takes full benefit of the duo’s splash damage potential by equipping each of Iron Bear’s arms with Hammerdown Protocol Rockets – massively highly effective however slow-firing nuclear warheads that deal colossal damage because of all the opposite perks we’ve invested in all through this and the Bottomless Mags tree.

As all the time, the very first thing to do is enhance your damage potential as early as doable together with your first few points. So we’re placing eight points into the Bottomless Mags tree at the start: 5 into Cloud Of Lead to get some Incendiary damage going, after which 3 into Stoke The Embers to additional enhance that Incendiary bonus. Subsequent we’ll head to the Demolition Woman tree, and put money into Fire In The Skag Den for much more Incendiary Damage; and 3 points into Deadlines, which we’re going to do with all of those builds since you’ll wish to take advantage of your time with Iron Bear every time you summon it.

Now it’s time to get explosive. 5 points into Means Of Destruction adopted by 3 points into Pull The Holy Pin offers our grenades some much-needed additional oomph, and after we decide up Auto Bear to unlock the following tier, we’ll be placing 3 points into Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades? (which does precisely what you’d anticipate: extra grenades). All this to unlock the ultimate tiers of the Demolition Woman tree, which incorporates the improbable Short Fuse Capstone and the important Hammerdown Protocol Skill Increase. Now you’ll discover you’re abruptly dealing ridiculous splash damage, and your solely fear any further might be not blowing your self up together with all of your enemies.

The ultimate contact is to move again to the Bottomless Mags tree and make investments proper down the centre of the tree (Cloud Of Lead, Redistribution, and particularly Scorching RPMs) for added utility and damage; after which lastly assign our one level to Specialist Bear, which will increase the damage of each our Hammerdown Rockets by an additional 25%. Stand again and benefit from the radioactive fireworks.

Bottomless Mags, Double Minigun (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

  • Borderlands 3 Moze build planner link: Bottomless Mags, Double Minigun
  • Primary Skill Tree: Bottomless Mags
  • build Focus: Sustained Fire, Excessive Sustained Damage
  • Best Abilities for Class Mods: Cloud Of Lead (Highly Recommended), The Iron Bank (Highly Recommended), Stoke The Embers, “Click, Click…”, Deadlines

There are 3 ways to enhance your DPS in most games: higher base damage, higher hearth fee, and the power to fireside for longer. Whereas the earlier Moze build targeted very a lot on the primary technique, investing closely within the Bottomless Mags ability tree will work absolute wonders for the opposite two strategies. Geared up together with your lethal twin Miniguns, you’ll discover you may hearth repeatedly for just about the complete battle, each inside and out of doors your Iron Bear mech.

As with the earlier Moze build, we’ll begin by investing 5 points in Cloud Of Lead and 3 points in Stoke The Embers within the Bottomless Mags ability tree, to present us some nice damage potential early on. After this, you may really be fairly versatile with the order through which you assign points on this build. We’ve put 10 points in Demolition Woman and 12 in Shield of Retribution simply to present us some additional mech utility and survivability, and it’s roughly a case of simply assigning these points everytime you really feel prefer it in amongst your gradual levelling of the Bottomless Mags tree.

What’s fairly nice about this particular build is that we unlock the weapons we’ll be taking to the rePrimaryder of the sport very early on – by Degree 7, in actual fact. The Let Off Some Steam Skill Increase offers your Miniguns higher damage as warmth will increase, and provides us the power to fireside them for longer, which fits our wants completely. After this you’ll wish to make investments down the centre of the inexperienced tree, letting our DPS soar with pickups like Scorching RPMs, Specialist Bear, and “Click, Click…” – whereas additionally making it much less and fewer possible that we’ll ever must reload because of The Iron Bank, Some For The Road, and the wonderful Capstone that’s Forge.

It is a build all about never letting go over the hearth button. Moze completely excels at this, and also you’ll discover that after you’re far sufficient into this build, your Iron Bear will make brief work of just about any enemy unlucky sufficient to cross your path.

Shield of Retribution, Railgun + Rockets (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

  • Borderlands 3 Moze build planner link: Shield of Retribution, Railgun/Rockets
  • Primary Skill Tree: Shield of Retribution
  • build Focus: Extraordinarily Tanky, Excessive Survivability
  • Best Abilities for Class Mods: Skinny Crimson Line (Highly Recommended), Determined Measures (Highly Recommended), Vladof Ingenuity, Grizzled, Stainless Steel Bear

A lot discuss is fabricated from Moze being the Borderlands 3 character with maybe the very best general damage potential – however what’s additionally true is that if you wish to take her a special route, she will be able to develop into one of many tankiest. Which shouldn’t be that shocking, seeing as she lives in a strolling tank about half the time. This Moze build focuses closely on the Shield of Retribution ability tree with the intention to increase your Shield to actually insane ranges, whereas additionally Shielding your damage as much as scratch together with your Railgun and Vanquisher Rocket Pods.

This time spherical, we’re not investing any points in any respect into Bottomless Mags, which implies early on this build won’t really feel as highly effective because the others on this record. Relaxation assured, she’ll make up for it later. For now, place 5 points into Armored Infantry and 5 into Selfless Vengeance, which grant us each survivability whereas our shields are up, and as a lot additional damage as we can provide in the interim. After this, decide up the entire 1-cost skills: Experimental MunitionsSecurity Bear, and Full Can Of Whoop-Ass (ideally in that order). The primary of those offers some additional Incendiary damage upon each crit, whereas the others begin to beef up our Shield recreation.

However that’s not all. 3 points into Thin Red Line us massively elevated Shield ranges at the price of well being, and synergises completely with Desperate Measures, which ups our Gun Damage primarily based on how low our Well being is (as much as 50%!). These are the 2 expertise that actually make this build what it’s, and so they’re the Skills you’ll wish to overcharge if in any respect doable with a superb Class Mod.

After this, head to the Demolition Woman tree simply to select up that pretty trio of Deadlines, Grizzled, and Stainless Steel Bear to elongate our time spent within the Iron Bear (and unlocking our Vanquisher Pod Missiles in addition). And after this, head again to the orange tree and max out each ability (apart from Drowning In Brass). With the mix of Skinny Crimson Line, Behind The Iron CurtainPhalanx DoctrineForce Feedback, and Tenacious Defense, you’re principally never going to expire of shields. Which lets you calm down in your mech and blast something that strikes together with your Railgun and Rockets combo.

“Flaming Moze” – Double Flamethrower (Borderlands 3 Moze build)

  • Borderlands 3 Moze build planner link: “Flaming Moze” – Double Flamethrower
  • Primary Skill Tree: Bottomless Mags
  • build Focus: Excessive Incendiary Damage, Shut-Vary Prowess

Best Abilities for Class Mods: Deadlines (Highly Recommended), Stoke The Embers (Highly Recommended), Stainless Steel Bear, Cloud Of Lead, Scorching RPMs

Lastly, right here’s a Moze build that was not made by me, however by Reddit person Phosphorus015 who did what, let’s face it, everybody ought to attempt in some unspecified time in the future whereas taking part in Moze: they created a build all about dual-wielding Flamethrowers. And although it did sweeten the deal that one other Reddit commenter got here up with the right title for this build utilizing a superb Simpsons reference that immediately took me again to my childhood, I’m together with this build additionally as a result of it’s only a rattling robust close-range damage build.

Once more we’re investing closely in Bottomless Mags, all the way in which right down to the Forge Capstone. The previous acquainted Cloud Of Lead/Stoke The Embers combo offers us nice early damage, whereas additionally unlocking our Flamethrowers very early on. Beeline straight to Specialist Bear to take advantage of your dual-wielding flame-throwing Iron Bear, however then that’s the purpose the place I’d head over to Demolition Woman and begin increase that tree with the again-familiar-by-now combo of Deadlines, Grizzled, and Stainless Steel Bear to elongate the time spent in our Mech (when you study something from this web page, I’m guessing it’s that it’s best to most likely put money into these 3 expertise it doesn’t matter what your Moze build).

Whereas Phosphorus015 is clearly specializing in the double Flamethrowers (plus the double Fuel Economy Skill Augments which additional will increase your gasoline effectivity and time spent within the Iron Bear), they’ve additionally gone a nice manner down the extra explosive grenades route of Demolition Woman with the Pull The Holy Pin, Vampyr and To The Last perks, which supplies you some additional utility exterior of your Mech. Total this can be a surprisingly versatile build regardless of its focus on the up-close-and-personal barbecuing of enemies.

That’s most likely pretty much as nice a spot as any to complete up this Borderlands 3 Moze build guide. Hopefully one of many 4 builds above have at most given you a path to observe, and at the least given you meals for thought as to how one can carve your individual manner by means of Moze’s the Gunner’s 3 distinct ability bushes.


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