Borderlands 3: The 10 Best Legendary Class Mods


Borderlands 3: The 10 Best Legendary Class Mods

Borderlands 3 has many different Legendary Class Mods. Legendary Class Mods all the time include the same 3 things; Skill bonuses, randomized stat bonuses, and a special perk that pertains to that Vault Hunter.

Since launch, Borderlands 3 has seen many buffs, that means that objects that had been thought-about unhealthy at launch could have been revitalized now. With the discharge of the Handsome Jackpot DLC, there have been 4 extra Legendary Class Mods added into the loot pool. Let’s see if any of them stand up in opposition to a number of the better ones. Listed below are the ten best Legendary Class Mods in Borderlands 3.

St4ckbot – FL4K (DLC)

The St4ckbot drops any time during the Handsome Jackpot DLC. It awards FL4K elevated damage as they rating a vital hit, and this damage bonus ends as soon as they don’t rating a vital hit.

There’s a reason this sounds too good to be true and why it’s lowest on the list. Whereas it’s nice with the right gear, it seems that elemental damage will truly carry that chain of vital hits. It isn’t sure if it is a bug or one thing Gearbox meant. Therefore, this class mod is simply nice with non-elemental weapons. Nonetheless, give FL4K a Maggie or a Vladof assault rifle and you are able to do an insane quantity of damage.

Infiltrator – Zane

The Infiltrator class mod for Zane is nice, given you will have the right gear to enhance it. The Infiltrator’s main perk is that it offers Zane elevated Action Velocity and Gun Injury. The decrease his protect is, the better these bonuses will probably be. It may be dropped from the ultimate boss of the Trial of Intuition.

This goes effectively a few of Zane’s skills that already give elevated damage from moving quick. What makes this class mod even better is having a Tough Rider protect. The Tough Rider has a capability of zero, that means that it’ll give Zane the best bonuses of Action Velocity and Injury.

Mind Sweeper – Moze

The Mind Sweeper offers Moze an chance to drop an exploding grenade after getting a vital hit. It may be dropped from the Tink of Cunning, the ultimate boss of the Trial of Cunning proving grounds.

Moze is usually recognized for her splash damage, which makes this class mod a no brainer. It additionally offers her Skill Bonuses in Torque Cross-ProAction, that means that the grenade’s splash damage can double in size. Additionally, Moze can rating vital hits with grenades because of Pull The Holy Pin. Want we are saying extra?

Antifreeze – Zane

Antifreeze offers Zane 40% weapon damage whereas sliding or airborne. In an effort to get the Antifreeze class mod, it’s a must to farm the ultimate boss of the Trial of Self-discipline on Mayhem 4. Sure, that’s not going to be enjoyable but right now it is the one method.

Understandably, Antifreeze takes some getting used to as you must constantly run round and slide. Fortunately, it offers Skill Bonuses to Supersonic Man, Violent Momentum, and Violent Velocity, all of which correspond with Zane’s Action velocity. Simply slide away and see the good outcomes!


Due to latest buffs, sure skills like Rakk Assault now stand an chance in Mayhem Mode, enhanced much more with the R4KK P4K Legendary Class Mod. Sadly, like Zane’s Antifreeze, it’s a must to farm a ultimate Trial boss Mayhem 4. On this case, it’s the Trial of Cunning.

Every time FL4K hits an enemy with Rakk Assault, the rakks cut up into two extra that hunt down enemies. This causes a terrific chain response and a ton of crowd management, for which FL4K isn’t all the time recognized for. As of now, that is the easiest way to create an efficient pet construct for FL4K.

Seein’ Dead – Zane (DLC)

With the brand new Seein’ Dead class mod, Zane is a drive to be reckoned with. The one draw back is that you just want the Handsome Jackpot DLC to get it. What the Seein’ Dead mod does is just like his Seein’ Purple capstone Skill. Besides, this time, he has to likelihood to activate his Kill skills simply from damaging an enemy, with the Kill skills additionally receiving a 25% impact bonus.

Which means that Zane essentially has his Kill skills going on your entire battle. This additionally helps with boss fights since Zane won’t have to depend on different enemies to activate his Kill skills. As of now, that is Zane’s best class mod and it’s a standard world-drop within the DLC.

Blast Master – Moze

Moze is understood for 2 things; limitless magazines and explosions. Therefore, Moze’s Blast Master class mod totally compliments her character, since she gains extra splash damage (as much as 100) the longer she goes with out reloading. It drops from the Trial of Self-discipline ultimate boss.

Whereas the splash damage bonus is good, this class mod is nice for giving her a Skill Bonus in Pull The Holy Pin. At 3 factors, she has a 30% likelihood for grenades to do a vital hit. The category mod can add two extra factors, supplying you with a 50% likelihood. Pair this with a Hex grenade, and you’ll simply sit again and watch the chaos.

Phasezerker – Amara

Amara’s Phasezerker class mod is revolved round her Rush stacks. Upon activating an Action Skill, Amara gains her max Rush stack rely, with elevated gun damage and cooldown charge for every Rush stack. It drops from the ultimate boss of the Trial of Fervor.

Many Amara builds revolve round Rush stacks, which give her bonuses in many different stats akin to Action Skill damage and reload velocity. Therefore, this class mod is the most suitable choice considering you’ll get the stacks immediately, specially when you’re constantly activating your Action Skill.

Raging Bear – Moze

Updates and buffs have now made Iron Bear extraordinarily highly effective. For these wanting an Iron Bear construct in Mayhem 4, then you must get hold of the Raging Bear class mod. Be mindful, nonetheless, that it will possibly solely be obtained in Mayhem Four from Billy the Anointed, nevertheless it’s totally value it.

This mod offers Iron Bear decreased gasoline utilization upon killing an enemy, whereas additionally giving him elevated damage as he takes damage. This can be a must-have for Moze in Mayhem 4, as it would maintain her alive whereas concurrently demolishing every thing in sight.

Spiritual Driver – Amara

This class mod essentially turns Amara into Doom Man. The perk of Spiritual Driver is that Amara gains elevated gun damage whereas moving. The faster she strikes, the extra gun damage she will get. It drops solely in Mayhem Four by Sylestro, the Goal of different on Nekrotafeyo.

To ensure that this mod to get its full potential, you’ll have to unlock her Mindfulness Skill, which will increase her Action velocity as she takes damage. Spiritual Driver is Amara’s best class mod for taking down Wotan, as she’s given an enormous arena to run round to construct up that gun damage. Give her a corrosive Cutsman, as effectively, and Wotan doesn’t stand an chance.


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