Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Farming Locations

Farming legendaries can be a bit of a grind, but these go-to locations will make your quests a lot easier.

Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Farming Locations
Borderlands 3: 10 Best Legendary Farming Locations

Borderlands 3 has a ton of legendary weapons, shields, grenade mods, artifacts, and sophistication mods that players can farm all through the sport. Generally, these legendary objects will be laborious to seek out, or in some cases have a tough time spawning.

Fortunately, many players have found areas which might be easy to farm in case you are having hassle getting that particular legendary you have got been searching for. Some farming areas players have found can get others a whole lot of legendaries that they will retailer again at Sanctuary or promote if they’re in want of the cash. With out further delay, listed below are the ten Best farming areas for legendaries in Borderlands 3.

Slaughter Shaft

The Slaughter Shaft is one of the Best ways to farm legendaries it doesn’t matter what difficulty you might be on. Even playing with out mayhem mode on can lead to tons of legendaries dropping from the enemies on this arena. Whereas there are no dedicated drops in the Slaughter Shaft arenas, each world drop will be dropped right here making it extremely helpful.

The one downside with this methodology of farming is that it’s simpler to do it with associates if you do not have the proper construct.


Graveward is one of the Best bosses to farm in the game, considering you may select to spawn in directly next to the boss arena. Together with this, the Graveward struggle will be extremely easy and with the proper constructed may even be killed in seconds.

Graveward has the Lob shotgun in his dedicated loot pool which is one of the Best shotguns in the game. Not solely that, however he can drop upwards of eight or 9 legendaries at one time. There may be furtherly a vault directly behind him that has a number of chests that may drop legendaries as effectively.


Freddie the Traitor is a boss that spawns in the first Borderlands 3 DLC. When spawning into the sector, you may be met with tons of enemies to take down and a boss that melts like butter on a scorching sidewalk. The one downside with Freddie the Traitor is that half the legendaries he drops are dedicated to the DLC, however he nonetheless drops different legendaries from the primary game.

This boss can be simpler to farm than all of the others as a result of all you must do is teleport to make him respawn. That is proper, no extra needing to stop out of the sport.

Tom & Xam

Tom and Xam are bosses that spawn in the second DLC of Borderlands 3. There’s a trick to farming them so that you need not reload the sport. In case you run into their boss arena and kill one in every of them and quick journey out, they may each respawn.

This may make farming for legendaries go in a short time since you’ll now not to stop out of the sport. They’ll furtherly drop all of the world drop legendaries which is nice since they will come from DLC two and the primary game.


Gigamind is a really beneficiant boss with regards to dropping legendaries. He’s a boss from the Meridian Metroplex that may be a brief distance from a spawn location. You furtherly get a checkpoint proper earlier than the boss arena so once you stop out and come again in, you may entry the struggle rapidly.

As an added bonus, he has a crimson chest that spawns to the left of the boss arena which further will increase your probability at getting legendaries. He isn’t a tough boss to kill, so farming him takes little to no effort.

Agonizer 9000

The Agonizer 9000 is one of the simpler bosses to defeat and will be taken down extremely simply with the proper construct and a corrosive weapon. It has a number of weak factors that players can benefit from as effectively.

The one annoyance with this boss is the long term that’s required to achieve it, however when you get there you’ll respawn proper outdoors the boss arena. The loot pool of the Agonizer 9000 is excellent and it might probably drop as much as twelve legendaries directly time. This boss is sort of equal to Graveward with regards to how easy it may be farmed.

Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt is one of the bosses that Borderlands 3 followers like to torture. He’s the primary boss of Athenas and is a good distance from the spawn location, however has a respawn level directly next to the boss arena. Traunt will be farmed in a short time and has a decent-sized loot pool with probability to drop randomized legendaries.

He furtherly has a number of chests that spawn behind the boss arena which might drop much more legendaries for any participant trying to farm him. Simply take it easy on the poor man for as soon as.

Eista The Invincible

Eista was added in the course of the second DLC referred to as Weapons, Love, and Tentacles. This DLC may not be accessible by everybody, however has a number of the Best farming areas. Eista the Invincible is one other boss that may be taken down fairly simply with the proper construct.

He may also drop a number of legendaries from the DLC and base game which makes him very helpful. He furtherly has particular legendary class mods for every character that may solely be obtained from him. Some players might not be capable of take him down simply, however he’s undoubtedly value farming should you can.

Maliwan Takedown

The Takedown on the Maliwan Blacksite is one of the Best ways to farm legendaries if you’ll be able to run it solo. Even if you cannot and you’ve got just a few associates that will help you, this takedown can get you upwards of thirty legendaries in a single run.

Since they’ve scaled the difficulty right down to match the variety of players in the takedown, it has change into lots simpler for players to run this on increased and better difficulty ranges. The loot from this takedown can be actually good and may also drop many of the legendaries in the game.

Scraptrap Nest

in the Scraptrap Nest, you’ll struggle a boss that’s a number of bosses in a single. The principle purpose this boss is value farming is due to the variety of legendaries it might probably drop. Scraptrap will be killed fairly simply with weapons just like the recursion which have ricocheting rounds.

This boss comes from DLC one, so there are a number of legendaries it might probably drop from the DLC dedicated loot pool and the unique game’s loot pool.


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