Bungie Team Members ‘Hyped’ About Something Ambiguous

Bungie Team Members 'Hyped' About Something Ambiguous
Bungie Team Members ‘Hyped’ About Something Ambiguous

Bungie seems to be up to something ambiguous behind the scenes. While the talented team behind Destiny 2 is always working hard–and often on secret projects–a bevy of Bungie team members have been tweeting out cryptic and hype-filled messages.

Thanks to the success of games like Destiny 2Bungie has been growing massively as a developer. The studio has expanded, Destiny as a franchise is continuing to grow, and Bungie is working on new IP. The team members often communicate with their fans surrounding those games, but just today quite a few of them have tweeted out simply the word “BUNGIE” in all caps.

What BUNGIE could mean is not known, but Bungie development team members seem excited. Of course, it could be a totally pointless message, it could be the team trolling fans and having fun a bit, or it could be that the team just learned massive news like the rumors of Microsoft purchasing Bungie finally being confirmed. Whatever it is, many Bungie development team members joined in on the BUNGIE Twitter shenanigans.

Assistant Game Director at Bungie, Joe Blackburn, is the developer who seems to have started the BUNGIE snowball. Senior Community Manager dmg04 continued the fun. It truly is hard to know whether or not there is anything legitimate happening, or if it has more to do with some good old fashion company spirit among team members.

Perhaps the most interesting tweet in the bunch is that of Josh Kulinski, the Senior Game Designer of Destiny 2. Instead of following the BUNGIE trend, Kulinski tweeted that he has “never left a company meeting more hyped” in his life. This would align with the excitement of his team members at Bungie. Josh did, however, follow his tweet up claiming that it was simply about a three-day weekend that was granted by management in the meeting. While that may be the case, it could be that Kulinksi is trying to hide the true excitement behind his tweet. One would assume that a three-day weekend would not lead to the most hyped meeting reaction ever.

Christopher Barret, who also works at Bungie and has a Twitter bio that reads that he is the director of something unannounced, also joined in on the BUNGIE fun. He claims that he was just following the lead of Joe Blackburn because he is “pretty cool.” Barret may be working on Bungie’s new IP that may not release until 2025. If the exciting tweets are anything having to do with future products, like a new IP, then fans will likely have to wait a while to find out what it is about. With how quickly the Bungie developers are trying to cover up their tracks, it could either be that the tweets were indeed sent out in simple harmless fun, or it could be that something big happened behind the scenes.






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