Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Share Warzone Reports on Twitter

Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Share Warzone Reports on Twitter
Call of Duty: Warzone Fans Share Warzone Reports on Twitter

Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating its one-year anniversary with the Warzone Report, a feature that allows players to view their stats over the last 12 months. Fans are taking to Twitter to share the results.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account made the Warzone Report feature available earlier today. The report, which can be obtained by replying to the Twitter account’s Warzone Report post with the player’s Activision account name/number, contains stats such as kill/death ratio, hours played, number of games played, and wins, all neatly packaged onto a virtual card. Players were already able to view the stats in-game and on a few websites, but the Report feature allows them to easily share the information with their friends on Twitter.

Several fans have responded to the Tweet to show off their stats. Though not everyone is a pro player capable of breaking squad kill records, many players seemed satisfied with their results. While it is impossible to calculate an average, the majority of the players who responded played thousands of matches in Warzone. The thread also revealed that few players put thousands of hours into playing the battle royale game over the last year.

One of the most impressive reports came from a user by the name of Legendary117S, who spent an astonishing 2,405 hours playing Warzone in the last 12 months. The remarkable stat means they spent an equivalent of 100 days playing Warzone, more than a quarter of the year. The time must have paid off, as Legendary117S’s Report included some impressive stats, including 1,884 wins out of 8,883 matches and a 6.24 kill/death ratio with 114,847 kills.

While most players spent significantly less time playing Warzone than Legendary113S, the average player report showed that most players still played the game for hundreds of hours. User DreaMisBoSS spent 481 hours playing Warzone and managed an impressive 3.1- kill/death ratio with 8,686 kills and 2,799 deaths.

Some players still have a lot of room to improve, but were able to joke about by their Report. For example, CL3V3NG3R died 531 times and scored 448 kills over the 55 hours that they spent playing Warzone. They joked that their results were the reason why they preferred to play other Call of Duty game modes. Even with average stats, the user was still able to pull off six wins.

Many fans hope that Activision still has more up its sleeve for Warzone‘s first birthday. Zombies have recently made their way into Verdansk, and though they are currently confined to one area, that is likely to change soon. It seems like Warzone’s first anniversary would be a great time to introduce the next round of major changes to Verdansk map, but fans will have to wait and see.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.



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