Cheaper 500GB Expansion Card Rumored For Xbox Series X|S

Cheaper 500GB Expansion Card Rumored For Xbox Series X|S

There might be a brand new expansion card option inbound for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles around the coming holiday season.

According to a rumor (via WindowsCentral) from earlier today, Microsoft will soon be announcing a new Seagate 500GB expansion card for Xbox Series X|S owners which should provide a secondary and cheaper storage expansion option.

The lowest expansion card option right now in terms of storage space is 1TB which retails at $200 or £200 at the time of writing. The rumored 500GB option, based on the same solid-state drive technology, will apparently retail around £125.

Furthermore, the Seagate 500GB expansion card is said to be available for purchase on November 14, 2021, which means that an announcement should be happening in the coming weeks.

Do take note that everything remains a rumor without an official acknowledgement but if Microsoft has been planning to launch a cheaper storage option, doing so just before the crazed holiday shopping window would be a definite move.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have fairly limited but expansive storage expansion options. While an expansion card will likely burn a hole in a wallet, there is also an external solid-state drive which players can purchase for more storage space.

A 500GB and 1TB external solid-state drive currently retails at $81 and $113 respectively. Going up to 2TB will have players say goodbye to $350.

The benefits of having an expansion card include accessing features which are exclusive to Xbox Series consoles. That covers Quick Resume for switching between multiple games on the fly within seconds, and the Xbox Velocity Architecture itself which provides faster load times in games.


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