10 Dark Souls Boss Memes That Are Way Too Good

Dark Souls has some of the best bosses in gaming and some of the funniest memes on the internet. Occasionally, these two things come together.

10 Dark Souls Boss Memes That Are Way Too Good
10 Dark Souls Boss Memes That Are Way Too Good

Back in 2009, nobody could have imagined that one of the biggest gaming franchises of the 2010s would be FromSoftware’s Soulsborne titles. Demon’s Souls set the groundwork but it would be 2011’s Dark Souls that would really capture the cultural zeitgeist, spawning not only a beloved gaming series but also a franchise with mainstream appeal. With terms such as “git gud” and “praise the sun” catching on and Fashion Souls also becoming a thing, Dark Souls established itself as an iconic property.

Naturally, this led to the creation of so many Souls-themed memes. Considering the games are known for their fantastic (and difficult) boss fights, it is hardly surprising that Dark Souls’ monstrosities feature prominently in these fan creations.

Prepare To Die

Although Demon’s Souls was a thing, Dark Souls served as the first FromSoftware experience for a lot of people. Consequently, most players did not know what to expect when it came to the Artorias of the Abyss expansion.

As this meme helpfully points out, one could expect the DLC to be harder. That might not sound all that surprising, but the thought that an enemy could be even tougher than Gwyn, Dark Souls’ final boss, seemed unreal at the time. The quote was not exaggerating.

Art Imitates Life

Dark Souls is quite far removed from everyday life. Gaming generally offers an escape from reality, but some titles are more detached and fantastical than others. However, as long as someone is willing to look hard enough, it is possible to find a link in everything.

Now, all that is needed is a ’90s-esque sitcom starring Dark Souls’ (lovable?) characters as fiction’s most dysfunctional family ever. If nothing else, the theme song should be pretty epic.

Shrouded By Darkness

Created by Rez, this meme plays around with exceptions when it comes to the High Lord Wolnir fight in Dark Souls 3. Wolnir is a massive and imposing skeleton, albeit one that is not especially challenging to overcome. Due to his impressive size and the fight’s cinematic presentation, Wolnir was featured prominently in the game’s marketing. He is a cool-looking boss but also rather gimmicky.

That’s A Good Boss

A popular trend of Dark Souls memes involves presenting real-life people or entities as bosses, and few of these creations are as adorable as Doggo. Due to the dog’s gorgeous white fur, Doggo does hold some similarities to the franchise’s most famous canine, Sif. While the Great Grey Wolf has one of the most devastating backstories in the entire series, Doggo’s existence seems to be slightly more pleasant.

Well, that is assuming one does not overthink the implications presented by this meme. When a boss’s health bar shows up in Dark Souls, there is no room for sentimentality or hesitation. Doggo’s future is bleak.

A Frustrating Rite Of Passage

Dark Souls is a constant battle for survival. Every step matters and one wrong move means death. This holds true regardless of whether a player is facing a Hollow or Gwyn, Lord of Cinder. Estus Flasks, the main healing items in the Dark Souls games, are in short supply and must be used wisely as they leave the player vulnerable to attacks.

There is nothing more frustrating than failing to defeat a boss when they are only a sliver away from falling. Once that initial anger subsides, it is time to do it all over again.

Get Out

Meme uploaded by Matthew Waite.

FromSoftware’s base games are just appetizers for the DLC expansions, which make the likes of Ornstein and Smough and the Nameless King seem like pushovers. Along with generally featuring some of the best areas and most interesting boss fights in the entire franchise, Dark Souls’ DLCs typically end with a fight that borderlines on the impossible. Obviously, that is never actually the case, but it can feel like that.

Technically, Slave Knight Gael is the final boss of the entire Dark Souls franchise and he lives up to his billing.

Ancient Dragon

Dark Souls 2 has an overabundance of bosses. The majority of the game’s hulking monstrosities are not especially challenging, but the optional bosses are generally pains to fight. Ancient Dragon is one such example. Introduced as an NPC that can be fought if the player so choices, Ancient Dragon hits like a mountain, can fill the arena with fire, and has an absurd amount of health.

If the battle does not end in 15 seconds, it is likely to last seemingly forever. There is no middle ground when it comes to this boss.

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

After passing through a fog door and stepping into a boss arena, every Soulsborne player is hit with a brief second of panic as the franchise’s newest nightmare approaches them to say hello. Regardless of how “gud” someone is at praising the sun, a slight fear that death is just around the corner tends to linger forever.

This feeling serves as one of the reasons why FromSoftware’s titles have proven so popular. It is exciting and terrifying.

How The Tables Have Turned

Cherish the first battle against Yhorm the Giant, as that is the only time he will be remotely intimidating. Once the encounter’s gimmick is figured out, that the Storm Ruler weapon needs to be used to reduce Yhorm to nothing, then this boss loses most of his mystique. He still has an interesting backstory, but the fight itself becomes nothing more than a footnote.

When Memes Collide…

Dark Souls has done pretty well for itself in the meme department, but it has nothing on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The manga/anime property was seemingly designed specifically to generate memes, especially Dio.

This might be the closest thing to a crossover between Dark Souls and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as the world is likely to produce, and it is pretty amusing. When it comes to memes, Dio is most definitely the final boss.


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