Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation Walkthrough

Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation Walkthrough

In this guide, we have the complete Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation quest walkthrough for you to help you get your hands on a brand new exotic Trace Rifle in the game.

When the Season of the Lost update arrived for Destiny 2, it also unveiled the ‘Ager’s Scepter’ exotic trace rifle. Now, the Rifle can be obtained by completing the ‘A Hollow Coronation’ quest.

Like the previous weeks, you will have to find some more Atlas Skews in order to find the location of the exotic Ager’s Scepter.

In order to start this quest, first, you will have to complete all Tracing the Stars missions from previous weeks in which you collect Atlas Skews from different locations. This quest can be picked from the Wayfinder Voyage.

After picking up the quest, go and talk to Mara Sov. You will ask to find the final Atlas Skews in order to locate the Ager’s Scepter Trace Rifle. The Atlas Skews are located in Confluence and its nearby areas in the Dreaming City.

Portal to The Confluence

The Confluence area is pointed by the green marker in the image above. Go to Spine of Kere’s and drop down a cliff near the bridge to get to the Taken portal. Enter the portal to reach Confluence.

Atlas Skew #1

To find the first Skew, go to the left side after you reach the other area from the portal. Keep moving forward until you reach a giant Crystal. The first Atlas Skew will be present in front of the big crystal.

Atlas Skew #2

This Atlas Skew is located in Harbinger Cathedral. From the room where you find the first Skew, take the other exit and keep moving forward until you reach another room.

From there, take the exit on the left side and then keep heading on straight to reach Harbinger’s Seclude, where the 2nd Atlas Skew is located.

Atlas Skew #3

Now head back in the direction from where you came. From the big room, go left to reach the Confluence Throne Portal. The third Atlas Skew will be present here.

Atlas Skew #4

For the fourth and penultimate Atlas Skew, head back to the big room from Confluence Throne Portal and go to the room on your left side to reach Confluence Tree Triad and find the Atlas Skew #4.

Atlas Skew #5

For the last Atlas Skew, continue on the path which leads to the fourth Atlas Skew to reach the Gardens of Esila. Go left to find the final Atlas Skew.

Once you collect all 5 Atlas Skews, go to H.E.L.M and hand deposit them in the final vessel. This will trigger a cutscene with Crow. After the cutscene, go in the portal to reach Caliburn Gatehouse to claim the Ager’s Scepter Exotic Rifle.

Go and talk to Mara Sov for the final part of A Hollow Coronation quest. In this final part, first, you will have to get 100 Parallax trajectory kills and also get many kills within the Astral Alignment.

Once these are done, you will have to defeat 18 Champions and also get 20 Super Kills.

Strands of Nobility

The next step will be to collect Strands of Nobility from different thieves across the world. For this, defeat bosses of one of Lake of Shadows (EDZ), The Disgraced (Cosmodrome), or The Glassway (Europa) to get the Strands.

Once you have the Strands, return to Mara Sov and hand them over to her. She will give you a Nobel Seal, which will you bypass the Ager’s Scepter barrier. Head to the location marked in H.E.L.M to collect the Rifle.

Defeat Kelgorath

Your final objective of this quest will be to defeat Kelgorath and his Minions. Use the Ager’s Scepter Trace Rifle against him to take him down to complete the quest!


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