Destiny 2: Forsaken: How to Get Not Forgotten Hand Cannon

Not Forgotten is another hand cannon to chase in Destiny 2 after earning the Luna's Howl hand cannon in the Competitive playlist, and here's how to get it.

Destiny 2: Forsaken: How to Get Not Forgotten Hand Cannon
Destiny 2: Forsaken: How to Get Not Forgotten Hand Cannon

The Luna’s Howl is a novel hand cannon that Destiny 2 players can earn as this season’s pinnacle reward, very like final season’s Redrix’s Claymore. Nevertheless, Luna’s Howl is not utterly one-of-a-kind, as one other extra powerful model of the hand cannon exists known as Not Forgotten. Not Forgotten could be earned in Destiny 2 after players get their palms on Luna’s Howl. Here is tips on how to get it and what makes it distinctive.

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500 Luna’s Howl Kills In Competitive

As talked about, the prerequisite to getting Not Forgotten is incomes Luna’s Howl. As soon as players get Luna’s Howl, one other quest will kick off for them to finish. Step one is to get 500 kills within the Competitive playlist utilizing Luna’s Howl. Fully self-explanatory, But fairly the grind. There are not any shortcuts for this one; players have to put their hand cannon expertise to the check within the Competitive playlist and grind out the required kills. That may unlock the Moment step, which is one other doozy.

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Reach Legend Rank In Glory

Whereas players needed to Reach 2100 Glory factors and the Fabled rank to get their palms on Luna’s Howl, to get Not Forgotten, players have to greater than double their Glory to 5500 factors and Reach Legend. As soon as once more, this will be an extended grind requiring many wins. But as soon as Legend is reached, players will full the hunt and earn Not Forgotten.

Is Not Forgotten Worth It?

Is Not Forgotten Worth It
Is Not Forgotten Worth It

Every player must reply that for themselves, But Not Forgotten shares the same signature perks as Luna’s Howl: Zen Moment and Magnificent Howl. The place the 2 weapons differ are of their different perks with Not Forgotten getting a huge boost to the Vary stat each in its first two perks (Extended Barrel and Accurized Rounds) and its automatic Vary Masterwork. These push the Vary of Not Forgotten to virtually double the Luna’s Howl.

In Destiny 2, not solely does Vary imply much less injury dropoff at Extended distances, but it surely also means extra correct and constant photographs. So Not Forgotten is mainly the same weapon as Luna’s Howl But one that will be extra dependable and useful at an extended vary.

That is definitely a top-tier weapon even above the Luna’s Howl, which is able to doubtless be chased by the most hardcore of PvP players.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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