Destiny 2 Ruins of Wrath Trivial Mysteries Guide

Destiny 2 Ruins of Wrath Trivial Mysteries Guide

Finally, the third Shattered Realm, Ruins of Wrath, of Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is here. In this Destiny 2 guide, we’ll go through all the eight Trivial Mysteries accessible in the Ruins of Wrath, so that you can reap the rewards of all the chests you find.

Ruins of Wrath is arguably the most exciting one of the Shattered Realms so far, bringing with it 8 trivial mysteries and 3 enigmatic mysteries to tackle during Season of the Lost of Destiny 2.

Trivial Mysteries are spread all across the area. We’ll be moving a lot around while pursuing these eight Ruins of Wrath Trivial mysteries in D2 Season of the Lost.

Trivial Mystery #1 (Light’s Reach)

It is situated in The Staging Ground. Turn around from beacon #1 and head back to spawn.

Interact with the True Sight marker to learn more about it. You’ve to follow the newly revealed platform. You’ll get the chest in the end.

Trivial Mystery #2 (Below)

For this one, you’ve to go The Causeway Island. Go to the lower floor. Look for a Barrier Breach marker in the room’s center.

Interact with it before passing through the Awoken barrier on the same floor. The chest is on the opposite side.

Trivial Mystery #3 (Turret Treasure)

Get to the tower at the right of beacon-1. You’ll see a True Sight marker. You’ve to activate the beacon here. Find your way to the top of the structure to get the chest lying there.

Trivial Mystery #4 Impactor Cache

This trivial mystery chest is located at The Debris Field. Get there.

Invoke the Safe Passage marker before proceeding towards the floating chest across the field on your left.

Trivial Mystery #5 Howardite Cache

This Trivial Mystery chest is found on The Outer Islands. But first, go to the beacon-2, interact with True Sight marker found at the northern end of the area.

This path will take you to the Outer Islands. While on the island, look for a Barrier Breach marker on the island’s lowest point. On the other side of the marker is an Awoken barrier guarding a chest.

Trivial Mystery #6 Pallasite Cache

Once again, we’ve to explore The Debris Field. There Interact with the True Sight marker on the island’s northern tip. Follow the platforms to get the chest.

Trivial Mystery #7 Chrondite Cache

This chest is also in The Debris Field. Follow the same as we followed in Pallasite Cache. It is precisely situated on a small block that is surrounded by a slow field.

Jump at the top of the block by invoking the Safe Passage marker beside it. You will find the chest there.

Trivial Mystery #8 Kamacite Coffer

This is the last Trivial Mystery we got here. Continue in The Debris Field from the end of the last Trivial mystery we completed.

Go in the south direction. Continue along the path until you come and activate the Barrier Breach marker.

Move in the left direction. There you will find a barrier blocking a small cave. Run through it. By following all these instructions you’ll find a Trivial Mystery chest.


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