Dragon Age Fan Shows Impressive Solas Tattoo Sleeve

Dragon Age Fan Shows Impressive Solas Tattoo Sleeve
Dragon Age Fan Shows Impressive Solas Tattoo Sleeve

Gaming fans, like all fans, can be a pretty dedicated bunch. Many are happy just to buy and wear merchandise, but that isn’t good enough for everyone. A few engage in epic gaming knitting projects, while some go for something more permanent. And short of pulling a Robin Williams and naming their child after a game character, that means a tattoo.

While some fans go low-key with their body decoration, others go all in. This includes Reddit user dreadwolfmma, a Dragon Age fan who recently showed off his brand new and incredibly detailed Solas sleeve tattoo.

Even those who aren’t into tattoos and don’t care at all about Dragon Age will likely find this thing to be a work of art. The tattoo stretches from the Reddit user’s shoulder to his wrist and is extremely detailed. It shows Dragon Age’s Solas decked out in ornate armor. Solas’s left-hand summons a ball of fire, and the right grips a magical staff recognizable from the Dragon Age games. But the most interesting featured is Solas’ wolf headdress. Inspired by the Dread Wolf artwork from the 2018 Dragon Age 4 teaser trailer, it’s hard to tell if Solas is wearing the wolf or being devoured by it. The design brilliantly encapsulates Solas’ character as he struggles with his Dread Wolf alter ego.

Few characters can divide a fanbase as effectively as Dragon Age’s Solas. Introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Solas initially appears to be nothing more than a humble hedge mage. However, astute players will notice that not everything he says adds up. This comes to a head in the Trespasser DLC, which reveals Solas to be the ancient Elven “god” of betrayal.

Finding out who they had been running around with was a big enough shock for most players. Subsequently learning the full scope and nature of his plans was enough to turn him into an outright Dragon Age villain for some. But not everyone feels that way. Some believe the character can and should be redeemed, with a few even arguing his goals are 100 percent justified.

It’s probably reasonable to guess that dreadwolfmma is firmly in the pro-Solas camp. Unfortunately, he and all the other Dragon Age fans are still waiting to see how the saga unfolds. BioWare is hard at work on Dragon Age 4, but a finished product remains a long way off.

2018 rumors hinted at a planned 2021 release date, but that seems unlikely given COVID delays and other setbacks. Still, it’s clear that the enthusiasm of fans has not diminished over time.

Dragon Age 4 is in development.


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