Every Boss In Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From The Ashes features a ton of incredibly varied bosses, and we're here to detail how to defeat them and what weapons they'll drop.

Every Boss In Remnant: From The Ashes
Every Boss In Remnant: From The Ashes

With Remnant: From the Ashes, not only does the world bring rich content to players that keep them on their toes and engaged, but also, that gives them rewards for deeds, taking out bosses, enemies, doing maps, dungeons, and other activities that will gain them items. Finding each of these bosses, depending on their popularity within the story, can be either an easy task or one that players need to re-roll the entire campaign to get them.

Once bosses are located, however, it’s just a matter of figuring out tactics for taking them out, what rewards they drop, and what needs to be done with the reward to get the best possible use out of it. It’s often not a weapon that drops, but the precursor to the weapon, or the item with which to buy or craft the weapon or mod. Each of the bosses listed below will reward players with something they’re likely to be happy with.

Blink Thief

A timer starts the player off when engaging with the Blink thief in which they must take him down before the timer ends, or he disappears with the Richochet Rifle that was at the beginning. Each location he’s found grants 12 seconds to kill him before he escapes, and there are three chances in total. His reward is the Richochet Rifle if taken down.

Maul & Houndmaster Merchant

Located in the Stalker’s Den within The Burrows, this fight will consist of the Houndmaster and his horn controlling Maul and ads. Maul can be “convinced” to turn on Houndmaster by breaking the horn. Should players beat the encounter, they will be rewarded with the Control Rod, which is needed for the Ancient Construct boss, and the Hound Choker.


Movement and speed are important when dealing with Stormcaller, as he summons lightning orbs that travel around doing damage to players. His reward is the Storm Crystal, which is used to craft the Storm Caller mod.

The Mangler

Players will need to bring an Oilskin Tonic to this fight as there will be ads with root rot exploding all around them. Mangler will grow in size after dropping to 50% health, and, once defeated, the player will be rewarded with the Hollow Seed, which will allow them to purchase the Seed Caller mod.

Sear And Scald

Hyrdo Coolant will be important here, as Sear and Scald do as their name suggests and spit out burn damage. Attempt to take out Scald first, and Sear will follow quickly after his high damage fire volleys are avoided. Their reward drop is the Zephyr’s Conduit, which is used to craft the Wildfire Shot mod.


Located in the Lair of the Eyeless, Raze summons flying minions by screaming at the player during their fight, leaving him open for a critical hit in his weak spot. Defeating him gives the Sentinel Shard, which is used to craft Beckon.

Root Horror

The Root Horror has two phases: fighting inside the dungeon on the first phase until he hits 50% health, and then another outside. Following him will find him at 100% health again; however, aim for the head, and he’ll go down quickly. His reward is the Guardian’s Blessing trait.

The Root Mother

The Root Mother is, at the core, not really a boss. However, she’s much like a boss fight in that players find themselves having to defend her in a boss-like fight. The reward for defending her successfully is the Mother’s Blessing trait, which reduces incoming damage, and she will join players in Ward 13 as a merchant.

Harsgaard & Root Harbinger

Two bosses in one, Harsgard is the first phase, while Root Harbinger is the second. The first phase involves Harsgard until he drops to 50%, at which point he’ll get stronger until he’s taken down. Once that happens, he’ll morph to the Root Harbinger.

The reward for fighting Harsgard is the Fusion Rifle, and the reward for fighting the Root Harbinger is the Root Neoplasm, which is used to craft World’s Edge.

Shade & Shatter

These two, found in the Ardent Temple, will face you as a team. One at the range, and one in melee, and players will need to defeat both to win the fight. Their weak spots are in the runes on their heads and a great spot for getting critical hits. Players will get the Black Tear as a reward upon defeating them, which can then be used to craft the Veil of the Black Tear.

Brudvaak, The Rider And Vargr, The Warg

The loot that’s attained in this fight will depend on which of the duo is taken down first. Either way, when one is defeated, the other will enrage and become stronger than before. Upon killing Vargr first, the Steel of Agony will be awarded, and, upon killing Brudvaak first, it’s the Cold Cell. The Steel of Agony is used to craft the Chain Blade, and the Cold Cell to craft the Alternator.


This boss spawns in Leto’s Lab, though he doesn’t always spawn, and players may need to re-roll their campaign to get him. Upon completion, he will reward players with the Displacement Crystal, allowing them to purchase the Flicker Cloak mod.

Tian, The Assassin

This boss is quick and agile, navigating the battlefield with ease and grace to take players out. His ranged attacks will track the players’ location, so trying to avoid them or use cover is best when that happens. He drops the Silver Fragment, which is used to craft the Fan of Knives weapon mod.

The Unclean One

If players want to fight this boss the traditional way, they’ll take him out upstairs and be rewarded with the Unclean Heart once he’s taken down. Easy crits to get on him are to hit his butt from behind. Taking him down the traditional way will get players the Unclean Heart, used to craft the Devastator, or, if players wish to gain the Hammerhead’s Ore instead, used to craft the Butcher’s Flail, they can head downstairs and instigate the fight there. Another reward is the Glutton trait.

Obryk, The Shield Warden

Bringing Spiceroot to the fight with Obryk will help with the frostbite damage that he does, as he deals a lot of physical damage and tends to rush players while enraged, but destroying his mask will reveal an exploitable weak spot. His rewards are the Obryk’s Bracelet, which can be used to craft the Frozen Mist mod.

The Ent

This boss is on of the first ones players will likely encounter after the Root Mother and gives a bevy of rewards such as the Spore Gland (take him down with his legs intact) or the Twisted Heart (destroy his legs but cannot get the Spore Gland) and the Quick Hands trait. Both items allow the purchase of the Sporebloom or the Petrified Maul from McCabe.

Erfor, The Jackal

Erfor likes to hang out on the cliffs while sending ads to do his bidding against players. His weaknesses are his legs, and, while he is sitting on a ledge tossing rocks, players can aim for these weak spots. His rewards are the Jackal’s Ivory Material, which is used to craft the Cold Spear weapon mod.


Located in The Grotto, this boss fight is situated on a bridge and is optional if you kill the Undying King, instead. His rewards, should players get through the fight, are the Hivestone—let one of the Ixillis get enraged—with which to craft the Hive Cannon, the Guardian Tentacle—kill both at the same time or close together—to craft the Guardian Axe, the Executioner Trait, Guardians Heart (quest item), and, in hardcore mode, the Empowering Loop.

Ikro, The Ice Conjurer

Two storm clouds circle the field while Ikro summons ads throughout the fight. There are structures to use as cover, but they can be destroyed, and, while he conjures his Ice Spear, he is immobile, making it easy for players to get in a lot of damage. His reward is the Glacial Scepter, which is used to craft the Blizzard weapon mod.

Undying King

In the Undying Throne room, players can find the Undying King once they open the monolith near the entrance to Rhom. This can be done by defeating either Claviger or The Harrow and obtaining the Howling Key. Upon defeating the Undying King, players will receive the Kingslayer trait, The Undying Heart, which is used to craft Ruin, and the Labyrinth Key.


Found in The Mire Hollow just inside the Drowned Trench, Canker will take players into a fight with a race against time. As the water rises through the room, he will drop bombs that will eventually not be able to be seen, and ADS will occasionally spawn, along with his own water throwing attacks. His rewards are the Slime Vessel, used to craft the Corrosive Aura mod, and the Catalyst trait.


The dragon of Earth, it’s either Singe or The Ent that will spawn for players. The rewards that come from Singe are the Blazing Heart if players kill him without destroying his tail, or the Dragon Links if they do destroy his tail. The heart allows the purchase of Spitfire, and Link the purchase of Smolder. Players will also get the Quick Hands trait and on the hardcore mode, the Provisioner Ring.

The Thrall

This boss is very similar to fighting Shroud in that it will want to stay at a distance while lobbing projectiles at the player. Radiated damage is the name of the game with this boss, so bring lots of Greenleaf to increase protection. Its rewards are the Swarm Tusk, used to craft the Swarm mod, and the Catalyst trait.


This boss can be found in The Spindle and is one of the options to get the Howling Key to access the Undying King. Upon completion, not only will players get that key, but they will also attain the Stone of the Guardian to craft World Breaker, the Void Silver to craft Particle Accelerator, and the Recovery trait. He can also give the Akari Warband on hardcore mode.

Barbed Terror

The Barbed Terror is just that, a terror of game mechanics with no summons to speak of. Players need to make sure that they are paying attention to his moves to strike at the right time, as the small battleground that they have gives them little advantage. His rewards are the Barbed Sinew, which is used to craft the Unstable Quills mod.

Dreamer & Nightmare

This boss in Ward 17 that transforms into Nightmare is the second to last boss in the storyline for Remnant: From the Ashes. Once defeated after morphing into Nightmare, he drops Dreamer’s Mana, which allows players to purchase the Repulsor from McCabe, and Orb of Undoing, the Mind’s Eye trait, and, in hardcore mode, the Nightmare Spiral.

Dream Eater

With his glowing head being his weak spot, the Dream Eater is a boss that is certainly one that will throw players for a loop if they get sidetracked by his illusions. Found in the Corrupted Sanctum in the Hall of Whispers, he drops the Luminous Gland, which is used to craft the Rift Walker mod.

The Harrow

Located in The Bunker and another option for the Howling Key, this boss, once defeated, will reward players with the Thermal Geode to craft Defiler, the Lost Harpoon—don’t take this during the fight if you want Thermal Geode—and the Recovery trait. He will also drop the Akari War Band on hardcore mode.

Iskal Queen

Fighting the Iskal Queen is optional, and there are several rewards that players can gain from her. Through defeating her normally, the rewards are the Crystalline Plasma, used to craft Pride of the Iskal, and the Footwork trait. For the alternative kill, the Iskal Husk reward is used to craft the Seeker mod.


Shroud is a boss that will spawn multiple root enemies and teleport around the area while laughing at the player, making it all that much more satisfying to take him down. His reward, when this is done, is the Shadewood, which can be used to purchase the Rattle Weed mod through McCabe.

The Ravager

In The Ravager’s Haunt within the Tempest Court, players will find The Ravager waiting for them. His weakness is his head, though, if you play him the lullaby, he will not fight at all, and players can talk to him for the reward Stalker’s Claw, which is used to craft Scar of the Jungle God.

By defeating him by fighting, players will receive the Tentacle Pod, used to craft Curse of the Jungle God, the Arcane Strike trait, and, in hardcore mode, the Ring of Supremacy.

Ancient Construct

Outside Wud’s shop, this boss can only be activated if players have Wud’s Shop and Houndmaster on the same map, along with the control rod. Upon defeating him, players will be rewarded with the Ancient Core, used to craft Iron Sentinel.

Totem Father

The secondary option that might spawn instead of the Ravager, this boss fights with stances in two colors that are apparent to the player. In the blue stance, he is ranged, but his summons are melee, and, in the red stance, he is melee, and his ads are ranged.

Changing the color of the totem outside will change the rewards. Blue gets the Totem Antler, used for crafting Eye of the Storm, and red gets the Tempest Heartstring, used for crafting Voice of the Tempest. He also gives the Arcane trait, and, in hardcore mode, the Ring of Supremacy.


The other boss that might spawn instead of Shroud, Gorefist, is a hulking beast with exploding root rot ADS and will charge on a whim to attack players with sweeping high damage strikes. The reward for beating him is the Flesh Barb, which can be used to purchase the Mantle of Thorn’s mod.

The Warden

The Warden loves to summon ads during his fight, so the best bet is to destroy his bells so that he can’t summon anymore, and this gives a bonus of the player gaining additional damage. The reward for taking down the Warden is the Kin Callers Bell, which is used to craft the Song of Swords mod.


In The Hive, this boss may or may not spawn and need a campaign or map re-roll. This fight is a test of endurance and will require quite a few consumables or a good build to get through, but, once players defeat him successfully, they will be rewarded with a Radioactive Skull, which is used to craft Breath of the Desert).


Onslaught’s main ability is to blink around the area, so players will need to try to stay close to him, as he will then focus more on melee than blinking around. Knowing how to dodge well will help in this situation. His reward is the Blink Spear Shard, which is used to craft the Blink Token mod.


A fight ensues with Brabus and his gang, where he uses crowd control to stun players and summons continuous ads that stop after a while. Rewards for beating him are the Shrapnel Shard and Bandit Set if you give him the Pocket Watch.


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