Factorio console commands guide: world editor, game speed, god mode, and more

Factorio console commands guide: world editor, game speed, god mode, and more

Using Factorio’s in-game console, gamers can do absolutely anything they may ever wish to do on this marvellously addictive manufacturing facility administration game. From modifying the world round them to controlling the unfold of biters, from instant teleporting to growing your stock dimension, from adjusting the sport speed to enabling instant crafting of things, our Factorio console commands guide will present you precisely the best way to use all essentially the most useful and highly effective cheats within the game.

Factorio console commands

There’s a merely colossal variety of methods in which you’ll change your Factorio game Using the in-game console. However we’re each busy folks, so I’m simply going to put out essentially the most useful and continuously used cheats for you below.

How to use the Factorio console

To entry Factorio’s console, all it’s a must to do is hit the “/” key whereas in-world. If this doesn’t work, you possibly can test (or assign) which key to press by opening the menu and navigating to Settings->Controls->Basic Interaction->Toggle chat (and Lua console).

For an inventory of primary commands, merely kind “/help” into the console, and also you’ll be given an inventory of attainable commands which you can kind in. Nevertheless, for those who’re after cheats, what you’re actually after is the “/command” command (which you’ll abbreviate to only “/c“).

Please observe: Using the “/c” command will disable all achievements in your Factorio world, so ensure that that is what you wish to do earlier than committing.

And with that, we’ve illustrated all essentially the most useful Factorio console commands that we’ve found. Hopefully you found the above checklist useful. It may also be price checking below for some other Factorio guides that take your fancy.

Player console commands

These Factorio cheats directly affect the player, allowing you to quickly move around and expand your manual capabilities.

Teleport player

  • Function: teleports the player to the specified coordinates.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.teleport([x],[y])

Mine faster

  • Function: increases (or decreases) your manual mining speed.
    0 = 100%, 1 = 200%, 2 = 300%, etc.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.manual_mining_speed_modifier=100

Craft faster

  • Function: increases (or decreases) your manual crafting speed.
    0 = 100%, 1 = 200%, 2 = 300%, etc.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.manual_crafting_speed_modifier=100

Increase player reach

  • Function: increases the maximum reach distance of the player (how near you have to be in order to interact with or place an object). Default is 10.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c local reach = 500
    game.player.force.character_build_distance_bonus = reach
    game.player.force.character_reach_distance_bonus = reach

Inventory console commands

Become a master of the inventory with these Factorio inventory-focused console commands.

Enable Cheat Mode

  • Function: enables or disables Cheat Mode. Cheat Mode allows free and instant crafting of any item.
    Replace “true” with “false” to disable.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.cheat_mode=true

Add item to inventory

  • Function: Adds the specified item to your inventory.
    You can find a list of item IDs here.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.insert{name=”infinity-chest”, count=100}

Increase inventory size

  • Function: increases your inventory size by adding the specified number of inventory slots.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.character_inventory_slots_bonus=80

Enemy console commands

Control the spread of Biters in your Factorio world using these commands.

Enable Peaceful Mode

  • Function: enables or disables Peaceful Mode. While Peaceful Mode is enabled, Biters won’t attack you until provoked.
    Replace “true” with “false” to disable.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.surface.peaceful_mode=true

Disable Biter Evolution

  • Function: disables Biter Evolution by both time (first command) and pollution (second command).
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.time_factor=0
    /c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.pollution_factor=0

Disable Biter Expansion

  • Function: enables or disables Biter Expansion.
    Replace “false” with “true” to enable.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.map_settings.enemy_expansion.enabled=false

Kill all enemies

  • Function: kills all enemies in the explored world.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.forces[“enemy”].kill_all_units()

Kill nearby enemies

  • Function: kills all enemy units (biters and nest structures) within the specified radius from the player.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c local surface=game.player.surface
    local pp = game.player.position
    local cnt = 0
    for key, entity in pairs(surface.find_entities_filtered({force=”enemy”, radius=250, position=pp })) do
    cnt = cnt+1

Set Biter evolution factor

  • Function: sets the Biter evolution factor.
    Minimum is 0, maximum is 1.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.forces[“enemy”].evolution_factor=0

World console commands

From altering the time of day and speed of time to changing the very terrain around you, these powerful commands will allow you to sculpt your perfect Factorio experience.

Enable the map editor

  • Function: toggles the map editor overlay, allowing you to alter the terrain.
  • Syntax/Example:


Reveal the map around the player

  • Function: explores chunks in a radius around the player, much like a Radar does.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c local radius=1000
    game.player.force.chart(game.player.surface, {{game.player.position.x-radius, game.player.position.y-radius}, {game.player.position.x+radius, game.player.position.y+radius}})

Eternal daytime

  • Function: locks the time of day to always daytime.
    Replace “true” with “false” to disable.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.surface.always_day=true

Change game speed

  • Function: Alters the speed at which the game engine runs.
    1 = 100%, 2 = 200%, 3 = 300%, etc.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.speed=2

Remove pollution

  • Function: removes all existing pollution in the world.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.surface.clear_pollution()

Turn off pollution

  • Function: enables or disables pollution.
    Replace “false” with “true” to enable.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.map_settings.pollution.enabled=false

Research console commands

Unlock all technologies or just making researching a lot quicker and easier with these commands.

Research all technologies

  • Function: research all technologies.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.research_all_technologies()

Unlock all recipes

  • Function: enables all recipes.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c for name, recipe in pairs(game.player.force.recipes) do recipe.enabled = true end

Research specific technology

  • Function: researches the specified technology.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.technologies[‘steel-processing’].researched=true

Increase research speed

  • Function: increases your research speed.
    1 = 100%, 2 = 200%, 3 = 300%, etc.
  • Syntax/Example:

    /c game.player.force.laboratory_speed_modifier=2

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