Factorio guide [1.0]: 15 top tips to help grow your factory


Factorio guide [1.0]: 15 top tips to help grow your factory

“The factory should grow.” It’s a mantra that every one Factorio players know – or not less than they need to. But it surely’s one factor realizing it, and fairly one other to place it into motion. The reality is that it may be tricky for new players to know just easy strategies to grow their factory from nothing into an power-guzzling, environment-poisoning behemoth of effectivity and automation.

Our Factorio guide for 1.0 hopes to unravel this drawback for new players, as we delve into our top 15 Factorio tips protecting everything from quality of life improvements to buildion strategies, and far more.

Factorio guide: 15 top tips for startners

Factorio is a gigantic game with heaps to learn before you may create a colossal factory, But there are many little tips and strategies you may make use of to help velocity up your progress and get you began on the appropriate foot.

Here are our 15 top tips for Factorio players who’re just startning their first factory:

Tip #1: Set to Peaceful Mode for an easier start

When you is perhaps the one human on your entire planet in Factorio, you certainly aren’t the one living factor. Indigenous creatures called Biters will start to attack you as your factory grows and starts to pollute their house – they usually could make life fairly difficult for you, particularly within the early game before you could have right defences set up.

In case you’re just startning with Factorio, we’d recommend you set your first world to Peaceful Mode within the game options. Which means that Biters won’t attack you till you attack them for the primary time. This gives you heaps more respiratory room to expand your factory and get set up with some basic weaponry and defences before you go and decide a combat with the closest Biter nest.

Tip #2: Set your Research Queue availability to always

One other good choice to set before you’ve even began your first game is to move into the Superior tab of your game setup and set your Research Queue to be always out there. For some motive, by default you’ll solely be capable of queue up Research when you’ve completed the game (by launching your first rocket) – But that just appears unusual to me. Why not have this good little quality of life function from the very starting, so as to queue up all of your desired applied sciences within the Research tree ahead of time instead of getting to hop again into the Research display each time you end your latest technology?

Tip #3: Plan your goals out ahead of time

Factorio is an extremely open-ended game, and there’s little or no hand-holding. So, it’s as much as you to set your individual goals.

Your end-goal is to build and launch a rocket, But that’s far too massive a project to deal with in a single step. What we’re speaking about once we say “goals” is the following tiny step you may take to grow your factory, ideally one thing you may full within the subsequent twenty minutes or maybe the present play session.

In case you want some help determining what your preliminary goals ought to be at first of a game of Factorio, you need to completely check out our Factorio early game walkthrough guide!

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to spread things out

A key mistake that new Factorio players make after they start their first factory is that they don’t spread things out enough. Factorio worlds are staggeringly massive, and also you always have greater than enough room to house out smelting modules from mining patches, and depart loads of room for belts and later improvements to your factory.

things come up should you build your factory too compact: usually, you’ll end up having to debuild excess of crucial with the intention to make a easy change to 1 a part of your factory. So don’t be afraid to spread things out.

Tip #5: Use both sides of your belts

Use both sides of your belts
Use both sides of your belts

Belts are great things in Factorio. They’re unbelievably versatile, and you should use them to do nearly something you need with regards to shipping actual quantities of reresources in actual orders to actual positions.

But for now, let’s just start with one highly effective lesson about belts which startners could not have realised: you should use all sides of a belt to hold several types of reresources. For instance, if you wish to get an iron smelting module up and working, you may feed it with a single belt vehiclerying iron ore on the left and coal on the appropriate, slightly than having to make use of two separate belts for every useful resource.

Tip #6: Know the most useful ratios

So as to take advantage of efficient factories possible and be perpetually freed from useful resource bottlenecks, you’ll have to commit not less than a few useful Factorio ratios to reminiscence. I’ll listing a couple of below:

  • Purple belts and blue belts are 2x and 3x faster than yellow belts, respectively.
  • It takes 30 Electrical Mining Drills to completely fill a yellow belt with ore (excluding Uranium).
  • It takes 48 Stone Furnaces (or 24 Steel Furnaces) to smelt a whole yellow belt of ore.
  • The optimum ratio for steam power is: 1 Offshore Pump to 20 Boilers to 40 Steam Engines.
  • The optimum ratio for solar power is: 25 Photo voltaic Panels to 21 Accumulators.
  • The optimum ratio for oil cracking is: 20 Superior Oil Processing to five Heavy Oil Cracking to 17 Mild Oil Cracking (But simplifying the ratio to 8/2/7 will work nicely enough for many implementations).

If none of that is sensible to you but, don’t fear. It’s right here for when it turns into relevant to you and your factory. For more useful ratios I’d recommend you check out the Factorio Cheat Sheet on-line, which lays out many ratios in a useful visible format.

Tip #7: Make sure you have enough power before startning a new project

Over the course of many a whole lot of hours playing Factorio, I’ve observed that new tasks are usually cut up into smaller phases, and the primary section of just about each new project ought to be making certain you could have enough power to accommodate your upcoming builds.

The vast majority of your factory requires vitality to run. There are a number of different possible reresources of vitality – some renewable, others non-renewable. Our Factorio vitality guide contains everything you might want to find out about these several types of vitality and the way to make sure your power factory always exceeds your power demand.

Tip #8: Get yourself a vehicle as soon as possible

Get yourself a vehicle as soon as possible
Get yourself a vehicle as soon as possible

You know the way all through history sure innovations and discoveries have catapulted civilization aheads by an order of magnitude every time? rightly, Factorio is identical – and the primary true leap ahead in my thoughts comes whenever you acquire your first vehicle.

Traditionally, your first vehicle can be a easy automotive. But this automotive instantly lets you journey immense distances far faster than you might ever do before. It lets you more rapidly expand your factory and take vehiclee of Biter threats. Getting your first automotive is the purpose the place I’d say Factorio’s early game ends and its mid-game starts; and so I’d heartily encourage you to race in direction of this aim as rapidly as possible.

Tip #9: Make use of blueprints

Blueprints are a godsend in Factorio, and one of many game’s precept quality of life options. In case you’ve seen that it exists But you’ve by no means seemed into it since you don’t actually know what it’s about, then you need to completely check out our Factorio blueprints guide so you may see precisely how blueprints could make your life a lot simpler.

Tip #10: Don’t rely too heavily on manual buildion

This was a mistake I made all through my first few Factorio video games: I’d manually assemble far an excessive amount of, once I might have spent 5 minutes placing collectively just a little assortment of assemblers and inserter arms to automate the method.

The issue isn’t that manual buildion is slower (actually, till you get to tier 3 assemblers, manual buildion is quicker). But you may solely assemble one factor at a time, whereas with assemblers you may assemble dozens and even a whole lot at a time. In case you put an excessive amount of inventory in manual buildion like I as soon as did, you’ll end up having to attend 10 minutes to your manual buildion queue to complete so you may build that one further furnace you want for the job you’re doing right now. Belief within the assemblers. Automation is the overarching theme of Factorio.

Tip #11: As your factory grows, consider buildion a main bus and mall

As your factory grows, consider buildion a main bus and mall
As your factory grows, consider buildion a main bus and mall

The Factorio group has provide you with so many sensible concepts through the years that Factorio has been in Early Entry. top amongst these concepts are the principle bus and the mall, each of which is able to help dramatically improve the effectivity of your factory as you head into the mid-game.

  • A main bus is a big, orderered assortment of belt traces vehiclerying numerous basic reresources in a single course. Its goal is to make it very simple so that you can expand your factory by drawing in your main bus for easily-accessible reresources.
  • A mall is a piece of your factory which is devoted to the automated buildion of varied frequently used gadgets, similar to belts, inserters, miners, and more.

The growment of a main bus and a mall is a key facet of Factorio’s mid-game, and one thing you need to plan ahead for (by way of house and the provision of things) when you find yourself first organising your factory.

Tip #12: Don’t get complacent around Biter nests

Biters are quick, vicious, plentiful, and greater than able to completely fucking up your plans should you don’t deal with them with due respect. And that is true of just about each stage of a Factorio game, as a result of as time goes on, Biters is not going to solely expand and settle new nests, But they will even evolve into far stronger varieties.

You’ll have to evolve with them with the intention to defend your factory from the threats that Biters pose. And don’t get complacent in these moments the place you’re ahead of the curve. You’ll have found that circling nests in your automotive and throwing grenades out of the window is a good way of coping with Biters in the intervening time, But soon they’ll grow too robust for this tactic, and until you’re cautious you’ll be overwhelmed. Watch out around Biters. Severely.

Tip #13: Learn how to use trains

I touched upon the ability of trains earlier when speaking about autos in tip #8, But trains are so highly effective a instrument in your factory that I have to make it into its personal devoted tip. There’s a lot that you are able to do with trains – not solely does it allow you yourself to journey huge distances within the quickest possible method, But when you perceive enough about practice strategies you may create networks of wagons that mechanically shipping reresources throughout your complete factory.

If you wish to uncover easy strategies to use trains to dramatically improve the effectivity of your factory, look no additional than our Factorio trains guide.

Tip #14: Learn the hidden functions of basic objects

Learn the hidden functions of basic objects
Learn the hidden functions of basic objects

Factorio is full of nifty little superior options and functions of basic objects which you will not realise or perceive at first. But they’re indispensible in sure conditions for making your life simpler.

Here are a few examples: do you know you can click on the red X inside a chest, after which click on one of many chest’s storage slots to restrict how a lot that chest is allowed to be stuffed mechanically? Or you can click on on a belt splitter and prioritise the left or right lane for each enter and output, and even have the splitter prioritise a selected kind of merchandise?

Try clicking on different on a regular basis buildions in Factorio and playing around with what is obtainable of their UI. You could discover a cool new function that makes life simpler for you when designing and optimising your factories.

Tip #15: Use mods to expand the game and improve quality of life

Lastly, it’s price noting that, whereas builders Wube Software program have vehicleried out an incredible job providing numerous quality of life options, there are numerous more to be gained by introducing Factorio mods into your game. There are mods that mean you can squeeze between buildions, to maintain monitor of things like Biter evolution ranges, to more just detect bottlenecks in your factory, and far, far more.

When you’ve performed a good quantity of Factorio, you might also discover that sure overhaul mods are precisely what you might want to help reintroduce that component of discovery again into this endlessly addictive game.

And with that, we’ll wrap up this Factorio tips listing – or else I’ll be happening and on all day, and I’ve different guides to jot down in any case! Talking of which, should you’re in search of a more in-depth guide on a selected facet of Factorio, be at liberty to check out the hyperlinks below.

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  • Factorio blueprints – How to use blueprints, and the best blueprints we’ve found.
  • Factorio early game walkthrough – How to ace your first weeks in a new Factorio world.


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