Fallout 4: The 15 Best Companions, Ranked

Fallout 4 offers players the chance to travel with a companion. Of course, choosing one isn't easy, so we ranked the best ones!

Fallout 4: The 15 Best Companions, Ranked
Fallout 4: The 15 Best Companions, Ranked

The wastelands are a harmful and lonely place to wander in. If you happen to’re not one to go for the Lone Wanderer perk and get terrified at evening by lurking ghouls and different critters, having a companion tag alongside is likely to be a great possibility.

As your relationship evolves, you unlock particular Affinity Perks that give you superior bonuses throughout your journey. A few of them are even out there as romance choices, and a few are simply form of enjoyable to have alongside once you really feel a bit lonely. Let’s take a look at the best companions, ranked from okay to the best possible.

With each DLC, Fallout 4 has launched new companions the Sole Survivor can befriend and journey with. Every of them have their very own backgrounds, and what’s even higher, all of them have a particular go-to weapon that may complement the player’s construct.

Crucial a part of companions must be, However, their Affinity Perks. Not all perks are that helpful on the finish of the day, so choosing the proper companion and taking the time to get near them is vital when in search of a pleasant increase to a personality construct.


Whereas Hancock is with out query one of the most interesting characters when it comes to his design and story, he is quite lackluster in comparison with a number of the different characters within the game. The Sole Survivor may hit it off with him since he was technically round when the bombs fell, however he is not the best to have in battle.

Hancock will be present in Goodneighbor, which he really leads. After operating just a few errands for him, he provides to affix the player on their adventures. Hancock makes use of a shotgun as his go-to weapon which makes him primarily ineffective in most fight conditions. Furthermore, his Affinity Perk could be very area of interest: the Isodoped perk boosts the crucial meter’s filling velocity by 20% when the player has suffered 250 radiation harm.

Old Longfellow

The Far Harbor DLC introduces the player to cranky and seasoned mariner Old Longfellow. He is aware of the island just like the again of his hand and acts because the player’s guide once they first enterprise out into the fog to seek out Acadia and DiMA.

Old Longfellow favors a lever-action rifle which is an honest weapon to have. His Affinity Perk is helpful for individuals who are coming into Far Harbor for the primary time at a reasonably low stage and have hassle towards a lot of its sea monsters. The Hunter’s Knowledge perk lowers the harm and energy resistance of beasts by 25%.


Deacon is the go-to follower for anybody who likes a humorous man or simply prefers the Railroad out of the three factions within the game. As a spy, he would not come throughout as very reliable, which is why some gamers may not hit it off with him instantly. He is a little bit of a recurring liar.

Deacon prefers to make use of a sniper rifle or pipe gun to take down his enemies, which implies he is extra of a protracted vary fighter. His Affinity Perk is nice for particular character builds. The Cloak & Dagger perk boosts sneak harm by 20% and the length of stealth boys by 40%.


Do not be fooled by Codsworth’s look or his kind persona. He is really quite helpful early on within the game when the player has barely something they usually’re primarily contemporary out of the vault. He is the very first companion the player can recruit in Sanctuary Hills.

Codsworth makes use of a buzz-saw and a flamer to kill his enemies, which will be surprisingly devastating. He can pull a ton of enemies in direction of him, permitting the player to take them down from a distance. His Robotic Sympathy perk is extraordinarily versatile and works for any character construct, because it boosts energy resistance by 10.

Porter Gage

One of the powerful companions within the game clearly comes from the final DLC that Bethesda launched for Fallout 4. In Nuka-World, the player will rub elbows with a bunch of raiders, one in all which is Porter Gage, the earlier Overboss’ proper hand.

He is an amazing follower on account of having questionable ethics and works properly with morally ambiguous character builds. Furthermore, he is an absolute beast in fight, favoring the handmade rifle which is iconic to Nuka-World’s raiders and offers a ton of harm. His Classes in Blood perk is a must have for any Sole Survivor, with 5% extra XP granted with every kill and a 10 level increase to break resistance.


Piper is a reporter for her personal paper referred to as Publick Occurrences working from Diamond Metropolis. You first meet her when arriving to town gates, the place she’s struggling to get in. When you give her an interview, she’ll be out there as a companion.

Piper’s weapon of selection is a pistol, and when you attain a excessive sufficient relationship stage together with her she’ll grant the Reward of Gab perk, which provides you double expertise for profitable charisma checks or when arriving at a brand new location. She’s first rate in fight, and has a rebellious persona that dislikes any types of authority.


If you happen to determine to facet your self with the Institute, X6-88 turns into out there to you as a companion afterward within the game. He is an artificial with little or no human emotion. He’ll dislike any acts of kindness and can prefer it in the event you act selfishly.

In fight, X6-88 will use an energy weapon, a Laser Rifle, and he’ll do quite a major quantity of harm, making him one of many higher fighters on this listing. As soon as you’ve got reached most relationship stage with him he grants you with the Protect Harmonics perk which provides you a further 20 energy resistance.


For anybody in search of a companion with equally questionable ethics and rules, MacCready is right. As a mercenary and as soon as a Gunner, you may discover on the Goodneighbor the place you’ll be able to rent him for a few caps. However, take into account that he will not stage up his relationship with you till you’ve got accomplished his private quests.

He is an especially expert shooter and can use a sniper rifle to take down his enemies. After you’ve got gained his affection, he’ll grant you with the Killshot perk which provides you about 20% larger accuracy with headshots whereas in V.A.T.S.

Preston Garvey

If you happen to worth kindness above all, Preston is your man. You may meet him in Harmony, the place he’ll ask you to assist him and his band of what stays of the Minutemen. As their chief, he’ll ask you to assist clear Harmony and proceed to ask you for assist with new settlements.

His favourite weapon is a Laser Musket, which is kind of efficient regardless of its lengthy reload time. He’ll recognize any kindness you present to others, in addition to a willingness to assist the harmless. He’ll grant you the United We Stand perk, which provides you +20% harm and harm resistance towards greater than three opponents, which is among the many greatest affinity perks on the market.


Cait may not have her life fully together, with drug habit plaguing her. However, she’s an incredibly powerful and expert companion, in a position to maintain her personal in a struggle with a shotgun. She was a raider, so anticipated her to applaud you for any violent acts.

One in all her biggest perks is that she will be able to choose virtually any lock you want opened, which enormously facilitates your life within the wasteland. After you’ve got gained her belief, she’ll grant you with the Set off Rush perk, which helps you get your Motion Factors again sooner when your well being is underneath 25%.


The primary companion you meet within the game is Dogmeat, a pleasant canine that may not be capable of try this a lot in fight however is extra helpful than you’d think about. Dogmeat would not really rely as a companion, so you’ll be able to unlock the Lone Wanderer perk freely whereas he is round.

He can discover hidden gadgets, and may incapacitate enemies in fights. He isn’t too involved together with your ethics, which makes him a quite helpful companion in that regard. Sadly he is not too helpful in fight, apart from as a distraction.

Nick Valentine

In Diamond Metropolis, the principle quest will lead you on a hunt to seek out and rescue Nick Valentine, a detective that seems to be an outdated synth prototype along with his personal free will. He’ll like a companion that can be good to others and search to seek out out the reality by asking questions.

In fight, he’ll favor his revolver, however his biggest asset is his capability to hack into terminals that you simply battle with. After you’ve got leveled up your relationship with him he grants you with the Near Steel perk that provides you a 50% decrease wait between hacking a terminal and one further strive through the precise hack.


Do not let Strong’s look idiot you. He may seem like some other super Mutant ready to bash your cranium in, however he is fully loyal to you when you recruit him at Trinity Tower. As a result of his nature, he’ll like each beneficiant in addition to violent acts, and can defend himself with assault rifles in fight.

He is incredibly sturdy with a sledgehammer, and may typically even choose up a gun from a physique to take down the subsequent enemy. His Affinity Perk offers you a 20% increase to weapon harm in case your well being is under 25%.

Paladin Danse

A person from the Brotherhood of Steel and a succesful fighter at all times seen in his energy armor, Paladin Danse tops this listing among the many greatest fighters you’ll be able to have as your companion. He is in a position to tank unbelievable quantities of harm whereas dishing some again. Acts of kindness, but in addition violence, can be tolerated by him as he is a person of the navy.

He makes use of a Laser Rifle to guard himself and will be recruited as soon as you’ve got joined the Brotherhood of Steel. His Affinity Perk offers you a 20% harm buff when preventing ghouls, super mutants and synthetics.


If you first meet Curie, she would not look something like a human being. In her unique Mr. Helpful kind she is not a lot use in fight, however when you switch her inside an artificial physique, she turns into the strongest companion within the game with the sturdiest well being pools and harm outputs.

She appreciates acts of kindness and generosity, and in her Mr. Helpful kind will use a flamethrower on her enemies. Her Affinity Perk Fight Medic grants you 100 HP as soon as each 24 hours in the event you drop underneath 10% of your HP.


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