Final Fantasy 11 Mobile Game Development Shuts Down

Final Fantasy 11 Mobile Game Development Shuts Down Games

Final Fantasy 11 Mobile Game Development Shuts Down

Despite it beginning the approach to the 20th anniversary since its release, and the subsequent launch of fellow MMO Final Fantasy 14, Final Fantasy 11 is still going strong. However, fans who were holding out hope for a mobile reboot of the title will be disappointed to learn that it’s apparently been scrapped.

Square Enix partnered with Korean developer Nexon in an effort to create a remake or spin-off title based on the aging Final Fantasy MMORPG designed for cellphones. The game’s ambitions were high, but unfortunately, it seems to have fallen apart before ever really taking off. This comes according to a new report from Korean game site MTN, which indicates that Nexon’s take on Final Fantasy 11 has been canceled.

Although some concept images of the game did emerge in prior years, nothing concrete was ever announced regarding the game, with only proposed launch windows coming and going as time passed on. Now, the Nexon team members that were part of the operation have been moved to other projects, and it appears that the project has been shut down outright.

Fortunately for fans of the MMORPG, Final Fantasy 11 is still receiving new content. Although the MMORPG has been held back by technical limitations due to originally being developed for and launching on the PS2, that hasn’t kept the developers from adding new events, equipment, job adjustments, and even stories to the title. While it remains to be seen if Final Fantasy 11 will ever receive a full reboot or remake, it seems that it still has its own dedicated fanbase that’s content to continue on with the aging game.

Final Fantasy 11 Mobile is no longer in development.


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