Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disc Locations Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disc Locations Guide guide

One of the collectibles in Final Fantasy VII Remake are music discs that can be played at the Seventh Heaven bar or anywhere during your travel where you can find the jukebox. In this guide, we will give you all the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disc Locations to collect.

As there is nowhere mentioned that you will be getting the reward for collecting every music disc though the number of discs you collect will be recorded within the game’s Play Log. You’ll also earn the trophy named Disc Jockey for collecting all of them.

In this guide, we are going to mention all of the music discs which you can attain and how you can get it so that you can get all of them and unlock the trophy for yourself.

Before getting on to the list there are few things which you need to know. There are three ways through which you can get these music discs.

  • First way is by interacting with a jukebox or any other item playing the music.
  • A second and common technique is to purchase the music tracks from shops or vending machines scattered throughout the game.
  • The third and the last method is that discs will pop up as a reward for side quests or cooperating with certain NPCs.

Most of the discs can be missed during your first playthrough as they appear in those parts of chapters that you can’t return to do it again.

Don’t need to feel bad about it because there is again another way of getting them. Once you have ended the game you can choose the specific chapter to grab the disc which you have missed from it.

There is also a quest that uses music discs which require to have three specific discs in your ownership.

Though let us move ahead to all of the music discs which you can attain throughout this game. There are a total of 31 Music Discs which you can collect throughout this game and are as follows:

The Prelude: This disc can be bought from the first item shop Tifa takes you to get water filters from in Chapter 3

Bombing Mission: In Chapter 7, buy this disc from the Mako Reactor 5 venting maching. This machine can be found after completing the lever lock minigame to unlock the doors.

Tifa’s Theme: In chapter 3, interact with the jukebox in Seventh Heaven and this will be first disc which you will be getting

Barret’s Theme: This can be bought from one of the shops which are near to Sector 7 train station in Chapter 3 or at the very beginning of Chapter 4.

Lurking In The Darkness: In chapter 15 while climbing the Sector 7 Plate, buy it from the vending machine.

Let the Battles Begin: In chapter 11 buy it from the vending machine at the switchyard location in the Train Graveyard

Turk’s Theme: You can get this for free from Old Woman near the lake which is North of Wall Market in Chapter 14.

Under the Rotting Pizza: You need to follow the path southwest of the Regular Inn with the vending machine inside and not the Honeybee Inn at the Wall Market in any of the chapters

The Oppressed: You can get this in Chapter 10. Buy it from the vending machine in the Sewer System.

Honeybee Inn: Buy it from the pharmacy near the entrance to Wall Market.

Don of the Slums: Buy it from Don Corneo’s mansion after reuniting with Tifa before being called up to his bedroom in Chapter 9.

Fight On: Purchase it from the Corneo Colosseum in Wall Market in Chapter 14. This is the shop right before the elevator leading down into the colosseum itself.

The Chase: Purchase it from a vending machine in the sewers in Chapter 14.

Main Theme of FFVII: Purchase it from the underground area of Sector 7 Slums post-collapse after Chapter 12.

On Our Way: This can be found in Sector 6 Slums, near the entrance to Sector 7, in the playground after the evacuation. This one can also be achieved from Chapter 14.

Good Night, Until Tomorrow: Obtained as a giveaway from an NPC in the Wall Market Inn in Chapter 14. This is part of the quest ‘The Power of Music’ for Betty.

Farm Boy: Found in the Northwest area of wall market from non-player character up the stairs near the cowboy themed bar.

Electric de Chocobo: This can be achieved in Chapter 6 on the Sector 4 plates, in the area to the right-hand side of the main platform after switching off at least two lights.

Costa del Sol: Buy this music disc from the Materia shop at Sector 5 Slums on any of your visit there and Chapter 8 is the earliest way to get it.

Gold Saucer: Buy it from the Moogle Emporium shop located in Sector 5 for 1 Moogle Medal.

Cait Sith’s Theme: You can find this one in Sector 5 Slums, near the train station available for sale from a vending machine.

Cosmo Canyon: This one is found in Sector 6’s Collapsed Expressway area after passing the second robot hand puzzle with Aerith.

Descendant of Shinobi: This is obtainable from the Sector 5 Slums. Talk to NPC at Undercity Station post collapse after Ch.12.

Wutai: Achieve it from an NPC in Wall Market’s Urban Advancement District. You will probably cross this guy near the end of Chapter 14 before holding up to the plate.

Tango of Tears: This is found in Sector 5 Slums in the south direction of Leaf House.

Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-: One of the problematic music discs to get, and it can be obtained in Chapter 9. The way you can get it is that you need to get a pretty score on the dance practice before the main minigame with Andrea. You can retry this if you want to, but once you move forward it, the only way to do it again is through chapter selection.

Hip Hop de Chocobo: From a non-player character near a pizza sign in Sector 7 slum to the right side of Seventh Heaven in Chapter 3.

Stamp: After fighting the Sentry Launchers in Chapter 5, you will find it in a side room in Corkscrew Tunnel Section E.

The Midgar Blues: Have a conversation with the singer at the bar in Wall Market. The earliest way to get it is in Chapter 9.

Stand Up: Talk to the non-player character in the passage left of Honeybee Inn in Chapter 14. This is the last disc required for the ‘The Power of Music’ mission for Betty.

Scarlet’s Theme: Find on the upper balcony level in the recreation area of the 63rd floor of Shinra Tower in Chapter 16 – right near the VR simulator and Domino’s inside man. Mayor – the best! This is found on the upper balcony level of the recreation area on the 63rd floor of Shinra Tower, right next to the VR simulator ad Domino’s inside man in chapter 16

These are all the music disc locations that you get in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Collect them all to earn yourself the trophy of Disc Jockey.


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