Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2’s Introduction of Cait Sith Could Explain A Lot

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2's Introduction of Cait Sith Could Explain A Lot
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2’s Introduction of Cait Sith Could Explain A Lot

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2’s Introduction of Cait Sith Could Explain A Lot

Final Fantasy 7 Remake made a bunch of changes to the unique game’s plot, with some being extra cryptic than others. while many new characters and scenes expanded or fleshed-out Cloud’s adventures in Midgar, different additions appear to be foreshadowing mysteries which have but take form. But given the size of the unique Final Fantasy 7, and the comparatively small quantity of the story that Remake has coated thus far, it’s unsurprising that an effort to foreshadow things within the first installment Could learn as fully random.

One specific incident that likely perplexed newcomers to the Final Fantasy 7 universe was the cameo of an anthropomorphic black and white cat carrying a cape and a crown, trying upon the devastation attributable to the Sector 7 plate collapse. The cat is a wierd, jarring presence in an in any other case tragic and solemn scene. Veterans from the unique title and folks conversant in different supplies from Sq. Enix’s “compilation” of Final Fantasy 7 have been positive to acknowledge the humanoid cat as Cait Sith, an eventual get together member. And while he could look like pure comedian reduction, Cait Sith hides virtually as many secrets and techniques as Cloud Strife. SPOILERS AHEAD for individuals who didn’t play the unique.

FF7’S Cait Sith, The Oddball

Cait Sith’s cute look is at odds with a lot of the Final Fantasy 7 solid, whose designs are comparatively solemn and grounded. Even the speaking “lab rat canine,” Red XIII appears extra at house with the opposite human characters. This disparity is particularly odd within the plate collapse scene since it’s by no means contextualized or defined to new players in any approach.

But for returning followers, it’s a potentially intriguing addition, as Cait Sith is a personality that operates behinds the scenes, intervening to go well with the wants of the secretive, ever-scheming Shinra Electrical Energy Firm—a minimum of initially. In some ways, Cait Sith is sort of a nesting doll of proxies. The lovable cat seen on the plate collapse is definitely a robotic managed by a mysterious third get together, and it often rides round on an enormous, magically animated, moogle toy which acts as each a automobile and fight chasis. It’s value noting that within the unique game, Cait Sith additionally exhibits up with the Manipulate materia outfitted, which permits the person to hijack control of enemies in fight.

players don’t get a glimpse of the cat or his moogle mount till a lot later within the unique game, however. A minimum of, not in-person, which begs the query: what was Cait Sith doing in Midgar at the start of the game? Was he serving to the Turks catalyze the collapse or hoping to avert the catastrophe? And is that this one other retroactive change to the unique Final Fantasy 7’s canon, or only a technique of addressing a plot gap?

The Man Behind Cait Sith


The latter risk appears extra likely, as Cait Sith is (often) managed by Shinra’s Head of City Growth, Reeve Tuesti. Remake establishes Reeve as a bleeding coronary heart early on, portraying the character as guilt-ridden because of Shinra’s harmful actions and keen to guide a reconstruction effort that may serve the folks of Midgar. His pleas for decency fall on deaf ears, however, with President Shinra, Heidegger, Scarlet, and Hojo dismissing his concerns within the board assembly that players listen in on.

Reeve has been controlling Cait Sith robots for a very long time—a minimum of way back to Final Fantasy 7: Earlier than Crisis, which serves as a prequel to Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, which is itself a prequel to Final Fantasy 7. It must also be famous that every Cait Sith robotic has some restricted type of sentience and private company, because it typically refers to itself in first individual, and Reeve particularly calls himself out to be controlling Cait Sith when he’s addressing the get together remotely. So it’s attainable—albeit unlikely—that Cait Sith was acting independently from Reeve.

The most potentially reason for Cait Sith’s early look, however, is to develop Reeve, and to additional reveal the character has a conscience regardless of working for Shinra. Within the unique title, one has to marvel why Reeve allowed Shinra to go ahead with the plate collapse, sacrificing hundreds of lives for a egocentric agenda, while Remake appears to be implying that he a minimum of tried to intervene.

What’s In Store For FF7 Remake Part 2

Cloud and co. do not run into Cait Sith till the get together arrives on the Gold Saucer for the primary time. Posing as a fortune teller, Cait Sith asks to tag together with the get together after delivering a cryptic prediction. If truth be told, Reeve is spying on the get together on Shinra’s orders. He even goes as far as to hijack the Keystone required to enter the Temple of the Ancients, and palms it over to Tseng, the chief of the Turks.

The robotic cat Finally earns his redemption, however, after Reeve witnesses the get together’s battle to avoid wasting the planet and has a change of coronary heart. Cait Sith even sacrifices himself to permit the get together to bypass a essential lure—although this tragic sacrifice is considerably undercut by the truth that a alternative with a likely an identical character exhibits up instantly after his forerunner is destroyed. There isn’t a assure that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will progress far sufficient, however, to introduce Cait Sith, and there are a variety of different get together members, like Cid, Vincent, and Yuffie who should be fleshed out. It looks like a protected guess that he’ll additional seem with extra characterization, given the truth that Cait Sith is a required get together member who components closely into the game’s plot.

Hopefully, Cait Sith will see extra satisfying implementation than Red XIII did within the first installment of Remake. But there isn’t a denying that magically-animated-moogle-riding, robotic cat proxy is an odd addition by way of mechanics in addition to narrative. His Restrict Breaks are closely primarily based on RNG, and his signature manipulate materia is barely situationally helpful at greatest.

There will even likely be a protracted anticipate Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, seeing how the title faces a novel, console era hole predicament amid a pandemic. Given the quite a few hanging story threads from the primary game, the hidden that means behind Cait Sith’s look in Remake could fall to the wayside, except the sequel employs a flashback, or express exposition to Explain the cameo. Hopefully, however, Sq. Enix manages to repay its cryptic foreshadowing in a satisfying approach.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is accessible now for PlayStation 4.


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