The Complete Timeline of Final Fantasy Games (So Far)


The Complete Timeline of Final Fantasy Games (So Far)

The Complete Timeline of Final Fantasy Games (So Far)

The Final Fantasy franchise is a storied video game sequence that originated out of desperation, and his continuously endured as one of the oldest gaming franchises nonetheless in existence today. The creator of the sequence, Hironobu Sakaguchi, created this sequence a number of many years in the past as a remaining effort to achieve success within the game industry. Having a successive standalone title continuously launch since 1987, the sequence has seen evolution and revolution from every entry that is proved the sequence is value it, and is here to remain.

For the most half, every entry within the sequence has been a standalone story that includes new characters, a brand new setting, all points of utterly distinctive worlds which have only a few expansions and even lesser sequels. What’s magical in regards to the Final Fantasy franchise is that each one fans have their own respective entry level for the sequence, and that the variance between the most beloved game is gigantic. Due to this there is not an official “timeline” per se, however here is the record of Final Fantasy releases in chronological order.

Final Fantasy 1-6

The place all of it beginninged. The beginning six Final Fantasy Games established and iterated on the high-fantasy basis that will function the idea for the entire sequence. Coming from humble “hero’s journey” RPG beginnings and increasing into huge and complicated, world-spanning adventures, these Games continued to evolve and broaden past any preconceived capabilities of the sequence. Standout titles are Final Fantasy Four and Final Fantasy 6, which to many fans are largely thought-about one of the best entries within the franchise in relation to the sequence’ core. Final Fantasy Four usually represents the spirit of the sequence in its purest type, whereas many level to Final Fantasy 6 as the most progressive and impressive title to the sequence. Final Fantasy 1-Three launched on the NES in 1987, 1988, and 1990 respectively. Final Fantasy 4-6 launched on SNES in 1991, 1992, and 1994 respectively.

Final Fantasy 7, Compilation Of FF7

Final Fantasy 7, and all of its subsidiaries, contributed to the sequence’ hovering to mainstream acclaim internationally. The unique Final Fantasy 7, launched on the first PlayStation in 1997, propelled the franchise into stardom all internationally for a wide range of causes. This game turned the first of many Games within the franchise to grow to be a phenomenon, because of (on the time) the world’s largest marketing budget for a game ever. The game itself revolutionized the sequence far past its high-fantasy origins, becoming a steampunk, futuristic story partially grounded in actuality. Most of the core points like magic, gear, expertise, and fight have been utterly changed in favor of distinctive methods. It was also the first Final Fantasy game to utilize 3D rendering of characters and environments together with CG (FMV) cutscenes. Many fans nonetheless consider the seventh entry as the best game of all time, which is basically why it is acquired the equally critically acclaimed Final Fantasy 7 Remake this yr as effectively.

Since the authentic’s launch, the game has also seen a number of spinoffs and even a movement image sequel based mostly in Final Fantasy 7’s universe. Identified altogether because the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7, there have been a number of prequels/sequels/spinoffs set within the authentic game’s universe. Regardless that these aspect tasks did not precisely obtain common reward like its supply materials, it does converse to the longevity and affect Final Fantasy 7 had on the technology of fans who adored the unique game.

Final Fantasy 8

One other PlayStation entry following up on the large success of the seventh entry, Final Fantasy Eight had loads of expectations to reside as much as. Equally evolving the franchise from its roots, Final Fantasy Eight was a grounded and futuristic RPG that integrated comparatively extra high-fantasy points like sorceresses and a few of the authentic magic components from previous Final Fantasy Games. Over time the game has grow to be a extra divisive title within the franchise merely due to its incessantly obtuse RPG methods that have been a far cry from the franchises mainstay ideas. Although it is essential to notice the game was nonetheless critically acclaimed and reasonably profitable compared to its predecessor, regardless of the game quickly becoming a niche title within the franchise.

Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy 9 finds itself in an analogous scenario, however for a very totally different cause. The ninth Final Fantasy game, also launched on PlayStation in 2000, was a return to roots for the franchise. The game utterly eschewed the grounded/futuristic themes and was designed as a love letter to the traditional six Final Fantasy Games that got here earlier than the sequence largely went mainstream. Final Fantasy 9 is an excellent Shakespearean/Medieval RPG that hints at and references many points of the unique 5 Final Fantasy Games. Regardless of paling compared to the gross sales numbers of Final Fantasy 7 and eight worldwide, the game nonetheless noticed nice success and continues to be beloved by fans of the sequence. To at the present time, Final Fantasy 9 nonetheless maintains the best metacritic rating of the entire sequence at 94.

Final Fantasy 10, 10-2

one of the first of the mainline Games to obtain a direct sequel, Final Fantasy 10 also reaches the highest echelon of Games within the sequence. Final Fantasy 10 beginninged the modernization of the sequence today, making the big graphical leap to PlayStation 2 in 2001. The tenth entry marked the first Final Fantasy game to be designed Completey in 3D environments with a completely voice-acted forged. Final Fantasy 10 at its core was designed equally to Final Fantasy 7-8, however options a way more religious story compared to its predecessors. Contemplating the first enemy of the game is actually referred to as “Sin,” the tenth entry’s major themes are more-closely associated to Asian spiritual and cultural influences. It was a distinctly totally different expertise in some ways to earlier Games, which have been largely impressed by western/European influences. Final Fantasy 10 was also the first game within the sequence to obtain a direct sequel in Final Fantasy 10-2, which to place it merely, was vastly totally different compared to some other Final Fantasy game earlier than it.

Final Fantasy 11

The eleventh Final Fantasy game was also totally different when it comes to the kind of game it was: an MMORPG. Shifting away from the historically singleplayer Games within the franchise’s previous, Final Fantasy 11 marked the first game to tackle a very new sub-genre for the sequence. Regardless of Phantasy Star On-line being the first MMORPG on a gaming console, Final Fantasy 11 nonetheless vastly impactful for console gaming. It was the first MMORPG on console to not utilize an open-world design, however was also the first to implement crossplay between PlayStation 2 and PC in 2002. The game was one of the longest operating console MMOs in existence, and was also one of the final holdouts to close down on the PlayStation 2’s on-line service. Although the game acquired its remaining official growth/scenario in 2015, the game continues to be absolutely playable on PC today.

Final Fantasy 12, Revenant Wings

Because the final Final Fantasy game to be launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2006, Final Fantasy 12 was one more entry within the sequence that pushed the boundaries of what a Final Fantasy game could be. Gameplay featured a number of improvements just like the “Gambit” and “License Board” job system, no extra random encounter battles, the first singleplayer open-world within the sequence, and together with components like a bestiary and monster looking to do out on this planet. Final Fantasy 12 made a definitive return to the medieval-inspired adventures of its predecessors, in a narrative rife with political intrigue and warring empires. The game also had a sequel, Final Fantasy 13: Revenant Wings, which was a real-time technique game launched on Nintendo DS in 2007.

Final Fantasy 13, 13-2, Lightning Returns

Returning to the land of divisive is the sub-series of Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13. These three Games have been all a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis assortment of Final Fantasy titles, which means they’re all a part of the identical universe. The thirteenth Final Fantasy game dove headfirst into a completely science-fiction backdrop filled with advanced and complex themes of destiny and future. Each 13-2 and Lightning Returns have been direct sequels of Final Fantasy 13, with loads of time journey shenanigans splitting most of the characters aside between entries. Gameplay shifts drastically between these entries, ranging from action-oriented turn-based fight to quick paced fight akin to motion Games like Satan Might Cry. This assortment also marks the first time the place the franchise has formally crafted a shared universe between a number of entries within the sequence.

Final Fantasy 14, A Realm Reborn

Marking the return to the MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14 has skilled a tumultuous however constructive reformation over time. The preliminary 2010 launch for PC was largely panned by each critics and fans alike, with complaints specializing in a horrible consumer interface, graphical efficiency points, and unfair/grindy limitations being imposed on gamers. Sq. Enix finally took the game offline, and re-tooled growth beneath utterly new administration. The fruits of the brand new growth staff’s labor was Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, which has quickly grow to be some of the fashionable MMORPGs ever made. Launched in 2013 for PC and PS3, the game’s overhaul acquired nice constructive acclaim from critics and gamers, new and returning. In a short time did Final Fantasy 14 grow to be one of the biggest video game comeback tales of all time.

Final Fantasy 15

The fifteenth Final Fantasy game is a really totally different beast as compared, because it was a game that struggled with a long-running and well-documented identification disaster throughout growth. Initially being developed as a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis, the game was first revealed as Final Fantasy Versus 13. In its early phases, the game was meant to be a spin-off title that was a lot darker in tone, and that gameplay-wise it might operate like fight within the Kingdom Hearts Games. Finally growth was shifted for the game to grow to be a mainline Final Fantasy game as a substitute. This was the first Final Fantasy game to characteristic a fight system designed round reactionary, real-time motion as a substitute of turn-based strategic gameplay. The game was usually constructive for fans and critics, however marked a flawed however formidable departure for the sequence.


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