Every Main Final Fantasy Game Ranked On How Long They Take To Beat

Final Fantasy has been entertaining gamers for more than three decades as well as upping the time on how long it takes to beat them.


Every Main Final Fantasy Game Ranked On How Long They Take To Beat

Every Main Final Fantasy Game Ranked On How Long They Take To Beat

Final Fantasy has been entertaining players for greater than three a long time, not often taking a break between mainline entries and spin-offs. Numbered games alone go as much as fifteen. What’s much more astounding to contemplate is the length of every game.

RPGs are usually never brief affairs, so followers undoubtedly get loads of bang for his or her buck when leaping into one of these many worlds. The next listing will element simply how Long it takes to beat every of the games in the principle series, as measured by howlongtobeat.com. A few them fall on the relatively brief facet for RPGs, but they’re still nice experiences to behold.

Up to date December 23, 2020 by Thomas Bowen: Making a game that takes a very long time to finish is a reasonably easy job. Creating one with enough about it that gamers really need to full it’s not so easy although. Through the years, the Final Fantasy series has accomplished a incredible job in the case of including extra content material to assist hold gamers round Long after the ultimate boss has fallen. Though not all people will select to partake, these further touches are one of the many the explanation why the series is so beloved and usually complement the games’ foremost tales completely. Whereas among the games may not take too Long to beat, finishing them can usually take significantly longer.

Final Fantasy – 17 1\/2 Hours

The tale that began all of it holds up surprisingly well due to its simple nature and appeal. In fact, one is better off playing one of the many ports as a substitute of the NES unique. The first launch is plagued with bizarre bugs, inflicting sure important game play mechanic to operate abnormally.

The optimum model is the 20th anniversary version launched for the PSP. Its sprite artwork is beautiful and does not look jarringly cartoonish just like the updates accomplished to among the later 2D Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy IV – 23 1\/2 Hours

Usually one of the two most celebrated 2D entries along with Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV is available in because the second shortest entry. Whereas not the first one to have a extra difficult narrative, it’s usually seen as the first one which did it proper. Due to its sturdy tale, the Game play is relatively simple and it’s all the time easy to know the place the following goal lies.

Until one is caught at a fight encounter, the Game must be a breeze to whisk by means of in lower than a day’s price of a game play.

Final Fantasy II – 25 1\/2 Hours

The second game within the series is commonly remembered as one of the worst. It pushed things ahead with a extra nuanced tale, but the game play veered removed from what followers at the moment are accustomed to. The thought of characters leveling up as skills had been used led to the stats simply being damaged by gamers attacking their very own get together members. still, it isn’t horrid or unplayable by any stretch of the phrase.

Folks seeking to play by means of the entire games will not discover it a slog. Plus, it is still on the relatively brief facet of things.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 – 27 1\/2 Hours

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the shortest of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, no less than in the case of a foremost tale only playthrough. This bodes well because it’s in all probability the worst of the three games by way of each gameplay mechanics and tale. Followers of the unique game will still have some fun with it, but everybody else may be higher off watching the cutscenes on YouTube and skipping forward to Lightning Returns as a substitute.

A single playthrough usually takes simply over 27 hours whereas finishing the entire game’s duties would require a bit of over 72 hours of play time. Thanks in giant to the omission of Lightning and the necessity to play as Serah although, this will really feel like lots of work for little or no payoff. The Chocobo racing is lots of fun, but every part else simply looks like busywork.

Final Fantasy XV – 28 Hours

The newest numbered entry was considerably polarizing for followers. It regarded undeniably beautiful, but it was too easy and the battle system was not partaking enough, Despite the fights themselves being marvelous spectacles.

Its length also wildly varies due to its structure. The first a number of chapters are brimming with facet quests. One can spend dozens of hours doing favors for city folks, enormously inflating the play time. After a sure level, the tale places the gamers on rails and beelines in the direction of a end. Twenty-eight is concerning the common one can count on if they do not dilly dally too Long within the open-world segments.

Final Fantasy III – 30 Hours

The third entry sees silent protagonists come again for a extra simple journey than its predecessor. Despite its narratives simplicity, it’s going to take longer than the prior two. Like the first game, still, its appeal and whimsy retains gamers glued to the display the entire time, making the hours fly by like an airship.

Final Fantasy X-2 – 31 Hours

Final Fantasy X-2 was a reasonably groundbreaking game in as a lot that it was the first time that Sq. Enix developed a sequel to a mainline Final Fantasy game. It continues the tale of Tidus and Yuna whereas additional increasing upon the lore of Spira. It isn’t fairly as good as its predecessor, but it’s definitely not with out its charms.

Whereas the PS2 launch’s foremost tale took virtually 40 hours to finish, high quality of life updates applied in trendy ports have introduced this time down significantly making it a way more palatable expertise. The ‘True’ ending still requires a second playthrough although and gamers might want to deal with the extremely irritating tower alignment mini game if they’re attempting a completionist run.

Final Fantasy V – 32 1\/2 Hours

Final Fantasy V usually will get neglected of the dialog. It isn’t fairly all time nice, but it’s not as flawed or outdated as Final Fantasy II, so it sort of simply sits there by itself. still, one will discover simply as engrossing a world because the others if they make the leap.

Actually, it is arduous to go improper with any of the two-dimensional outings. What number of games this previous can say they’ll occupy players time for greater than thirty hours.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 34 Hours

Not too many people caught with Lightning by means of to the tip of her trilogy, but those that did probably spent no less than 110 hours throughout all three games. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII accounts for round 34 hours of that, though this time can improve dramatically if gamers decide to do extra than simply the principle tale.

Finishing every part that the Game has to supply will take gamers round 65 and a half hours, which really makes it the shortest of the three games from a completionist’s perspective. It supplies a becoming conclusion to Lightning’s journey and so is unquestionably price doing for many who are followers of the character, though getting by means of XIII-2 first could be a little bit of a slog.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – 34 Hours

Despite only protecting the Midgar part of the unique game, an ordinary playthrough of Final Fantasy VII Remake clocks in at a whopping 34 hours. That the unique launch does not take too much longer, ought to give a reasonably good concept of simply how a lot Tetsuya Nomura and his group modified and added to the discharge.

These hoping to finish the entire game’s facet quests can count on to spend a further 7 and half hours on prime of their foremost playthrough whereas a full completionist run will take a staggering 84 hours. That is largely right down to gamers needing to finish the Game once more on arduous mode the place there are also some extra challenges for gamers to tackle.

Final Fantasy VI – 35 1\/2 Hours

The second half of this game introduced a brand new component to the series, giving gamers a then unprecedented stage of selection on learn how to method tackling aims. After the half method level, one may even dart in the direction of the end with out seeing every part on the newly reworked world map, reducing down game time considerably. Nevertheless, one is a idiot if they do not check out every part one of the vital celebrated 2D JRPGs of all time has to supply.

Final Fantasy VII – 38 1\/2 Hours

Cloud and his mates’ journey not only elevated the series to new heights, but the medium as a complete. Its huge detailed world, cosmic tale, and hard-hitting emotional beats had been unlike the rest players noticed on the time.

Thirty-eight hours is about how Long it takes to get by means of it, but doing every part there may be to do can no less than double the Game play time. The PS1 was a revolutionary console, and Sq. was there as one of the leaders of the cost with their JRPG basic.

Final Fantasy IX – 40 Hours

The ninth entry was a counter-point to the 2 science-fiction themed titles before it. The return to kind stands because the PlayStation’s swan tune, and what a fantastic ship off it was. forty hours of gaming was loads enough time to stave off PS2 cravings. Who wished the next-gen console when the PS1 was still pumping out RPGs of this high quality?

Final Fantasy VIII – 42 Hours

The follow as much as Final Fantasy VII does not get as a lot reward as its predecessor, but it still basks in enough glory by itself.

Moreover, it differentiates itself from the pack with its distinctive Draw mechanic, addictive card game Triple Triad, and the enemies scaling to the gamers stage which makes grinding pointless. With the latest remaster, one can expertise this magnificent journey extra comfortably than ever before.

Final Fantasy X – 48 Hours

Yuna’s pilgrimage by means of Spira and creating relationship with Tidus eternally sticks in gamers’ minds. Love tales had been tackled before, but never had they felt so actual, due to the absolutely voice acted cutscenes and enhanced graphics. The protagonist’s relationship along with his father was also new to the medium.

The Sphere Grid development system added a brand new layer to development, providing gamers elevated control on how their get together superior. Getting each character’s celestial weapon and upgrading them to the max also ensures completionists will not rapidly put this one down.

Final Fantasy XIII – 49 Hours

Final Fantasy XIII received flack for its linearity, but nobody may deny how stunning it was. Sadly, seems aren’t enough for everyone.

Its tale could also be arduous to follow, but the solid of characters ensures there may be never a boring second. The direct sequels garnered diminishing returns, but XIII is strong by itself.

Final Fantasy XII – 60 Hours

The longest one by an extended shot, Final Fantasy XII was virtually too huge for its personal good. It eschewed a proper world map, but gamers generally trekked by means of open lands for hours before reaching their vacation spot. It gave a grand sense of scope, but re-releases provided the power to hurry up these segments. Even with the fast-forward button, gamers are in for an extended journey inside Ivalice.

Final Fantasy XI – 106 1\/2 Hours

MMORPGs have a popularity for being extremely Long and Final Fantasy XI undoubtedly does its stage finest to uphold this. First launched in 2002, the Game continues to be going sturdy Despite new expansions having dried up a while in the past. The final one got here in 2015 and was the Game’s 12th piece of main DLC.

Collectively, Final Fantasy XI’s DLC supplies lots of of hours of additional playtime, though the principle tale can usually be accomplished in round 100 hours. In fact, games like this will’t ever be absolutely accomplished and so how Long a participant will get out of the Game is totally as much as them. There’s all the time one thing else to do although, so it isn’t unusual for gamers to spend hundreds of hours with Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy XIV – 122 Hours

One other MMORPG, one other ridiculous common playtime. Final Fantasy XIV is Sq. Enix’s newest try at taking the series on-line and undoubtedly its most bold. The Game has acquired three main expansions since releasing in 2010 with a fourth anticipated in some unspecified time in the future in 2021.

Between them, the brand new tale content material in Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers takes round 185 hours to finish, though when raids and different facet content material are accounted for that determine is much nearer to the 300 hour mark. For these in search of a game that they’ll sink some critical time into; that is it.


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