Creepy ‘Final Fantasy House’ Story Detailed in Down the Rabbit Hole

Creepy ‘Final Fantasy House’ Story Detailed in Down the Rabbit Hole

There’s actually no questioning Final Fantasy 7’s legacy. The game is a landmark, historic launch that played a big function within the console war between PS1 and Nintendo 64, and stays one of the crucial extremely praised Japanese role-playing games of all time. Final Fantasy 7 has millions of followers world wide and is even in style sufficient to warrant a full-fledged remake, but some followers take their love of the game a bit of too far – as was the case with the individuals from the well-known “Final Fantasy House” story that was in style on the Web within the mid 2000s. Now, due to a video by YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen as a part of his Down the Rabbit Hole sequence, the previous story is returning to the highlight.

For these unfamiliar, the Final Fantasy House is the identify given to an apartment rented by two people, known as Jenova and Hojo, in Pennsylvania. Jenova, or Jen for brief, believed and satisfied others that they had been truly online game characters reincarnated in the actual world. Jen and Hojo would then lure individuals to their apartment, assign them a online game character that they supposedly lived as in a previous life, after which proceed to abuse them in a variety of methods.

Jen and Hojo would emotionally, mentally, and even generally bodily abuse the opposite individuals residing with them. They might also reap the benefits of their roommates financially, like forcing them to purchase random issues, in addition to shoulder the complete monetary burden when it got here to paying lease or shopping for meals. The saga of the Final Fantasy House is introduced with nice element by Knudsen in his video. Watch it proper right here:

Knudsen’s video goes on to element the same incident that befell in southern California years after the Final Fantasy House, the place somebody posting on the Housemate Horror forum discussed their experiences with a roommate given the identify “Sarah.” Like Jen and Hojo, Sarah was satisfied that she was “soul-bonded” to a online game character, but as an alternative of Final Fantasy 7, the game was Suikoden, one other PS1-era JRPG.

It is all very interesting and disturbing, but there may be some query as as to whether or not the story of the Final Fantasy House is true. After all, the web tends to create its personal city legends, just like the Slender Man character or the Russian Sleep Experiments. In the end, viewers will simply have to take a look at Knudsen’s video and resolve for themselves.


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