Final Fantasy Jumbo Chocobo Plush Carries a Heavy Price Tag

Final Fantasy Jumbo Chocobo Plush Carries a Heavy Price Tag
Final Fantasy Jumbo Chocobo Plush Carries a Heavy Price Tag

Sq. Enix has a robust historical past of tying high quality products in with its IPs, with a newly announced Final Fantasy related knickknack keeping the trend with these massive collectors items. On this case, it comes in the type of a plushie, versus beforehand marketed items like Louis Vuitton bags or Final Fantasy 7 impressed jewellery.

This newest plushie is of a Chocobo, one of many Final Fantasy sequence’ key mascots because the second game, although that does not essentially imply that the products is a small, low cost toy for the average participant. In fact, this may be one of the vital substantial tie-in products that Sq. Enix has designed for its flagship sequence, and the plushie is definitely up there so far as Price goes as well.

The plushie itself stands at virtually two feet tall, which comes off as large in comparison to most different items of the same nature which are often meant to be held, particularly when carried by a toddler. However, it is clear that this plush incarnation of Final Fantasy’s trademark Chocobo is not intended to be the sort of factor that oldsters purchase for a younger fan, however virtually as a function for a residing house. Moreover, the size and element of the design also has Sq. Enix charging a whopping $189.99 for it, although there is currently a reduction to $171 for pre-orders on the time of this writing.

In fact, this is not Sq. Enix’s first time producing these types of plush products, as the company already has an 18 inch plush Tonberry currently on the market on the company’s merchandising retailer as well. Whereas a two foot tall plushie is not fairly as innocuous as a just lately released bracelet designed round Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Aerith, it is still a big buy that reveals that the developer is definitely selling to its grownup fans. Likewise, this new Chocobo plush looks prefer it may be precisely the kind of factor that fans would rush to go discover at a conference, if they were still operating proper now, and Sq. Enix is simply tapping into that market.

fans going loopy for collectible items and excessive collectibles that wind up performing as ornament for the house is nothing new, and neither are these large plushies. However, Sq. Enix is definitely placing itself forward of the game so far as products is concerned with this $190 Chocobo. There’s clearly a market for these things and fans which are keen to go all out to show off precisely how a lot they take care of Final Fantasy and its Chocobo mascots to exit and produce one among these dwelling.


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