Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Characters to Recruit For Endgame

Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Characters to Recruit For Endgame Articles

Fire Emblem Three Houses: 10 Best Characters to Recruit For Endgame

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is full of loads of characters to get to know, and even recruit to Byleth’s chosen home. If gamers type an in depth sufficient bond with a selected character, or if Byleth is expert sufficient in that character’s desired ability, they are going to ask to hitch Byleth’s home. There’s a restricted time that gamers will be capable to recruit characters earlier than the sport’s time bounce, so gamers are confronted with a troublesome selection for who to deal with recruiting. Whereas there are a ton of characters, there are a handful that really rise above the remainder when it comes to ability and end-game skill. Listed here are a couple of of the very best characters to recruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Regardless of her shy demeanor and outright concern of social interplay, Bernadetta is a hidden gem among the many Black Eagles. With the flexibility Persecution Advanced, Bernadetta will deal +5 injury to any enemy she assaults if she just isn’t at full well being (and within the endgame, that is virtually a assure). Bernadetta is finest fitted to ranged lessons just like the Sniper which lets her assault from afar and deal huge injury to beasts and people alike. Byleth ought to deal with elevating their Energy stat and their Bow ability in the event that they wish to recruit Bernadetta. x

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Sylvain has gained fairly a reputation within the Fire Emblem neighborhood for being a “skirt chaser” as Dimitri would put it. His flirtatious nature makes him the best character to recruit in your entire sport. If gamers assume the function of feminine Byleth, Sylvain could be recruited virtually instantly, which is nice as a result of he is one of the finest characters within the Blue Lions. Gifted with lance, axe, and driving, Sylvain does effectively in most Calvary lessons in addition to Wyvern Lord for a Grasp class. His skill, Philanderer, grants him +2 to break and injury discount if subsequent to a feminine ally. If gamers are enjoying as male Byleth, they need to deal with Charisma and Cause.

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If gamers wish to hear individuals go on and on a couple of “nobleman’s responsibility” for the primary few hours of the sport, then Lorenz is the proper decide. Nonetheless, his peculiar angle just isn’t his finest function. Lorenz is presented with magic and driving abilities, so it makes him an ideal match for a Darkish Knight within the endgame. Mix this with the truth that his Paralogue mission provides gamers a robust relic that’s excellent for him, and gamers have probably the Best characters from the Golden Deer on their group. His skill is Distinguished Home, which grants +2 to break when a battalion is deployed. Gamers ought to deal with Charisma and Cause to recruit Lorenz.

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Petra is the granddaughter of the ruler of Brigid, and is actually being held prisoner in Fódlan to get Brigid to cooperate with the Empire. Regardless of her troubled backstory, Petra is one of the finest characters from the Black Eagles to recruit. Her ability is Hunter’s Boon, which grants +20 to Crit when an enemy is under 50% well being, making Petra excellent for clearing the battlefield of weakened enemies. She would excel at lessons that bolster Dexterity, as that will increase her Crit probability even additional. To recruit Petra, gamers ought to deal with Dexterity and Using.

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As the previous apprentice of Jeralt, it is no shock that Leonie is a robust soldier. She focuses on a number of fields, particularly bows, lance, and driving abilities. Leonie’s ability is Rivalry, which grants +2 injury and +2 injury discount when subsequent to a male ally, which might pair effectively with Sylvain’s ability. These trying to recruit Leonie will wish to deal with Energy and Lance.


Ingrid is one of the feminine companions within the Blue Lions, and he or she has nice aspirations to turn into a Knight. Happily, her ability set permits her to simply advance by way of the Soldier class of abilities. She will match effectively into almost any function, from Cavalry to airborne models, permitting her to shortly management sections of the battlefield. Whereas Falcon Knight might not be the very best class for Feminine Byleth, it’s a nice match for Ingrid. Her ability, Girl Knight, grants Ingrid +three May and +5 Injury when utilizing a Gambit, making her nice with Battalions.


Shamir is one of the few characters who work for the Church of Seiros that may be recruited to Byleth’s home. Shamir is a wonderful marksman who joins the group as a Sniper, probably the Best lessons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Not like most characters, Shamir doesn’t have a selected ability requirement and could be recruited round Chapter 7. She excels at long-range fight, and serves as probably the Best archers within the sport.


Additionally from the Blue Lions, Mercedes is a powerhouse medic that each participant wants on their group. With a pure affinity for Religion and Cause, she would make an outstanding Bishop or Gremory. Her distinctive ability makes it so when she heals a unit, she can be healed for that quantity – successfully negating the necessity for a secondary healer if the participant is courageous sufficient. To recruit Mercedes, gamers might want to have a robust deal with Magic and Bows whereas planning out how one can spend free days,


If gamers wish to be certain one thing will get killed shortly, Felix is the unit for the job. Felix is a grasp swordsman who excels at shortly reducing by way of any unit that stands in his manner. His excessive Dexterity and Pace permits him to shortly have interaction models and eliminate them shortly, particularly if classed into both Swordmaster or Mortal Savant (assuming gamers have him overcome his Cause weak point). To recruit Felix, gamers might want to deal with Pace and Swords. Whereas Mortal Savant might not be the very best class for Male Byleth, it actually works wonders for Felix.


If Mercedes was the powerhouse of Religion magic, Lysithea is the powerhouse of Cause. Lysithea is the shining star of the Golden Deer when it comes to late-game energy. Together with her Mastermind ability, Lysithea gains double ability expertise from fight, which permits her to shortly go up in ability ranges. If gamers dip into Religion as effectively, she makes an ideal Gremory. One Fire Emblem Three Houses professional tip is to equip Nosferatu sine it negates any “glass cannon” fears gamers might have about Lysithea. Gamers have to deal with Magic and Religion to recruit Lysithea.

Whether or not gamers are simply enjoying Informal mode or prepping for the upcoming Lunatic issue, gamers ought to undoubtedly search out these characters throughout their playthroughs. These college students are the cream of the crop at Garreg Mach and are definitely worth the effort to recruit. Recruiting these college students and may make each Three Houses playthrough a breeze.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


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