15 Games To Play If You Like Terraria

15 Games To Play If You Like Terraria Games
15 Games To Play If You Like Terraria
15 Games To Play If You Like Terraria

15 Games To Play If You Like Terraria

Re-Logic’s epic 2D sandbox game, Terraria, has quietly grow to be one of many greatest and most played indie Games since its launch nearly a decade in the past, promoting over 27 million copies thus far.

This wealthy and expansive romp manages to be each acquainted and distinctive; mixing Metroidvania gameplay with retro-genre motion and Minecraft-like crafting in a 2D area. The charming pixel artwork supplies a visible attraction that attracts you in and refuses to let go.

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With this distinct fusion of genres and flexibility within the gameplay, it may be robust to search out Games that adhere to an identical fashion. But, there are many decisions that draw from lots of Terraria’s attributes. With this listing, we’ll go over some high quality Games that greatest resemble this indie gem to 1 diploma or one other.

For each profitable video game, there are inevitably a dozen more Games attempting to observe in its profitable, addictive footsteps. Fortunately, Terraria is such a basic title that lots of the Games impressed by it also develop into price taking part in as effectively. We have discovered more nice titles for individuals who simply cannot get sufficient of Re-Logic’s most well-known game thus far.

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It Lurks Below

This title shares loads of similarities with Terraria, particularly with its aesthetics and gameplay. It Lurks Below is an action-oriented survival RPG, full with stats and character courses that may satisfy players more accustomed to RPGs. The game also has randomly-generated Belowground ranges that maintain loads of enemies, gadgets, and pleasure.

The game was launched again in 2018 and has had steady updates and assist since its launch. There’s loads to maintain players occupied, together with cooking and farming, quests, crafting potions, vacation occasions, and naturally plenty of weapons to gather.


Crea attracts many comparisons to Terraria, although its RPG genre and vibe set it aside in an incredible mild. Not solely does the participant stage up as a substitute of enhancing their gear, however there are over 80 abilities to be taught by way of the game’s expertise system (corresponding to a ability tree).

The game has its personal historical past and lore to be realized, named monsters with distinctive abilities to defeat, a strong crafting system to take pleasure in, and generated worlds and dungeons to discover. This game is nice for individuals who love each RPG components and Terraria.


This Early Entry sandbox title is a good little game to loosen up with on the finish of an extended day. Alchemage is undoubtedly a Terraria clone, that being a optimistic facet, and has lots of the gameplay components players have come to like from the game, together with nice music, climate, and graphics.

players discover themselves in a mysterious land and should work in direction of the hope of returning house. Alongside the way in which, players can construct houses and shelters, discover to their coronary heart’s content material, combat monsters, and play with buddies in multiplayer mode.


Forager has been described as “The Legend of Zelda meets Stardew Valley meets Terraria,” and it is a tall order to be in comparison with such a roster of liked and esteemed titles — however Forager manages to be addictive and cute sufficient to warrant the eye. For players that love survival and crafting Games, the game goes all-in on its building and preventing to the purpose that many have felt hours go by in a flash whereas taking part in.

The primary aim is to buy land, construct, and discover from the bottom up, clearing and growing the lands you purchase as a way to unlock more sources and gameplay. In fact, battling is the opposite core element, raiding dungeons and defeating monsters to additional your quest for riches and triumph.

Dig Or Die

It is arduous to select one genre of game as a favourite, so it is all the time attention-grabbing and interesting when Games handle to mix genres in nice methods. Dig or Die is marketed as a Sci-Fi platformer, sandbox game, and tower protection game, which in keeping with opinions works exceedingly effectively. Moreover its evening risks, tile system, and extreme exploration and mining, Dig or Die diverts from Terraria in its element and problem.

It turns into an actual problem to push back the more and more clever and artful enemies at evening who can destroy partitions of their path to get to the participant and their sources. The game also advantages from fluid motion and controls, distinctive weapons, and a genuinely enjoyable crafting system that encourages building.


There are lots of parallels on this pleasant mining journey that Terraria followers must be accustomed to right here. You have acquired that very same sense of marvel as you go exploring, amassing treasure, and slaying monsters. There is a stunning quantity of “depth” available for a freeware game; pun not meant.

Spelunky stresses more grueling platforming trials and hazards scattered all over. Navigating the slew of randomly-generated areas as you attempt to survive hordes of critters supplies loads of thrills, and is certainly paying homage to Re-Logic’s game. You may even interact in some multiplayer madness with as much as four players wHollow.

Do not Starve

This inventive indie by Klei Leisure shares more than simply Terraria’s writer (505 Games); it also shares that very same sense of eerieness and urgency as you will spend more often than not in a hostile land preventing for survival.

Do not Starve pits you in a darkish and dismal international world, which you will be traversing as a way to gather sources, cobble collectively settlements, and simply doing what you possibly can to maintain going. This game could be creepy as is, however attempt coping with your protagonist as they develop more and more insane, and the hordes of loopy monsters develop.

This roguelike survival-horror looks like a mix of Everlasting Darkness and Terraria-genre adventuring, laced with an enthralling Tim Burton vibe.

Hollow Knight

When you will not mining or building on this superior Metroidvania, Hollow Knight comprises an identical really feel in the case of the fight and open-ended exploration. The game takes place in an unlimited Belowground labyrinth thick with an eerie ambiance, very similar to Terraria’s Belowground mines and chasms.

Regardless of the 2D sidescrolling, Hollow Knight affords an incredible sense of freedom as you will be exploring huge mazes of interlaced dungeons and corridors. This venturing is blended with loads of thrilling fight and an intricate development system – all qualities that seize Terraria’s arcade-genre traits. Workforce Cherry’s Metroidvania is a charming expertise on the visible and gameplay entrance.


Growtopia takes a page of the Terraria playbook in additional methods than one. This pleasant sandbox game takes the identical free-flowing journey and crafting components from that game and makes it much more accessible. Not like some on our listing, this may be played on nearly each trendy platform conceivable, together with cellular units.

This cute little MMO is certainly more on the lax, passive aspect when it comes to the gameplay. But, those who recognize the building and multiplayer points of Terraria ought to undoubtedly get some pleasure out of this colourful game. For those who take pleasure in flexing your artistic aspect in Games however search a break from being harassed by big spiders or zombies, Growtopia would be the game for you.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

This sandbox RPG builder is kind of Belowrated – thanks partly to its cute visuals, and being overshadowed by the more fashionable mainline DQ Games. Nonetheless, judging it by itself deserves, this sequel to Dragon Quest Builders is spectacular with how huge and various the expertise is. You do have a gripping, streamlined marketing campaign with a more typical RPG plot and monster-slaying fight.

But, you have also acquired Minecraft-esque building, useful resource gathering, and even some city administration, making for a wealthy, well-rounded journey. This sequel also fleshes out the multiplayer points even additional, permitting you and your pals to play on this majestic sandbox collectively.


Many had been at the least initially drawn to Terraria for its colourful retro fashion that reminds certainly one of late 8-bit or early 16-bit software program. Dig-N-Rig invokes this identical type of feeling artistically, however it goes even additional again in time with its crude, blocky visuals that resemble early 80s PC software program.

This game, crafted by college students of DigiPen, equally stresses mining and useful resource assortment however dilutes things all the way down to a less complicated premise and mechanics. You’re taking management of a mining robotic, who should lay down conveyor belts and plBelow more and more deep depths to nab sources. These are then transformed to simpler instruments and different upgrades. This software program, which mixes a building sim with mining and crafting, feels akin to a less complicated, however ingenious new tackle the Terraria system.

Craft The World

Going by the outline of this game’s personal builders Dekovir – Craft the World takes Terraria, Dungeon Keeper, and Dwarf Fortress points to spherical out this pleasant expertise. The result’s an addictive and dynamic romp that is half sandbox and half strategy-sim.

Whereas the game focuses more on building and managing your fortresses relatively than adventuring, there’s undoubtedly an identical vibe to Re-Logic’s game in the case of staving off assaults. It reminds certainly one of keeping off super-aggressive mobs in Terraria throughout these hostile nights at your house base. Those that like to indicate off their indestructible Terraria fortresses whereas taking out monster hordes ought to undoubtedly give this a glance.

Steamworld Dig 2

Flipping things considerably on their head right here, Steamworld Dig – and particularly it is deeper sequel – emulates the exploration, mining, and fight traits of Terraria relatively than building. Nonetheless, the expertise is way more huge, advanced, and addicting than you’d anticipate from this cute, cartoony indie.

Within the sequel, studio Picture & Kind could have you mining and looking the evening away as you assume the function of the steam-powered bot, Dorothy. You will be venturing from one lavish, distinct biome to the following, as you plBelow for riches, gear, and different belongings you possibly can barter with on the store. You will start humbly with slightly greater than a pickaxe. But, you will more and more juice your self up with stronger, more environment friendly instruments and talents like a bomb launcher. You will also face off towards some thrilling bosses Terraria fashion.


It is robust to debate Terraria with out mentioning what’s largely its 3D counterpart, Minecraft. Significantly, exterior the added third dimension, these two gems are moreordinarily related, and we imply this in one of the simplest ways doable. Similar to Terraria, this retro-genre sandbox journey is rife with tons of actions to participate in.

You may tackle intimidating bosses, fiddle with buddies, or carve your personal story as you merely enterprise by way of procedurally generated lands. You may construct advanced buildings, delve deep Belowground to mine for riches or go on monster looking escapades.

There’s undoubtedly loads of crossover attraction between Terraria and this equally huge, open-ended journey.


Broaden the size and various components in Re-Logic’s journey, and you’ve got Starbound, a game which – as its title would possibly reveal – looks like a more epic model of Terraria on a spaceship. Your ship serves as your major “hub,” as you will be hitting a lot of distinctive, colourful planets the place you will be gathering items and increasing your empire of 1.

For those who thought Terraria was wealthy and expansive, you will undoubtedly need to attempt Chucklefish’s area odyssey, because it’s one of many few that really manages to eclipse that have.



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