Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 Seconds

Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 Seconds guide

Genshin Impact: How to Complete the Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 Seconds

Over the last two weeks, miHoYo has been adding to Genshin Impact’s ongoing Chalk Prince and the Dragon event with new activities offering highly valuable rewards like Primogems and Crowns of Sagehood. As such, players are going to want to know what they need to ace one of the event’s trickier challenges, that being completing the Frostborn Miracle challenge in under 300 seconds.

For the final leg of the event, players are being tasked with defeating the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine, a powered-up version of the boss players can find in Mondstadt. The game gives them ten minutes to defeat the Regisvine, but in order to complete one of the Frostborn Miracle’s bonus challenges, which reward 30 Primogems and 20,000 Mora each, they must do it in half that time. Of course, that won’t be easy, but with the right characters, players can get it done.

Recommended Team Composition

To defeat the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine quickly, players are naturally going to want to go with the characters in their roster with the highest damage-per-second potential. As such, Pyro characters, particularly Diluc and Klee, are the best choice if players have them, as their fire-based abilities will break through the boss’s ice-based defenses fastest.

For even more damage, players may want to include support characters like Bennet and Albedo whose abilities can provide extra attack power. Characters with abilities that remain active even after they’ve been swapped out, such as Fischl, are also a solid choice for their potential to set up elemental reactions for the DPS characters. At least one healer is also recommended, since the Cryo Regisvine ranks as one of Genshin Impact’s harder bosses. Qiqi and Jean are among the best picks, but for players that don’t have them, the free healer Barbara works as well. That said, they’ll want to be careful using her Hydro healing ability, as it applies the wet status and can get them frozen by the Regisvine’s ice attacks.

Additional Tips

It is possible for players to defeat the Cryo Regisvine within 300 seconds by themselves, but the most ideal option is to take on the challenge in co-op, similarly to Genshin Impact’s previous limited-time challenges. Four players dealing damage to the boss at the same time is always faster than one, especially if players are able to be grouped with others playing as some of Genshin Impact’s top-tier characters.

As for gear, players shouldn’t forget to use the new Festering Desire sword. By completing the challenges from the Chalk Prince and the Dragon’s previous activities, players can upgrade it to make it more powerful against enemies in the Dragonspine region. This gives players even more incentive to hit the Cryo Regisvine with Scarlet Quartzes, as a fully-upgraded Festering Desire increases the damage boost the items give considerably.

With the event set to end in a few days, players are going to want to act fast if they want to take advantage of this information and beat the Frostborn Miracle challenge in record time.


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