Guide: How Long to Beat Faraday Protocol?


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Faraday Protocol is a decent puzzler that offers a nice escalating challenge. I really enjoyed playing through the puzzles and taking in the story as it opened up throughout the game, but as a reviewer, I’m always wary about how long a game will take me to beat it. So how long is Faraday Protocol and how long does it take to beat the game?

How long to finish Faraday Protocol?

Your run time might vary depending on how quickly you begin to grasp the games puzzle mechanics. Faraday Protocol does a great job of slowly ramping up the puzzle difficulty, but by the time you read this, there could be hundreds of guides at your disposal to help you solve some of the trickier puzzles. Having completed Faraday Protocol without the use of one, the game is definitely doable if you stick with it.

From start to finish, Faraday Protocol took me 6 hours to beat. During that time I found just one of the game’s 18 collectables. There are 18 trophies in total and in my playthrough, I got 16 of them. Of the two trophies I am missing, one is for finding all of the collectables and the other is the big shiny Platinum. It will be mine…

How long to get the Platinum trophy?

With a level select available upon completion, the Platinum trophy for Faraday Protocol is definitely within reach and I now plan to go back and mop up the collectables I missed on my first run. As of writing, I have no idea where they could be hidden meaning I have at least another hour or two of searching around for those last trinkets.

Purists who refuse the help of a guide can expect to play through the game in around 5-6 hours. Completionists looking to add the Platinum trophy to their collection could well be playing for a lot longer, depending on how long it takes you to find every collectable in the game.

For more on Faraday Protocol, head over to our review, or if you’re still undecided check out the games opening 20 minutes over on our YouTube channel.


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