Guide: How to Access the Siege of Paris DLC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


It’s easy if you know how.

The big Siege of Paris expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has dropped today and you may be wondering how do you actually access it? How do you get to France (Francia) in AC Valhalla? It’s not complicated at all but if you’re still on your adventures, battling the weird cultists in Ireland, it won’t be as obvious. That’s where I come in with this handy guide showing you how to access the Siege of Paris DLC.

  • If you’re not in England, get back there and go to Ravensthorpe
  • Upon arrival in Ravensthorpe, you’ll receive a letter from Randvi telling you that two new visitors from Francia (France) have arrived and that they’ve built a guesthouse as a gift.
  • From the dock, turn so your back is facing the water and then head to the right side of your hamlet towards the marker.
  • You’ll meet Toka and Pierre and you’ll have the choice of having a feast or not. I chose feast because who doens’t love a good shindig, right?
  • Get through the feast and the cutscene where you learn the real reason that Toka and Pierre have come to you.
  • Eivor will then discuss with Randvi the proposition before telling Toka and Pierre he will travel to Francia with them.
  • The game will now skip to the next morning and depending on what you chose, Eivor may or may not be hungover.
  • Turn around and head to the guesthouse that Toka and Pierre built.
  • Speak with Pierre and tell him that you’re ready to travel to Francia.
  • The game will then fade to black and then you’ll be in France riding on Eivor’s longboat
  • Bienvenue en France.

And that is how you access the Siege of Paris DLC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.


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