Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide

Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide guide
Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide
Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide

Hitman 3: Going Postal Challenge Guide

There are several challenges for players to uncover in the underground ICA facility in Hitman 3’s Chongqing mission. While the majority of the challenges involve various assassination methods on Imogen Royce, Hitman 3‘s “Going Postal” challenge has Agent 47 delivering a package to a very unlucky office worker.

From the train station starting location, players must make their way across the walkway and proceed up the large staircase before reaching a courtyard with a Chinese restaurant on the right. Follow the walkway to the right of the restaurant before reaching a balcony where a chef can be overheard struggling to remember a door code.

Carefully vault over the railing, and when it is clear to do so, proceed to the code terminal on the shipping container. To unlock the entrance to the laboratory, enter the code 0118.

Because this area contains a high number of enemies, it is recommended that players make a manual save before proceeding. Once inside, follow the staircase to the left, and immediately hack the first visible window.

Once the window is no longer transparent, turn around, and hack the television mounted on the wall to create a distraction. With the distraction set, proceed into the door marked “Server Room A-01.”

From inside the server room, open the vent to gain access to the adjacent office. After climbing through the vent, players will notice the required package on a chair through the window on the right.

With the chef currently investigating the TV distraction, hack the window and quickly grab the package before returning to the office. Once inside the office, carefully move past the three security guards before heading into the first room on the left.

Inside, players will find a tier 1 dongle located on a shelf to the right. After picking up the item, proceed down the hallway and continue straight. Carefully avoid the surveillance camera on the left side of the hallway, and enter the room marked “meeting room.”

With the tier 1 dongle in the player’s inventory, hack the door, and quickly grab the tier 2 dongle located on the desk behind the security guard. Quickly turn back to the previous hallway, and enter the door underneath the previously mentioned security camera.

From the staircase, take a right, and immediately enter the office at the base of the stairs. Inside, Hitman 3 players will find an office worker named Xiao Ming, whose package they have in their possession.

Either throw the package at Xiao Ming or subdue him with the package equipped in order to complete the “Going Postal” challenge. With the challenge unlocked, players will be awarded 1000xp upon eliminating Royce and Hush.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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