How to listen to private messages in Tears of Themis

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Tears of Themis parts over 100 playing cards that demonstrate surely one of many four bachelors in the game. Each and each card has a form, three expertise, and a pair of extras, equivalent to puny experiences that when finished, will free up one thing love a name or a series of textual whine messages from the fellow. One of many Rookie Duties the game has for you is to listen to a deepest message, one other form of additional that finest a pair of SR playing cards in the game possess. The playing cards that possess deepest messages are:

  • Luke Pearce “Collectively with You”
  • Luke Pearce “Once Upon a Time”
  • Marius von Hagen “Falling with You”
  • Marius von Hagen “Butterflies”
  • Vyn Richter “Spilling Light”
  • Vyn Richter “Entrapped”
  • Vyn Richter “Morning Glory”
  • Artem Soar “Staying Humble”
  • Artem Soar “Darkest Earlier than Daybreak”
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All the intention by strategy of the educational of the game, you possess pulled surely the kind of playing cards from the gacha. Now, in scream for you to listen to any of the deepest messages, you’ll deserve to entirely evolve that card and stage it as a lot as Stage 70. Evolution requires Stellin cash and two forms of Chips: one could be the Chip form wherein that card is (Logic, Intuition, or Empathy) and the opposite being the Chip form that is tied with that character on the cardboard (Luke’s Vision Chips, Artem is Equalization, Marius is Infinity, and Vyn is Thoughts). Which you may well per chance acquire these chips by completing debates or gape ranges found in the X-Designate menu. Leveling up precise requires you to possess Stellin cash and Oracle of Justices, which again could well be received in the same ability. Whereas you total each and each of these requirements, click on on the Private tab to listen to each and each deepest messages.

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