How to Unlock Enkanomiya Map Region in Genshin Impact

With the beginning of Genshin Impact model 2.4, gamers are itching to enter the recent situation Enkanomiya. This instance comes with a quantity of puzzles, treasures, and a complete recent build of enemies. On this handbook, we will repeat you the style probabilities are you’ll enter the placement of Enkanomiya and release your complete blueprint of it in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Enkanomiya Space

Enkanomiya is the latest field addition to Inazuma that incorporates Genshin’s Fleeting Colors in Flight replace. To uncover to this case, that probabilities are you’ll desire to complete some quests.

The very very first thing you’ll need to avoid wasting optimistic that of is that you’re at the least at Bound Nasty 30 in Genshin impact. After that, you’ll need to complete the following quests.

  • All of Inazuma’s Archon Quests.
  • World quest “The Moon-Bathed Deep”
  • World quest “The Mute Water’s Float”

Enter Enkanomiya

After Unlocking Enkanomiya, to enter it, you’ll need to high-tail to Watatsumi Island and leap into the swirling pool. You’ll uncover that pool at some point of Watatsumi Island.

After leaping into that waypoint that probabilities are you’ll enter into the Enkanomiya situation. This would possibly occasionally simply work as a teleport point for you and also probabilities are you’ll enter the Enkanomiya situation by device of it while you uncover to gather.

In the Enkanomiya situation, that probabilities are you’ll uncover a quantity of cryo enemies and shallow water. You will no longer uncover any Electroculus or Statues of the Seven in that field. You’ll uncover key Sigils on this field that can work because the principle for the heavenly symbols on the walls.

Unlocking these heavenly Symbols the usage of these Key Sigils will uncover you rewards and fancy chests. Now that probabilities are you’ll per chance maybe simply be pondering the style that probabilities are you’ll beginning the blueprint for the Enkanomiya Space; Don’t alarm we collect that lined for you below.

release the Enkanomiya Design in Genshin Impact

The blueprint of Enkanomiya will most definitely be unlocked after reaching an supreme point in “A Stare into the Faded Night.” quest. When will attain a huge cave that probabilities are you’ll know that that probabilities are you’ll per chance maybe collect reached that time. You need to to stroll up to a huge cliff and then soar down from there into the Island.

On that island, that probabilities are you’ll uncover a library wherein that probabilities are you’ll meet Enjou. He’ll repeat you about the blueprint and handbook you in direction of a extinguish within be taught about from the build probabilities are you’ll decipher the blueprint on the wall. It is also a quest that is called “The Subterranean Trails of Drake and Serpent”.

Scramble to the ruins marked on the blueprint and there you’ll need to spark off two consoles. After doing that enter the building and beginning the chest you uncover interior. After that, return to Enjou and work along with the blueprint which is next to him. This would possibly occasionally simply save the total Enkanomiya situation considered on the blueprint!

Now that the placement is considered, probabilities are you’ll work along with every thing you’ve neglected on the Enkanomiya situation akin to waypoints. This would possibly occasionally simply save exploring Enkanomiya plenty more straightforward for you.

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