10 Indie Games That Take A Long Time To Beat (& How Long They Take)

10 Indie Games That Take A Long Time To Beat (& How Long They Take)
10 Indie Games That Take A Long Time To Beat (& How Long They Take)

This decade noticed a considerable rise in unbiased video Games. That was largely as a result of rise of the web, the accessibility of buying Games on-line, and the benefit of publishing via unbiased channels. We’re not saying that publishing a online game is straightforward. Far from it! However the web does enable for extra artistic freedom than looking for a standard writer. Simply have a look at something like Undertale, having been utterly self-published by Toby Fox via Steam and GOG.

And it isn’t like these indie Games are brief, senseless affairs. Far from it.
These are ten indie Games that take a very long time to beat, and the way Long they take.


Nicely, since we’re speaking about Undertale already, we might as nicely go right into a bit extra element! Undertale was a runaway success when it was self-published in 2015. It made Toby Fox a gaming legend, it obtained unanimously constructive evaluations, and it shortly turned one of the mentioned video Games of the 12 months (perhaps even the last decade). Undertale isn’t any slouch within the longevity division. A median playthrough will take you about six hours, however when you’re a completionist, then you need to expect to spend upwards of 20 odd hours on the game. It is a beast.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia ferried within the age of the unbiased horror game. It was launched to essential acclaim again in 2010, and it singlehandedly modified the way in which that horror Games have been made. It was developed and published by Frictional Games, a small Swedish improvement crew that had beforehand published the Penumbra sequence for PC. Amnesia’s foremost story could be accomplished in about eight hours, though it is actually not unparalleled to spend upwards of ten hours on the game. Ten hours of pure, unfiltered horror. What’s to not love?

Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is a Metroidvania title developed and self-published by Thomas Happ. Happ has labored for Petroglyph Games and has helped engineer the likes of NFL Avenue and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Axiom Verge is actually something… just a little totally different for the unbiased developer.

Fortunately, it was a whole success. Axiom Verge obtained extremely constructive evaluations, and a sequel is at the moment in improvement. It is also fairly hefty, taking upwards of fifteen hours to completely full. That is longer than some AAA Games!


Bastion is an motion RPG launched again in 2011 by Supergiant Games. Supergiant was based by two males – Amir Rao and Gavin Simon. Each had beforehand labored for EA, however they determined to enterprise out on their very own within the identify of artistic freedom. They labored alongside freelancers to create Bastion, a fantasy RPG that finally bought over three million copies. Bastion just isn’t fairly so long as Axiom Verge, nevertheless it nonetheless punches above its weight class. The main story will take you between 5 and 6 hours, however finishing all of the bonus and facet content material can take you nicely over twenty.


Celeste is commonly thought-about to be one of many best unbiased Games of all time. Yeah, it was solely launched in 2018, so it might be too early to inform. However this factor was showered with reward and accolades, and the reception was not like seen within the indie market for a very long time. It was developed and published by Matt Makes Games and was programmed by Matt Thorson (sure, that Matt) and Noel Berry. The main story will take you about eight hours to finish, however in keeping with howlongtobeat.com, completionists ought to expect to spend upwards of 35 hours on the game!


Cuphead was one among THE gaming occasions of 2017, for two huge causes – the artwork and the problem. Numerous work went into the game’s visuals, because it takes on the look of previous rubber hose animation of the 1930s. It’s positively stunning. And the problem was extensively talked about and sometimes in comparison with the likes of Dark Souls. Cuphead was independently developed by two brothers, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. The main story of Cuphead will take you as much as ten hours to finish (even longer when you suck on the game!), and you may expect to double that when you’re doing a completionist run.

FNaF World

FNaF World was actually formidable. Maybe a bit too formidable for its personal good. That is The main spin-off of the enduring 5 Nights at Freddy’s sequence. However as an alternative of remoted and claustrophobic horror, FNaF World is an expansive RPG. It was maybe too much for Scott Cawthon to tackle, as the game was launched in a horribly ugly and unfinished state. Regardless, the game is an absolute behemoth. Howlongtobeat pegs The main story at an formidable twenty hours, and the completionist runs at fifty! This factor isn’t any slouch.

Hollow Knight

And talking of no slouch, let’s speak Hollow Knight! Hollow Knight is one other nice indie title, launched again in 2017 to unbelievable essential acclaim. The game was developed and published by Team Cherry, and Ari Gibson served as each the designer and artist of the game.

Hollow Knight was partially funded via Kickstarter, and it stays one of many (very) few Kickstarter titles to really ship on its guarantees. Beating The main story alone can take upwards of twenty-five hours, and a completionist run clocks in round fifty. This factor is the Murderer’s Creed of the indie market.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami wasn’t fairly as huge as Hollow Knight, nevertheless it nonetheless discovered immense success. Most of its success could be attributed to its visible type and music, as the game splendidly inhabits the neon-soaked, synth-searing tone of the drug-fueled ’80s. We’re not saying that is solely accountable for the ’80s nostalgia of the 2010s, nevertheless it actually played a component! Whereas The main story solely clocks in at about 5 hours, you’ll be able to simply spend fifteen to twenty hours with the game.

The Long Dark

Ending our checklist is The Long Dark, a very…Long game. Extra like The Long game, are we proper? The game is basically the mind baby of Raphael van Lierop, an ex-employee of Relic Leisure who left to start out his personal firm and create his personal Games. The result’s The Long Dark, a game about being stranded within the Canadian wilderness. Like we stated, The Long Dark is a REALLY Long game, and to see and do every little thing inside it, you need to expect to play for 147 hours! Heck, the story alone will take you about twenty.


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