Is Teardown Coming to Consoles?

Is Teardown Coming to Consoles? Articles

Is Teardown Coming to Consoles?

Teardown is a game that some might call a surprise success on Steam. Currently in early access, the title hit PCs in October of last year and didn’t immediately take off. However, it has now found an audience, as evidenced by it routinely being in the Top 10 most played games on Steam over the last few days. The game has become so popular that questions have arisen as to whether or not Teardown might eventually find its way to consoles.

There is some good news and bad news when it comes to discussing whether an Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch port is on the horizon. The good news is that Creative Voxel, the developers of Teardown, have said it wouldn’t be impossible for the game to land on the Xbox Series X/S or the PS5.

One developer in particular, Dennis Gustafsson, commented about the possibility of a port just before the game was officially released into early access. Gustafsson said Teardown’s destructible environments could absolutely be ported over to the next-generation consoles. He didn’t seem to rule out the chance that the team might eventually work on that particular project. On the other hand, the dev also mentioned even porting the game over to the Xbox Series X/S or the PS5 is quite a bit of work.

Gustafsson added that he still wasn’t entirely ruling out some kind of console port. However, Teardown uses real-life physics and destructible environments to the point where it doesn’t seem realistic to expect it to come to the Xbox One or PS4. This is likely why Gustafsson has only talked about the possibility of bringing the game to the newest consoles.

One console that can almost certainly be ruled out is the Nintendo Switch. If the Xbox One and PS4 are a longshot for being able to run Teardown, then the Switch simply doesn’t have the power to do what it needs to do, in order to give the game justice. It’s possible Nintendo’s console could work if it were to be ported over but that also seems to be a longshot.

One console that is an even bigger question mark than the others is the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. it seems unlikely that even a pro version of the Switch is going to have the power that would be needed in order to run the game the way it should be run. It also seems unlikely Creative Voxel would port the title over to a console that would offer a lesser version. For now, players will have to wait for the developers to make a decision on whether there will be a Teardown console port.

Teardown is currently available on PC as a Steam Early Access game.



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