Kena: Bridge of Spirits Vine Knight Boss Guide

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Vine Knight Boss Guide

The Vine Knight appears as a boss in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. It looks quite intimidating, with its whips in one hand and a huge shield in another. Don’t worry though, as this guide will break down all of the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Vine Knight Boss’s attacks and give you tips on how to easily beat him.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Vine Knight Boss

As imposing as the Vine Knight is in Kena: Bridge of Spirits, this fight becomes quite easy, when you realize how slow he is.

Only during attacks does he show a little momentum, but otherwise Vine Knight is as slow as a snail chasing you across the battlefield.

Vine Knight Moves

Vine Grab: He hunches over as if charging for an attack and then whips his vine in your general direction, gripping, squeezing you, and pulling you towards the boss if caught.

Shield Bash: He will bash at you with his shield two times if you get too close.

Vine Smash: He raises the vine whips and smashes them in an area in front of him.

Vine Swipe: Another close-range attack, the boss swipes his vines in a cone area in front of him if you get too close.

How to Defeat Vine Knight

As we mentioned earlier, the Vine Knight is very slow, so it is very easy to keep out of his range and move away.

And we strongly advise you do that, because he may be slow, but his attacks are not in the least bit safe to tank, and each attack brings you dangerously close to losing all your HP.

Wait Until the Last Moment

His long-range attacks follow you, so wait until he is just about to use his vine grab or vine smash attacks before you dodge left or right.


At long range, he will have his shield up to ward off your arrows almost always. The way to counter this is to throw your bombs at him and shoot them once they stick to him.

This will be your main source of dealing damage throughout the fight. It keeps you at a safe distance while dealing substantial damage.

Charged Strike

Another effective attack is your charged strike. You can use it close range too, and if you time it right, it will interrupt almost all of the boss’s moves, even when he has his shield up.

The Vine Knight will stagger and give you an opening for more attacks if you time your charged attacks right. The stagger won’t last long though, so get out and shift to long-range attacks as soon as possible.

Repeat these steps and you’ll easily deal with this boss.


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