Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands – item and money cheat disabled


Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands – item and money cheat disabled

access the Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands to manipulate the medieval RPG to your wants.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is already proving fairly divisive amongst followers, with good concepts seemingly hampered by poor execution.

Whereas the setting, environment and story are all being praised, the technical execution is poor. The sport launched riddled with points, together with problems with quests bugs that took two weeks or extra to be fixed..

There are also drawback with a tough lock picking system on consoles, and a clumsy save system. Though that may be gotten around with a easy mod.

However, in the event you’re playing on PC you could have access to the console commands. It’s right here you possibly can manipulate some variables though it’s value noting that a number of the most typical commands have been removed for the ultimate launch.

Throughout Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s alpha and beta it was potential to provide your character infinite money, gadgets and weapons. These commands are presently disabled so we haven’t listed them. In the event that they do return we’ll replace as quickly as we’re conscious.

There are However loads of useful commands although, just like the “showfirecursor” command is extremely helpful in the course of the Baptism of Hearth and All that Glisters primary quests.

Now enter the following:

wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 – This adds a reticule when aiming any bow.
e_TimeOfDay – It will present you the present time of day.
cl_showHUD 0 – This disables the HUD. Change Zero to 1 to re-enable the HUD.
r_MotionBlur 0 – This disables movement blur.
cl_fov X – This commands units the sphere of view to X (default is 60).
e_ViewDistRatio X – This changes the gap at which objects begin to render (default is 500).
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation X – Use this to alter the gap at which trees begin to render (default is 500).
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist X – And this changes the gap at which grass is animated (default is 20).
p_gravity_z X – Changes the depth of gravity (default is -13)

Kingdom Come Deliverance money and item cheats

These cheats have been accessible in the course of the beta exams however have since been disabled for the correct launch. Contemplating how buggy this sport is, it wouldn’t shock us if the money cheat and the item cheat have been re-enabled sooner or later. So we’ve determined to listing them right here for when that day comes.

wh_cheat_money X – adds money to your stock. Replace XX with the sum of money required.
wh_cheat_addItem X – adds the desired item (exchange XX with the item ID) to your stock.


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