LiSA Becomes The First Japanese Female Soloist To Have 300 Million Streams!

LiSA Becomes The First Japanese Female Soloist To Have 300 Million Streams!

The phrase that music transcends language is so apt in the anime scenario. Most of the songs are sung in Japanese, which we are not familiar with yet we vibe. Anison (a short form for anime song) is crucial for setting the tone for every anime created. Because of which only chosen people succeed in making an impactful opening or ending of any anime song. Among these chosen people, the most favorite one of most anime fans is none other than LiSA.

When one knows that LiSA is going to sing the anison, the hype is already there. She works her lyrics and produces the songs aptly to the feel of the anime. You can access her songs on Spotify. So it’s not a surprise that she is the first Japanese female solo artist to have a piece streamed over three hundred million times. So let’s take a look at the songs which, in a way, helped her reach this spot and the achievements. We hope you are ready for it!

A Look At LiSA’s Releases For Anison

LiSA came from a family where they already had goals set for her to achieve. So it became a bit difficult to pursue her dream of singing, but she was able to complete it with patience and hard work. It all started for her in the year 2010 where she auditioned and got chosen to be Yui’s idol voice for the anime Angel Beats! Where in this character was a part of a girl band named Girls Dead Monster. Being a part of Angel Beats!, a popular anime, and getting into the anime world helped LiSA garner a large audience. As stated earlier, she perfectly pitched her voice and feelings to match the anime theme, which was appreciated by many. Moreover, once you get exposure in the anime world as an anison singer, there is no looking back.

LiSA Live Performance

Image: Tumblr

With this, LiSA had a grand opening to her career as a J-Pop singer. Due to this, she even had a makeover of how she presented herself in her songs, clothes, etc. After this achievement, she signed toAniplex under Sony Music Artists and came up with her stage name of LiSA, meaning Live is Smile Always. 

List Of The Anime Songs By LiSA

2011 – 2012

2011 LiSA released a single named ‘Oath Sign,’ used as the opening OST for the anime Fate/Zero. This single of hers reached the fifth position in the Oricon chart. In 2012 LiSA came up with a single other than her album release called ‘Crossing Field’ (an absolute beauty of a song). Which was later on used as the opening OST for the famous anime ‘Sword Art Online.’ This single is said to be her best-selling one to date, with 85,138 copies sold till now. Other than peaking at fifth position in Oricon, it went gold by the RIAJ. As the anime gained more fame, so did LiSA with her opening. In 2012, everyone was talking about SAO’s plot, and hardly anyone missed commenting on the opening OST.

2013 – 2014

LiSA’s new single called ‘Traumerei’ was released and used as the opening song for the anime series ‘Day Break Illusion’ in 2013. In 2014 LiSA’s fifth single, ‘Rising Hope,’ was released and later used as an opening OST. The anime ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ had this OST. It charted on the fourth number in the Oricon charts. Then her fifth single named ‘Shirushi’ peaked at the third number on the Oricon charts. This song was placed as the first ending theme of ‘Sword Art Online 2’. Also, another piece named ‘No More Time Machine’ from the single was chosen as the second ending theme song.

2015 – 2016

2015 LiSA bagged the opportunity to sing for the famous anime, ‘Nisekoi.’ She sang the opening theme of the second season of this anime. In 2016, she sang the first and the second opening theme song of ‘Qualidea Code.’ The names of the songs were ‘Brave Freak Out’ and ‘AxxxiS’ respectively.

LiSA Catch The Moment Cover Picture

Image: YouTube

2017 – 2018

LiSA released the banger ‘Catch The Moment’ in 2017, still one of every fan’s favorite anime film songs. It was used as the theme song for ‘Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale.’ (One can even say that the SAO franchise and LiSA helped each other gain popularity). She even managed to bag the second ending OST for the second season of yet another famous anime ‘My Hero Academia.’ The song is called ‘Datte Atashi no Hero (Because He is My Hero).’ Another single named ‘Ash’ was released, used as the second opening OST of ‘Fate/Apocrypha.’ Once again, she was back with yet another first opening theme song for SAO‘s third season named ‘Alicization’ in 2018. The song’s name was ‘Akai Wana (Who Loves It?) / Adamas.’ 

2019 – Present

In 2019 she decided to take the anime world for an intense ride and released ‘Gurenge (Red Lotus).’ The first opening OST for the anime ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.’ Later on, she worked with ‘FictionJunction’ to perform the song ‘From the Edge’ used as the first ending OST of ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.’ Also, another piece named ‘Unlasting’ was used for ‘SAO’s Alicization’ as the third ending OST. Then in 2020, she released ‘Homura (Flame)’ for the anime film ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train.’ Lastly, she came back with another song for the SAO franchise in 2021. The anime film Sword Art Online The Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night’s theme song called ‘Yuke.’ 

Notable Achievements By LiSA And More!


Let’s start with the most notable one in her career till now. The song ‘Homura’ of the Demon slayer anime film received a total stream of 300,139,425. This is a first for a female soloist in the Oricon chart to receive such an overwhelming response. Congratulations to LiSA, also known as Risa Oribe, from our side. ‘Homura’ debuted digitally and ranked first on Oricon’s weekly streaming chart for seven consecutive weeks. Being released last year has not fallen off the top 100 in all these weeks. It was on the thirty-ninth position in the recent weekly chart with streams of around two million. It also peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Global 200.

Gurenge And Yuke

The next one is ‘Gurenge’ (being performed live in the above video). In July 2020, this song passed the mark of one million downloads since its release. Also, a first by a female artist to pull this feat in the history of the Oricon Digital Single Ranking Chart. In addition to this, her latest release, ‘Yuke’ for the new SAO movie, has gained some numbers too. It debuted first with 17,963 downloads under its belt on Oricon’s Weekly Digital Single Ranking chart within three days. With this, she has five songs that debuted at the first position in this chart. A pretty outstanding achievement, if one has to say.

When asked about the three hundred million streams and her feelings for it, she said, and I quote, “I’m glad that the song Homura left its name in wonderful history. It became a song that took me to many wonderful views that I had never seen before. Lastly, I will continue to deliver my precious memories and thoughts to you with all my might on the song.” Besides, the fans are already looking forward to many such songs from her.

We hope that with this, you continue supporting and cheering her on. Also, if you were wondering where you can watch all the animes mentioned above, you can check out this list of Best Free Anime Streaming Apps IOs And Android. Enjoy!


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