MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries mechs guide

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries mechs guide

With so many Mechs in MechWarrior 5, it may be daunting for new gamers to know which ones are one of the best to take and that are one of the best to promote. The 4 totally different weight lessons have their very own play kinds primarily based on their armour, weapon selection, and pace. Some Mechs are also simply flat out higher or worse than others, so it’s value figuring out prematurely what they’re.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries Mechs guide

This MechWarrior 5 Mech guide goals to help you work out which Mechs you need to be including to your roster in your mercenary group.

There are 4 totally different weight lessons of Mechs in MechWarrior 5. Each has their very own position to play in a squad, or “Lance”. A Lance has 4 slots which you’ll be able to fill with 4 Mechs of your selecting. The one limitation is that you’ve got a most “Deployable Tonnage” for each mission. This units a restrict on the utmost mixed weight of all the Mechs on a mission, which means you may’t simply rock as much as a tiny base utilizing a complete squad of huge Stalker Assault Mechs. Each Mech also has a variety of variants, which all have totally different weapon slot types. There isn’t sufficient info on the market to record each single variant for each single Mech kind, however we’ve guide on stats similar to pace and weight.

The very first thing it’s worthwhile to find out about weapons is that sure weapon types can’t be outfitted onto smaller Mechs. For instance, you may’t have a “Flea” packing Particle Projector Cannons, which could be outfitted to heavier Mechs such because the Battlemaster. The second factor to know is that weapon types are color coded:

  • Blue: Vitality weapons – infinite ammunition however weaker than ballistic weapons.
  • Yellow: Missile weapons – a number of ammunition, however have restricted vary and require you to lock onto the goal to hit them reliably.
  • Purple: Ballistic weapons – deal respectable injury and could be fired at vary, however have a decrease ammunition rely than missile weapons.
  • Purple – AMS weapons – designed specifically to destroy enemy missiles.

To seek out out more about every Mech weight class, click on the hyperlinks beneath:

  • Light Mechs
  • Medium Mechs
  • Heavy Mechs
  • Assault Mechs

Light Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

The Light class of MechWarrior 5 Mechs are usually the speedy help units in your Lance. They’re usually used to bother the bigger enemy Mechs by taking pot-shots, or destroying the non-Mech enemies to permit your Lance to give attention to more harmful enemies. You will have eleven totally different fashions of Light Mech, every with their very own types for altering their stats and tools slots. The types on supply are:

  • Commando – 25 tonnes
  • Firestarter – 35 tonnes
  • Flea – 20 tonnes
  • Javelin – 30 tonnes
  • Jenner – 35 tonnes
  • Locust – 20 tonnes
  • Panther – 35 tonnes
  • Raven – 35 tonnes
  • Spider – 30 tonnes
  • Urbanmech – 30 tonnes
  • Wolfhound – 35 tonnes

As for which ones are usually those to pilot, supplied you’ve gotten a dependable Lance filled with heavier Mechs, I’d go for a speedier Mech that may pester the enemy forces somewhat higher, zipping across the map and finishing any aims they’ll. Any Mech with a pace of over 97.2km/h is right, however for his or her sheer pace scores, the Jenner, Locust and Spider have higher maximum speeds and thus are a bit higher at pestering slower Mechs by working round them. They do sacrifice a little bit of both firepower or armour for this additional pace although.

Panther and Raven are slower than common, however have usually more armour to compensate. I even have a smooth spot for the Wolfhound, which regardless of being a bit slower, could be outfitted with plenty of laser weapons. In reality, the one Light Mech that appears to not be as efficient is the Urbanmech. It’s extremely gradual compared to each different mild Mech because of its armour score being a bit greater. It’s as gradual because the Annihilator – the slowest Assault Mech – so I’d usually draw back from Urbanmechs if attainable.

Medium Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

Essentially the most fashions within the roster of MechWarrior 5 Mechs could be discovered within the Medium Mech class. Efficient piloting of the Medium Mechs means putting a stability between pestering enemy forces, whereas on the identical time looking city Light Mechs from the opposing facet. The choices for Medium Mech fashions are:

  • Assassin – 40 tonnes
  • Blackjack – 45 tonnes
  • Centurion – 50 tonnes
  • Cicada – 40 tonnes
  • Crab – 50 tonnes
  • Enforcer – 50 tonnes
  • Griffin – 55 tonnes
  • Hunchback – 50 tonnes
  • Kintaro – 55 tonnes
  • Phoenix Hawk – 45 tonnes
  • Shadow Hawk – 55 tonnes
  • Trebuchet – 50 tonnes
  • Vindicator – 45 tonnes
  • Wolverine – 55 tonnes

You’ll begin the principle campaign with access to the Centurion Medium Mech and truthfully, it’s fairly good for the opening hours. It has slots for 3 totally different weapon types and has higher armour than the Light Mechs. However it’s vastly outclassed in all respects outdoors of weapon selection by many different Medium Mechs.

The most effective fashions embody the Crab, Griffin, Hunchback, and Wolverine. These Mechs nonetheless must be somewhat nimble, any Medium Mech with a base pace of roughly 81km/h or more ought to be lots, however they need to even be packing somewhat more firepower and armour to guard the smaller Mechs in your Lance. The Assassin Mech can fulfil each roles as a Light and Medium mech, because it’s quicker than many Light Mechs, at the price of some firepower.

Heavy Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

Heavy Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

Heavy Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

Moving into the Heavy Mech territory, your focus can have shifted away from pestering enemy tanks and planes, and as a substitute gunning straight for enemy Mechs. You’ll have loads of bulk handy and relying on the weapons you equip, you’ll both be getting near your enemy or launching a barrage of missiles from afar. The Heavy Mechs are:

  • Archer – 70 tonnes
  • Black Knight – 75 tonnes
  • Cataphract – 70 tonnes
  • Catapult – 65 tonnes
  • Dragon – 60 tonnes
  • Grasshopper – 70 tonnes
  • Jagermech – 65 tonnes
  • Marauder – 75 tonnes
  • Orion – 75 tonnes
  • Quickdraw – 60 tonnes
  • Rifleman – 60 tonnes
  • Thunderbolt – 65 tonnes
  • Warhammer – 70 tonnes

Your position is to offer the most bang in your buck, so prioritising armour and firepower over pace is the important thing to success. Most Mechs of this class are available with a high pace of round 64km/h, which is truthfully sufficient for what you want. To provide you an concept of how briskly that’s, the Centurion within the Medium Mech class is identical pace, so that you don’t want more pace. As for one of the best ones, I recommend the Cataphract, Jagermech, Orion, and Thunderbolt.

It’s also value noting right here that by the point you’re discovering Heavy Mechs, you’ll in all probability be caring somewhat more about Deployable Tonnage. It’s due to this fact higher to deploy Medium Mechs, relatively than both the Quickdraw or Dragon. The deployable tonnage saved will allow you to deliver a number of heavier Mechs with higher weapon selection and armour into battle.

Assault Mechs – MechWarrior 5 Mech stats

The heaviest of all the MechWarrior 5 Mechs are the Assault class. These hulking mechanical monstrosities have one of the best armour, the most weapon slots, and one of the best potential vary. However, these Mechs are the most costly to keep up, generate the most warmth, and are extremely gradual. Pilots of the Assault Mechs ought to primarily attempt to destroy enemy Heavy and Assault Mechs. Listed here are all the Assault Mech fashions in MechWarrior 5:

  • Annihilator – 100 tonnes
  • Atlas – 100 tonnes
  • Awesome – 80 tonnes
  • Banshee – 95 tonnes
  • Battlemaster – 85 tonnes
  • Cyclops – 90 tonnes
  • Highlander – 90 tonnes
  • King Crab – 100 tonnes
  • Mauler – 90 tonnes
  • Nightstar – 95 tonnes
  • Stalker – 85 tonnes
  • Victor – 80 tonnes
  • Zeus – 80 tonnes

You’re not going to be zipping across the battlefield in Assault Mechs, as they often have a pace of round 48km/h. If we’re trustworthy, having respectable ranged weapons on an Assault Mech can deal some heavy early injury to the enemy group. Good examples of this embody the Stalker, Atlas, and Nightstar.

As Assault Mechs are also costly to keep up, you could get some success with the likes of Annihilator, Victor, or Zeus. However, their armour is low in comparison with different Mechs of the same class, and the Annihilator has the identical pace because the Urbanmech – the worst Light Mech – so its usefulness is restricted.

There’s lots more to find as regards to Mechs. Whereas Prompt Motion mode has a style of the accessible Mechs that it is possible for you to to pilot in-game, it’s attainable that there are hidden Mech variants within the campaign mode that boast higher general stats or weapon slot compositions. Till these are discovered, you may move the time by climbing aboard your Mech and getting used to how they run with assist from our MechWarrior 5 guide.


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