Mega Man X5: The Best Boss Order

Mega Man X5: The Best Boss Order Anime
Mega Man X5: The Best Boss Order
Mega Man X5: The Best Boss Order

Mega Man X5: The Best Boss Order

Capcom’s Mega Man franchise has at all times stood out because of the way it approaches non-linearity and progression in the platforming genre– especially Mega Man X. Past heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, and Armor Components hiding in every stage, players are free to strategy bosses in no matter order they select.

That said, each boss does have a weak spot and this could find yourself inferring an “optimal” order. Mega Man X5 is infamous for its want for backtracking to get every little thing. Because of this, it’s laborious to pin down a “Best” order. If nothing else, prioritizing getting by way of the sport first & foremost by no means hurts. Mega Man X5 feels just like the sub-series’ grand finale and the sport’s boss fights rise to the event as formidable foes.

Crescent Grizzly

As is the case with most bosses in Mega Man X5, Crescent Grizzly is far simpler than his stage. His degree requires both X or Zero to hurry throughout the rooftops of a number of vans as they discover behind them, usually with a timer. It’s a tense stage with an excellent degree gimmick, but Crescent Grizzly struggles to place up a combat.

Not solely is his hit field each giant and beneficiant, his telegraphs are very simple to learn and encounter. You mainly have to be a sitting duck with a purpose to get hit by Crescent Grizzly. X’s charge shot and Zero’s saber combo will put Crescent Grizzly down with out a lot of a combat.

Tidal Whale

Tidal Whale’s stage will not be a lot laborious as it’s tedious. It’s not so unhealthy on a primary playthrough– an auto-scroller at heart– but the reality it must be cleared a minimal of 3 times for 100% completion is tough. Underwater auto-scrolling is simply too gradual paced to power greater than as soon as in an action-platformer.

Tidal Whale is a bit tougher than Crescent Grizzly, although. Whereas he’ll provide players greater than sufficient alternatives to put hits into him (heavy ones courtesy of Crescent Grizzly’s C-Shot/Sword,) Tidal Whale summons ice blocks which may insta-kill careless players.

Volt Kraken

Volt Kraken is tied to one of Mega Man X5’s hardest levels, arguably thought-about its worst. The primary half takes place on a Journey Chaser and players must react quick– virtually instantly. Not solely is the extent stuffed with bottomless pits and roadblocks, there are collectibles littered about that result in an armor improve for X.

Volt Kraken, mercilessly, isn’t wherever close to as laborious. Though he likes to maneuver round, he’s a bit sufficient goal the place you possibly can hit him from nearly wherever. Tidal Whale’s Goo Shaver and F-Splasher decimate Volt Kraken quick.

Shining Firefly

Shining Firefly has one of the conventional and memorable levels in Mega Man X5, taking X by way of a lab’s ruins which might be truthfully extra paying homage to a palace forgotten by time. It’s an excellent set piece and the stability of spikes & fight eventualities make for a stage with an excellent issue curve.

Sadly, Shining Firefly is one of the best bosses in the recreation. Whereas he strikes quick, he’ll transfer in set patterns which might be as simple to learn as they’re to counter. Like with the best of Mavericks, Shining Firefly goes down quick if hit along with his weak spot: Tri-Thunder for X and E-Blade for Zero.

Dark Necrobat

Dark Necrobat’s stage counters Mega Man X’s inherent quick paced, but its platforming gimmick is each acceptable for the genre and a recreation that pays tribute to traditional Mega Man very often. X’s gravity will decelerate each few seconds, requiring players to time their jumps properly and listen on the place they’re leaping.

Necrobat is weak to the F-Laser and C-Flasher, but neither one is especially helpful. Dark Necrobat will dodge X’s F-Laser too readily and the C-Flasher simply doesn’t hit as laborious because it ought to as Zero. That said, X’s charged shot will make very fast work of Dark Necrobat, in addition to Zero’s C-Sword.

Spiral Pegasus

Spiral Pegasus has one of many harder levels in the recreation, that includes a number of set items the place players solely have 5 seconds to clear a room and save Reploids. There are also quite a few enemies all through and an elevator part the place players must keep away from the Sigma Virus if they’re enjoying as X.

In a change of tempo, Spiral Pegasus is definitely tougher than his stage. His weak spot, Dark Maintain, freezes time but isn’t really that helpful. players can solely injury Pegasus a lot whereas time is frozen, resulting in a boss combat with an opponent who likes to zip across the display.

Burn Dinorex

Burn Dinorex’s stage is one other laborious one, that includes a number of insta-kill traps for X or Zero and loads of fireplace. It’s commonplace to make it by way of the stage whereas dangerously low on well being. players have to be cautious to not get obliterated by partitions of lava, timing after they progress and after they disguise away in the stage’s nooks & crannies.

Burn Dinorex is weak to Wing Spiral and W-Shredder, but his assault patterns are laborious to counter and his flames can cowl up chunk of the display. One incorrect transfer can imply sure dying towards Burn Dinorex.

Spike Rosered

Spike Rosered’s stage is stuffed with spikes and makes good use of the sport’s grip mechanic, nevertheless it’s in any other case not too difficult of a stage. Despite its gimmick, it very a lot looks like a conventional degree with a decrease issue curve. Spike Rosered is a bit tougher to compensate, nevertheless it’s surprisingly simple to cancel his assaults earlier than they occur. Floor Hearth and Quake Blazer will reset most of Spike Rosered’s actions as they’re occurring.


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