Microsoft Files Halo: The Endless Trademark, Possible DLC Incoming?

Microsoft Files Halo: The Endless Trademark, Possible DLC Incoming? Games

Players who have been adventuring across Zeta Halo might have been hearing a number of cryptic references to a faction called the Endless during their playthroughs. Now, it seems, Microsoft has more plans for them in the future, as a Halo: The Endless trademark has been filed by the company.

While we have no idea of what it might be, it’s quite possible that it’s an expansion to Halo: Infinite or some subsequent Halo game. While Halo is no stranger to downloadable content (or, indeed, subsequent campaigns not part of the main story), this might be a cut above anything like Halo 3: ODST or Spartan Ops were.

Of course, that relies on whether it’s actually DLC to begin with, or an entirely new game. Something as big as a race that the Forerunners had previously fought in their history isn’t something that should just be relegated to DLC and then never brought up again, but since we know nothing else besides this Halo: The Endless trademark, all we can do is speculate.

While the fact that it was filed on December 7, the day before Halo Infinite released, points towards it being some sort of DLC, a trademark doesn’t necessarily indicate that a game is on the way anytime soon. Halo Infinite came out  six years after the last game, for instance, so The Endless, if it’s a new game, may be a long ways off.

On the other hand, we might get more information about such a thing at a future gaming event, such as E3 2022 or something further on such as Gamescom. Since Halo is one of Microsoft’s biggest properties, they might wait until one of the year’s biggest gaming shows to show off anything new Halo-related.

However this turns out, hopefully the Halo: The Endless trademark does end up leading to something. You can currently play Halo Infinite, both its campaign and its multiplayer, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.


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